The AutoCAD 2022- What’s New?

The new version of the AutoCAD 2022 the renowned 2D/3D CAD program is now focusing on collaboration tools and automations.

The core of AutoCAD remains the same but with the AutoCAD 2022 and AutoCAD Lt 2022 the idea is to collaborate workflow and automations.

Push to Autodesk Docs/Drive: With this feature the team can view digital PDFs in the field in case reference is required. Using this you can also connect to files which are stored in Autodesk Docs and Autodesk drive or even other cloud storage such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox. Now uploading drawing templates, plot styles and various other support files or create the DWG files is now possible using the AutoCAD web app.

Drawing review using Trace: For designers drawing reviews are extremely important. With the Autodesk’s trace you and your collaborators can markup the DWG files without having to make changes in the original. When you open the markups, you can find the feedback in context of the original DWG file and make the required changes.

You can now collaborate with Share. The moment in which you share your DWG file you are asked to choose who can view it and decide the level of access you want to give to each user with “view-only” or “edit”. Share links can be generated using AutoCAD and the web app, the links open automatically on the web app.

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Important Skills to Possess for Revit Mep Professional

In terms of energy and spatial requirements MEP elements are an integral part of any building project. MEP is involved in every step as the project moves forward. To increase efficiency and to absolutely minimize reworks engineers and contractors constantly strives for organization and a well planned schedule.


With the introduction of BIM, several software are now accepted to be at par with the demand of the market and construction project.

Some of the important features of BIM pertaining to MEP are- better coordination to carry out simultaneous tasks, planning efficient construction schedule and clash detection along with the capacity to resolve them.

To create a streamlined, 3D clash-free MEP layout engineers can use Autodesk’s Revit.


The gap between MEP industry requirements and Revit MEP users can be narrowed down by developing skills which does not just involves using the software but also technical and BIM knowledge all of which is involved in MEP. To use Revit MEP in the best way possible the user needs to be aware of all key user interfaces.

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What is Autodesk Revit? And how is it useful?

The Autodesk Revit is designed to work according to the way in which architects and designers think. It is building design software built for Building Information Modeling (BIM).

From capturing and analyzing concepts to maintaining your vision through design, documentation and construction the software is of extreme help from all aspects. The information-rich models help in making a much more informed decision to support sustainable design, construction planning, and fabrication. The availability of automatic updates helps in keeping your design and documentation more coordinated and at the same time the feature is reliable.

The conceptual design tools offered by AutoDesk Revit provides a support for your creative flow, the conceptual design tool is easy to use as well. The software allows you to sketch freely, create free-form models with ease and manipulate forms interactively. Definition of forms and geometry as real building components allow a smoother transition to design development and documentation. While you design, the program Architecture will automatically build parametric framework around the form you made.

This component allows a greater level of control, accuracy and flexibility. It allows you take your design from just a concept model to construction document in one single environment.

To turn conceptual forms into more functional design seamlessly you can use the Building Maker feature. To generate walls, roofs, floors and curtain select the faces. To extract information such as the surface area of your building or volume per floor use tools.

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Detailed Information about AutoCAD and other CAD Program Options

There is no way to obtain AutoCAD 2021 for free. To have access to the complete version of AutoCAD one has to buy it. There is a trial version of the software which acts like a test run. There is also an educational license available for teachers and students. Through this article we will guide you through the light version of AutoCAD and other programs with similar features. There are also other free alternatives for AutoCAD.

AutoCAD Free Trial Versions And AutoCAD LT 2021

AutoCAD is commercial 2D and 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software developed by AutoDesk. The desktop application has been available since 1982 whereas the mobile version was released in 2010. AutoCAD has various features making it a highly versatile tool. AutoCAD is used in various industries ranging from architecture, engineering, graphic design, management and others. Due to its extreme demand AutoCAD is not free.

AutoCAD provides a 30-days trial version available from AutoDesk’s website. To download it go through the following steps:

  1. Click Download free trial
  2. Select preferred version. Click Next.
  3. Read the system requirements notice. Click Next.
  4. Choose the type of user from the drop down menu. Select your language. Click Next.
  5. Enter your personal information and create your AutoDesk account.
  6. Enter business information (if any). Click Next.
  7. Read the trial notice and press BEGIN DOWNLOAD.
  8. Install and start using the trial version of the software.

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Download Revit Architecture Tutorials in PDF

Revit Tutorials has been set up to help both new and experienced users learn the fundamentals and best practices for using Revit software. All Free Revit Ebooks you can download here:-

Getting Started with Revit Architecture: Getting Started Welcome to Revit Architecture 2009! We hope you enjoy learning and using this revolutionary parametric building modeller.

Revit Structure and Revit Architecture: Revit Structure Coordination between Revit Structure and Revit Architecture Structural engineers who use Revit® Structure software can better coordinate their work…

Revit Architecture 2014 Basics: Revit Architecture 2014 Basics From the Ground Up Elise Moss SDC Better Textbooks.

Revit Architecture 2013: Autodesk Revit Architecture 2013 Fundamentals 2-4 2.1 Building Information Modeling Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an approach to the entire.

What s New with Autodesk Revit 2013 Stairs and Railings: What s New with Autodesk Revit 2013 Stairs and Railings What’s New with Autodesk Revit 2013 Stairs and Railings? Paul F. Aubin Paul F. Aubin Consulting Services.

