Some handy tricks for curtain walls in Revit

In this revit tutorial, one can learn some useful tips to generate curtain walls in Revit.

The curtain wall tool in Revit is mainly applied for walls having complicated patterns, special railings and even casework.

The curtain walls comprise of similar features of a basic wall. They include bottom and top constraints and their profile is rectified.

There are some major additional features in the curtain walls :-

Curtain Grids
These belong to division formed on the walls. These divisions can be horizontal or vertical.

Mullions are components which can be produced on each curtain grid section and on each curtain wall extremities.

Curtain Panels
Curtain panels belong to rectangular components which are situated among each curtain grids.

Curtain Walls are generated in the same manner similar to regular walls. Choose the wall tool in the architecture tab.

While selecting a type, it is necessary to scroll down to opt for a wall in the curtain wall category. These walls contain a glass icon next to them.

Go through the following video tutorial to get familiar with the tips for curtain walls.

Some handy tricks for curtain walls in Revit

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Details of Bluebeam Revu

Bluebeam Revu facilitates the projects to remain on track.

Bluebeam Revu allows the project teams to remain on the same page through the design process as well as drive the project forward throughout the construction, and maintains vital project data through completion and beyond.

Design: Revu quickens the design reviews by facilitating the project partners to mark up and collaborate on the similar documents in real time, or any time.

For architects, engineers and contractors, the markup and collaboration tools in Bluebeam Revu facilitates rapid, more precise and more thorough quality reviews.

Construction: Measurement tools in Revu facilitate you to capture a project’s correct scope and make a stronger bid to provide you the competitive edge.

Revu streamlines submittals with powerful markup and editing tools, and amalgamates effortlessly into several document management systems so that the project can run successfully.

Revu retains RFIs clear and organised with smart markup, hyperlinking and visualisation tools and in this way the project remains on track.

By arranging and summarising punch items within drawings, Revu facilitates the project teams to obtain a 90% completion rate on first backcheck.

Completion: With the use of dynamic document creation tools in Revu, it is possible to deliver smart O&Ms as well as provide instant and easy digital access to vital project information.

Details of CADS RC3D for Revit

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How to create a 3D trash can model in AutoCAD

Musafu Cad comes with another informative autocad tutorial. In this tutorial, you will learn the tips to create the design of a trush can (garbage basket) in 3D with autocad. The tutorial is designed for beginner’s autocad users.

The dimension in the rendered image can be provided with texture editor. You need to click at left part (where TEXTURE EDITOR is inscribed). Subsequently, you have to edit sample size value or Offset.

The similar process should be followed with MATERIALS EDITOR. If you enquire about render size, you can perform that in Render presets manager, just type RENDERPRESETS.

To get online demonstration of the process, go through the following video.

How to create a 3D trash can model in AutoCAD

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A position is vacant for an Architectural Designer/Drafter in New York

Robert Morris & Co. is inviting applications for an Architectural Designer/Drafter in Meatpacking, New York office.

The prospective candidate should have the following abilities :

• Graduate of a NAAB recognized 4 or 5 year architecture school
• At least 3 years’ experience in the production of wood-frame residential construction drawings and millwork/cabinetry detailing, preferably conventional types.
• Eagerness to work on both single-family high end residential projects and multi-family projects
• Sound knowledge in AutoCAD
• Expert knowledge in Revit, SketchUp modeling, Adobe Photoshop, and formation of presentation materials
• Experience with NYC DOB and LPC application submissions is essential
• Experience and knowledge of NYC building codes

• Sound oral and graphic communication, organizational and collaborative skills
• Being able to work independently from home OR at office location
• Presently qualified to work in the U.S. on a part-time basis, without future employment sponsorship required.

This position is available on a freelance basis. There are no benefits at this time but a competitive hourly rate will be offered. Qualified candidates should provide a cover letter, resume, and work samples in PDF format (15MB max).

To send application, click on the following link

A position is vacant for an Architectural Designer/Drafter in New York

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How to transform PDF underlays to AutoCAD Objects

Lynn Allen, Cadalyst contributing editor and Autodesk Technical Evangelist , presents a useful video for AutoCAD professionals. In this video tutorial, Allen provides some useful cad tips to transform PDF files (underlay) to AutoCAD objects.

