A position is vacant for BIM manager

An Internationally acclaimed Architectural firm with offices globally, is seeking a BIM manager for their office in Cupertino, CA, US.

Essential Functionalities:

Effectively manage and support all BIM related software. The candidate should also take the liability for formulating BIM standards as well as execution and administration.


1. Handle software products by integrating new version releases and customization of BIM product.
2. Perform quality control for completeness and commitment to company standards of drawings generated.
3. Take responsibilities for BIM standards formation, execution, and administration.
4. Development and maintenance of the software template files to retain the standards.
5. Give support for plotting and electronic file deliveries.
6. Develop upgraded and deployment strategies for the BIM execution efforts.
7. Give hardware and network support since it is relevant to BIM production.
8. Support BIM technology requirements.
9. Provide technical orientation to new hires concerning BIM tools.

10. Retain superior level of competency of software through constant use and training.
11. Provide assistance in project work – modeling and detailing and resolving BIM design issues.
12. Manage and allocate coordinated digital documents to the project team.
13. Keep in touch with subcontractors to obtain, coordinate and update all electronic models.
14. Connect BIM to the project construction administration phase for submittals, construction models, shop drawings and schedules.

Essential Qualifications:

1. More than 5 years production experience in design, drafting or engineering.
2. Should posses an comprehensive working knowledge concerning current BIM versions with emphasis on project sheet setup.

3. Outstanding written and verbal communication skills.
4. Capability to utilize the time productively, improve efficiency, and satisfy challenging work goals.
5. Capability to execute additional responsibilities as required and determine and manage priorities with nominal guidance.
6. Should contain basic PC experience in Windows environments, working knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail, web-enabled applications, and database software.

The interested candidate can send their application to nick@peloros.io along with samples not exceeding 10mb.

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A position is vacant for BIM manager

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