Effective Design of Structural Steel Using Autodesk: Effective Design of Structural Steel Using Autodesk Revit Structure 2012 5 Part 2: Hands-on Tutorial for Structural Extensions Preparing Revit Model for…

BIM Building Information Modeling and Pedagogical Challenges: BIM (Building Information Modeling) and Pedagogical Challenges Jeong Han Woo Western Illinois University Macomb, IL BIM is a new building design and documentation…

Autodesk Revit 2013: Suite Workflow from Autodesk Revit 2013 to Autodesk. Showcase AutoCAD Architecture 2013 Universal Manual transfer of assembly sheets…

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BIM Software for communication between project members

The communication tools between the participants of the project represent another group of daily use software. Without them, the workflow of the BIM Coordinator would not even be possible. Although they are not strictly design tools, they are a crucial element of the design workflow.

As in the case of office software, it is not our choice which software we will use for communication. It is a natural practice that we implement the software provided by our company. The most popular solutions include:

Microsoft Outlook

Viewpoint is a smooth and adaptable email customer that offers a profound arrangement of devices and unmatched comfort for anybody engaged with Microsoft’s biological system.

Like Gmail, Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail, and other famous email customers, Microsoft Outlook is totally allowed to utilize. All things considered, you might need to pay for extra room and a couple of cutting-edge highlights, and Microsoft’s estimating is a bit of confounding in case you’re new to the environment.

Despite the fact that Outlook is allowed to get to on the web, the work area application is recorded for an extravagant $139.99 on the Microsoft site. This is likely on the grounds that Microsoft is attempting to coordinate clients toward the new Microsoft 365 membership, which groups Outlook with its other profitability devices, as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneDrive.

Microsoft bolsters free Outlook access with advertisements, which you’ll find in your inbox until you move up to Microsoft 365. Free clients are likewise restricted to 15 GB of post box stockpiling and 5 GB of OneDrive stockpiling.

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Bim Software List for Bim Coordinators

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling. The construction business needs to change the way. Construction businesses must adopt various types of digital processes and technology. The innovative step that the construction industry has taken is BIM. BIM is a process that is 3D model-based. By using BIM engineers, architects can plan, design, and manage building structures more efficiently.

BIM is a very complex procedure. On the construction site, all teams input and gather data and information and the department involved in this process. First of all, BIM stands for Building Information Modeling. BIM coordinates the process of generating and managing digital models of places.

BIM 360

It is an advanced cloud-based Common Data Environment from Autodesk. It can connect the project teams and data from design through construction. Users can build a digital strategy that connects and structures data from individual projects. It also creates actionable information that helps to increase better business decision-making.

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Truss Design Using Adaptive Component In Revit

Versatile parts are utilized for receiving a family to different situations by observing the parametric standards. There is an essential distinction between the standard segments and the versatile segments. In normal parts, the calculation of the family is identified with one extraordinary addition point and in versatile segments, the math can be identified with the different inclusion points. Clients can make dynamic versatile segments in Revit by utilizing versatile segments.

Production of adaptive components

1. There are two kinds of family layouts to make the adaptive components.
2. Metric Generic Model Adaptive
3. Metric Generic Model Pattern Based

Use of adaptive components

1. It very well may be utilized in
2. Design board families,
3. Versatile segment families,
4. Theoretical massing climate and
4. Different ventures.


  • Clients can have numerous types of a family without the requirement for various boundary esteems.
  • It is extremely compelling on complex blind dividers.
  • It is utilized in façade panelization.
  • Versatile Components are utilized for railings, mechanical and electrical installations.

Place structural truss elements in your model

Truss layouts transform to fit the full span of the truss, creating framing elements that correspond to the lines in the transformed truss layout.

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Alternatives and Competitors of Autodesk Construction Cloud

Autodesk Construction Cloud connects the workflows, teams, and data so that it reduces the risk and gain the maximum efficiency and also increase profits. Autodesk Construction Cloud increases the general contractors, trades, designers, and owners to drive better business outcomes.


  • Bluebeam Revu
  • Fieldwire
  • Newforma Project Center
  • Touchplan
  • Procore
  • Oracle Aconex
  • CMiC Platform
  • Oracle Primavera

1) Bluebeam Revu

It is a PDF creation and markup tool.

  1. Punch List.
  2. Autodesk BIM 360 Integration Partners.
  3. Construction Drawing Management.
  1. Better at meeting requirements.
  2. Easier to set up.
  3. Easier to do business with.

2) Fieldwire

foremen, supers, and engineers are able to share blueprints, files, and RFIs without leaving the job site by using this.

  1. Jobsite Management
  2. Punch List
  3. Construction Drawing Management
  4. Construction Project Management
  1. Easier to set up
  2. Easier to admin
  3. Better at support

3) Newforma Project Center

It is very helpful to manage forms of project information at the office. By using this users are also able to manage profitability and risk. Users also can capture and connect the processes, and review documents without printing.

  1. Jobsite Management
  2. Punch List
  3. Autodesk BIM 360 Integration Partners
  4. Construction Project Management

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V-Ray 5 For Revit

The Chaos Group released V-Ray for the Revit software. It has the capability of high-quality rendering out of Autodesk’s software of building design. It is very similar to V-Ray for SketchUp and Rhino.

By using V-Ray architects can transform the complex problem for producing renders which is photorealistic into a very easy solution. V-Ray is different from Autodesk’s high-quality Arnold renderer. It is very much required Revit files to be linked and rendered in a different host package. The name of it is 3ds Max.

Constant Visualization with V-Ray Vision

V-Ray Vision is a consistently on watcher that refreshes continuously, offering a top-notch portrayal of a Revit model as designers work. Empowering quick, liquid plan perception all through an undertaking, V-Ray Vision assists clients with working through groundbreaking thoughts and customer criticism beginning to end.

Simple Entourage

With more than 650 free models and HDRIs to browse, Chaos Cosmos lessens the way toward populating conditions to a couple of basic snaps. The exceptionally curated library tends to the most well-known use cases found in engineering, including furniture, trees, vehicles, and individuals, for simple perceptions. Universe resources are consequently coordinated/sorted into local Revit families and classifications.

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