Top 10 ways BIM makes Renewable Energy more Efficient

Construction companies can plan and manage projects more efficiently using building information modeling (BIM). BIM facilitates the planning of construction projects. A 3D model facilitates the building process and makes it more efficient. The benefits of BIM extend from resolving conflicts to offering new opportunities.

Construction companies are increasingly using BIM. At the same time, renewable energy is in high demand. Building Information Modeling Offers a key way to enforce sustainability as renewable energy is becoming a focal point for buildings.

1. Planning

Planning is at the core of BIM systems. Architects and contractors rely on these documents for vital information. Long-term energy efficiency is crucial to achieving optimal results. The upcoming years should see both renewable and efficient power options perform at their best. The best path can be chosen by experts bearing a long-term view in mind.

2. Modeling

Designing, planning, and modeling are the core functions of BIM. Contractors must take into consideration the energy impacts of the various plans and models when designing a building focused on renewable energy efficiency.

As a result, experts can see what effects of the design of a given building might have on its surrounding environment and community. That will allow them to pick an energy-efficient model.

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Top 10 ways BIM makes Renewable Energy more Efficient
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5 TinkerCAD alternatives to choose from in 2021 for Designing

One of the world’s best CAD tools is TinkerCAD. TinkerCAD designs for beginners & this tool offers an excellent introduction to the world of 3D modeling, even for those looking to print their designs.

Adding primitive shapes creates solids in TinkerCAD. It is theoretically possible to design anything if one has patience and enough time. Nobody indeed wants to work themselves to death when there are easier ways to accomplish the job. TinkerCAD’s simplicity can become a disadvantage when the design is complex.

Top alternatives like TinkerCAD

1. SketchUp

Its toolset orients toward architecture and SketchUp designs with that in mind. You can lay SketchUp models on top of Google Maps. Modeling other kinds of objects is still possible with it. You can still produce professional results even though it is more complicated to use.

SketchUp is not downloadable and is only available on the web. In comparison with the premium versions, the free version has some limitations. It is only available for one-time purchases or subscriptions for user?s pay. You can see your models with VR lenses when you have a paid license.

2. Blender

Despite its simplicity, it is on this list because it offers too much potential in some cases to ignore. It is possible to use Blender quite easily for low-resolution organic modeling. Using Blender could be the right tool to make simple organic forms without 3D printing them.

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AEC Professionals: Modeling Revit Products & Evaluating their Benefits

Architects, engineers, and contractors (AEC) benefit from Building Information Modeling (BIM) as it provides a way to plan, design, build and manage buildings and infrastructure with increased efficiency and write ability. In providing BIM models to help architects, interior designers, engineers, and construction teams collaborate more intuitively and effectively, we make it easy to include and specify building designs early in the project life cycle.

Building information models, or Revit BIM, are a shared resource for information about a facility. Throughout the lifecycle of a project, from conception to demolition, it provides a consistent foundation for decision-making. The Revit software allows all building stakeholders to share information easily through BIM engineers.


You are building an engineering model based on engineering designs exports Revit families and IFC files. The creation of a family of multi-size products, including doors, lights, and windows. BIM metadata & MEP connections are simplified. You will see a detailed 3-D render when you upload a configurator and embed it on your website, the configuration reviews for design.

It allows construction professionals to bid successfully on an array of project types, including architectural, structural. It also provides instant access to dimensions, part numbers, manufacturers, and other vital data via the digital model.

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AEC Professionals: Modeling Revit Products & Evaluating their Benefits
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8 Mood-Boosting Tips of Effective Warehouse Management

Being an effective and efficient warehouse manager is not an easy task. You have to put in considerable effort and time to be an effective warehouse manager. A few key tips for warehouse management can make the process much easier.

Effective warehouse management can significantly boost productivity within a company. Organizing yourself can benefit you in numerous ways, and it’s easy to overlook its benefits.

1. Proper Planning on Your Workhouse Space

Rent, electricity, and other utilities go into every inch of your warehouse. In the form of time and effort, you will also lose money for every inch your workforce walks unnecessarily. By planning your space effectively, you can optimize the routes for your employees and stock.

You’ll also have plenty of space & you won’t run out anytime soon. Providing ample room for forklifts and other weight-carrying machines to maneuver can also reduce safety concerns.