So, the AutoCAD users can get rid of time consuming tracing on top of PDFs to reproduce objects or draw it from the beginning.

How to import a specific area from a PDF Underlay

1. Choose the PDF underlay.
2. From the PDF Underlay contextual tab, click Import as Objects.
3. At the prompt, click two diagonal points which a rectangular crossing area, or select from one of the other options.

A crossing area is equivalent to a crossing selection. The settings option demonstrates a dialog box in which you can specify the types of objects to import, customization of layers, either the imported objects should be imported as a block, and various other options.

4. Decide whether you desire to retain, separate, or unload the attached PDF once the selected objects are imported.

The specific area of the attached PDF is imported into the drawing as AutoCAD objects.

For more details, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: cadalystvideos

How to transform PDF underlays to AutoCAD Objects

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Details about Aautodesk BIM 360 package

Autodesk BIM 360 is an integrated cloud platform for AEC project delivery and construction management. It is specifically designed for the design manager, construction manager, construction site supervisor, building owner, operations manager or anything else to access the exact tools to fulfill project planning and delivery responsibilities.

BIM 360 Docs – It is the base for all work managed in BIM 360. As any AEC project sets out, this is where it should begin. It’s the place to consolidate, control and provide entry to project information for all team members.

BIM 360 Design – The design package combines workflows that occur all through the design stage of the project into the BIM 360 common data platform to simplify the transformation process into construction. Design teams will be able to assess and collaborate continuously during the design phase. Workflows comprise of co-authoring shared Revit models, coordinating deliverables with multidiscipline design teams, tracking deliverables exchanged, and visualizing alterations among deliverables in aggregated models.

BIM 360 Glue – It facilitates the team members to simplify VDC and BIM collaboration through the expedition of model aggregation and clash detection along with performing constructability reviews, recognizing costly issues in the pre-construction phase, enhancing multi-discipline coordination, and automating clash detection and speed reviews.

BIM 360 Build – It makes the quality control and jobsite security of construction better by arranging superior construction quality control and eliminating rework. Besides, it applies the checklists to boost jobsite safety programme conformance. It has the capacity to generate, assign and manage issues, RFIs and Submittals, and monitor field performance with construction daily reports.

All packages are available with insight tools in our project analytics offering as well as general document management capabilities together with file sharing, publishing drawings, version control, and document comparison features.

Details about Aautodesk BIM 360 package

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Enscape – The powerful 3D real-time rendering software

Enscape belongs to a virtual reality (VR) and real-time rendering plugin for Revit, SketchUp, Rhino and ArchiCAD. With just simple click of the mouse, Enscape starts functioning and instantly it walks through your entire rendered project.

There is no requirement for uploading to the cloud or exporting to other programs. All modifications in the project can be readily accessed to assess in Enscape.

It is possible to instantly look into various design options and demonstate projects to clients. If the client prefers to view something dissimilar in the design, Enscape will quickly illustrate the changes made to the project, even in VR. By applying the option to generate a standalone file of your architectural project, it is possible to send an Enscape file to your clients or colleagues for quick representations.

The software contains the following exclusive features :-

• Real-time walk-through
• Live link to SketchUp – Dissimilar to other renderers the alterations in SketchUp are directly reflected in Enscape
• Direct Integration – Retain your tools and employ Enscape through the SketchUp toolbar
• Standalone export – Generate an .exe file from your project that runs without SketchUp

• Effortless usage – Rendering with one click
• Virtual Reality (VR) – Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality support with one click
• 360° Panorama Views – Supports Google cardboard for 360° mobile view
• Video Path – Multiple options for every keyframe

Major applications :-

• Design review
• Internal presentation
• Client presentation
• Rapid render making

Free Trial Version:
The free trial expires after 14 days. After that, it’s possible to buy a monthly or yearly license at the Enscape store (

Go through the following video tutorial for live demonstration.

Enscape – The powerful 3D real-time rendering software

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