2. Planning According to Various Demands

A plan for the organization needs to consider once the layout has maximized efficiency. You don’t want your staff accidentally putting items away in the wrong spot, which can cause a great deal of confusion when you need them in the future.

Seasonal demands vary from business to business. Make your plans accordingly. Stock levels will need to reflect that certain times of the year will be busier than others. Utilize historical trends to predict demand and maintain your stock level at an optimal level throughout the forecast period.

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8 Mood-Boosting Tips of Effective Warehouse Management
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Here are the 5 best alternatives to Bibliocad & their Features

A CAD library is a software system that enables you to download, exchange, and integrate CAD and BIM resources. To date, users have uploaded more than 120,000 files to the site. Bibliocad content has a strong focus on architecture, but there are still plenty of files available for other categories like vehicles, machinery, symbols, and many more.

Features of Bibliocad

Among the files offered by Bibliocad are DWG, RVT, RFA, MAX, 3DS, and SKP, among others. The language of Bibliocad, which is based in Argentina, is in Spanish by default. However, the English and Portuguese versions are just as good as the original.

You can contribute your files to Bibliocad’s library without paying a subscription fee in addition to accessing premium content. Users can also learn about different CAD tools and design processes for free on the website’s tutorials and interviews.

They may specialize in particular types of files for you, have a larger library, or offer a lower price. If you upgrade to the premium plan, you will have access to over 80,000 additional files.

Alternatives of Bibliocad


BIM-Object has an intuitive interface, easy-to-use filters, and a search bar. You can download all files for free, but you need to register first.

A wide selection of file formats is available from BIM-Objects, including 3DS, DWG, OBJ, SKP, and STL. Besides having a catalog of files directly accessible from your CAD, BIM-Object has also developed some free plug-ins for popular CAD software. You can use this plug-in with AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Revit, Vectorworks, and SketchUp.

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BIM Content Library Released by ASI Group

ASI Group is known for the production of restroom accessories, toilet lockers have recently released BIM content library for construction use. Architects and Designers can access a wide range of design tools in BIM content Library.

The Revit Library has a collection of storage options, accessories, a commercial washroom, and partitions. Documentation, Visualization, Performance, and functionality kept a balancing factor in the families. It also adds options like 2D line-work, Origin points, Family & shared parameters, Product Data Integration, Material applications, Classification, File Size, and much more.

BIM Content Library has ?virtual showrooms? as Revit Project Files (.RVT) with in-build families and Family types. Architects and Designers can glance through the library for each range of products. Every family document can see consistently in the project environment as well as new design reconfiguration.

BIM Content Library is a must need for Designer and Architect to give realistic renderings of their product to their clients. ASI?s BIM Content Library has high quality and great resources that can match client?s expectations.

This content Library is designed for Revit users who can easily document, design, and specify ASI products within Revit. ASI creates a video named Content video guide that gives a library overview with access and browsing tips as well as its content overview.

Users can listen the commentary on different methods of creating Revit families. You can browse the entire library of families in a single Revit project. You can check the ASI Revit library in ASI, ASI accurate partitions, ASI global partitions, and ASI Storage.

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Overview of Hsbcad Wood Framing Software in Revit & its Benefits

Top Revit users describe hsbcad’s Wood Framing software as the most powerful and flexible BIM software available for building single or multi-layered timber-framed walls, floors, and roofs

Autodesk Revit 2022, 2021, 2020 is compatible with this software. Designing wood frames in Revit has never been easier, less stressful, & faster than with Hsbcad Wood Framing.

Products include prefabricated panels and rafters, trusses, and specialized solutions for designing buildings made from structural insulated panels (SIP), cross-laminated timber (CLT), or heavy timber. Post-and-beam is another name for heavy timber. BIM professionals benefit from this by advanced automation and integrated best practices throughout the entire design, documentation, and fabrication process.

Features of Hsbcad Wood Framing Software


The Wood Framing design software in Revit is accurate and efficient whether you’re designing a single-story house or a multi-story building. As a result, a large project can model quicker with Multi-Frame’s ability to copy, update, and duplicate framing elements and documentation. With structural analysis software, individual frame lines can join and align in the same plane to create a fully-analytical model.


You can export Wood Framing Suite frames for production to Weinmann, Radek, Hundegger, and other CNC machines and CAD production lines. The CNC export option allows workflow integration, eliminates duplicate work, and reduces the possibility of errors.

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