Some Useful Cad Software For Interior Designers

Now-a-day various Interior Designers are using CAD software extensively for their interior designing process. Cad software is used to produce superior hand drawn renderings. Given below some useful cad programs to optimize the interior design process.

Live Interior 3D: Belight Software has developed this exclusive interior Design App for professionals. This cad program will replace the costly CAD software. It is accessible in two versions basic and Pro. With Pro version, the users can enjoy some advanced features like the capability to design numerous number of stories, niches and wall cutouts as well as export images in high resolution and add a light source to any object and advanced material editor.

3D Homeplanner: dmlights is the developer of this useful online software. The software can be used to generate a floor plan and furniture layout instantly without any difficulty. There is also a 3D preview mode that facilitates the users to visualize how proposed layout operates.

Archicad: This software is specifically designed for architects to fulfill their requirements. It is used for producing architectural floor plans, elevations and sections. The software is specifically useful for generating technical drawings. The most updated version of Archicad i.e. ArchiCad 16 facilitates to produce complicated geometrical forms.

AutoCAD: With AutoCAD, the interior designers can create realistic renderings. It supports both windows and Mac versions. One can download a free trial version from the Autodesk website. AutoCAD is applied to produce detailed and advanced drawings. It is mostly useful for 3D visualization & animation.

Home Designer Professional 2017: This software provides great advantages for the home building industry. One can use this software to generate schematic drawing instantly.

 TurboCAD: This software is available in two versions like Macintosh and Microsoft Windows operating system. It is applied for both for 2D and 3D design. There are restricted architectural tools with the basic version whereas platinum version includes over 600 tools. The software is ideal for 2D & 3D rendering. The software can generate sections and elevations for any 3D object. Turbo CAD designer is used to perform 2D rendering easily. The software offers some handy features for 3D rendering like Extrude Face tool, Drag on Facet (for providing numerous finishes to the same surface), Helix tool (to draw 3D spirals), 2D Bisector tool and many others.
Vectorworks: Vectorworks was specifically designed to fulfill Interior Design needs. The software can easily combine 2D and 3D design. There are some useful worksheet features to make schedules, material lists, cost sheets etc.
Some useful cad software for interior designers
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nanoCAD 5.0 – The newest powerful CAD software

Nanosoft launched nanoCAD 5.0. It is a free, fully operative CAD software. After making registration and activating the software, the users can obtain a one-year renewable license and utilize the software for any purpose.

Once the software is installed, the users will be able to import drawing (DWG) files or develop new projects as well as export and share with others, devoid of any watermarks.

Top Three New Features of nanoCAD 5.0

nanoCAD provides support for DirectX graphics and it is now the standard for graphics performance for Microsoft Windows. DirectX is mostly recognized for gaming, but its graphics performance functions efficiently with computers and lower-end graphics cards. In nanoCAD 5.0, you can select which graphic library, OpenGL or DirectX, is considered as the perfect option for your video card. It can be accessed by opening the Options dialog box and selecting Graphic settings. (Image courtesy of Nanosoft.)

It is compatible with AutoCAD 2013/2014 version DWG files. nanoCAD can now read and write AutoCAD-supported DWG files which are well-suited with DWG files compatible with AutoCAD 2013.

Better object selection – The Quick Selection (QS) command is upgraded significantly and extended with a few vital capabilities. Now the users will be able to produce selection conditions for graphic primitives like arcs, polylines, splines and lines. The QS command in nanoCAD 5.0 also facilitates the users to produce selection conditions for complicated objects like tables, notes, dimensions and blocks.

The users can now add a block with .dxf file extension for greater adaptability.

nanoCAD products comprise of nanoCAD Plus, nanoCAD Pro, nanoCAD Mechanica, nanoCAD Construction, nanoCAD Construction Site.

To download nanoCAD 5.0, go through the following link

nanoCAD 5.0 – The newest powerful CAD software

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How to convert any drawing to various image formats

This is an exclusive CAD video tutorial where you will learn how to transform your drawing into different types of image formats.

To accomplish this, you have to apply the following three commands :-

Display Image

Image files are affixed to AutoCAD drawings. Alternatively stated, images do not turn out to be an essential part of a drawing. AutoCAD scarcely looks for images which are attached and loaded as necessary.

Display Image – At first go to tools menu and from dropdown lists, click on display image and then click on save. Now save it to desktop or any drive. After saving it, there will be an option like JPEG image options where you will find quality and file size. Here put both of them to highest level and click ok. Now you will find the drawing has been converted to image.

JPGOUT – In command line type JPGOUT, now choose the folder or drive where the image will be saved and save it.

PLOT – This command is used to plot a drawing to plotter, printer or file. To apply the command, go to command line and write PLOT and press enter.

Watch the video to obtain more detailed information.

How to convert any drawing to various image formats

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BRE is going to launch revolutionary BIM DataBook for global BIM professionals

BRE has introduced a new BIM data product library set to provide a solution to the communication issues which arise while interchanging BIM models.

The new Templater tool will eliminate the mess as well as scarcity of interoperability that may arise while distributing standardised product information from BIM and related technologies. BRE Templater (with code by activeplan) will offer core building element definitions (like doors, windows, plasterboard, roof tiles etc.) and is based on international standards like IFC. DataBook is still in beta testing phase and expected to be launched in early 2018.

DataBook Product Library is totally free to use that facilitates the registered users to connect their BIM objects and relate data to a fixed manufacturers’ data source. DataBook offers plug-in functions for authoring tools with options to connect as well as include data on the basis of project phase and exact project roles. It will eliminate the accountability and risk for designers and constructors from employing editable BIM Library objects and at the same time offering them with the perfect manufacturer data required for giving response to the project requirements throughout the project lifecycle.

DataBook can easily control the information flow throughout the design and build process, devoid of the existing complicated geometry.

It will allow BIM to function for everyone, because presently lots of objects are modified manually when projects are transmitted among manufacturers, architects and contractors. It will save huge time and money.

DataBook records BIM Product Library that will function as an unchanging, state-of-the-art and universal data store for all BIM data.

DataBook is expected to be launched in early 2018.

BRE is going to launch revolutionary BIM DataBook for global BIM professionals

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Shape – A new sketchUp-like .dwg-based conceptual modeling software will be launched soon

Belgian CAD developer Bricsys, is going to launch a new SketchUp-like .dwg-based conceptual modeling software known as “Shape”. Shape even begins with a human figure at the 0,0,0 coordinate point (origin) similar to SketchUp.

Shape is specifically developed to deal with the conceptual modeling phases of the architectural design process.

One can access this software for free early in 2018. Shape is a subset of BricsCAD, that adheres to the AutoCAD user experience intimately.

Shape comes with two unique command entry tools available in BricsCAD. The first is Quad cursor, an information resource that provides commands which fluctuate according to the location of the cursor and the current actions of the user. The second is Manipulator, a substitute cursor that arrives while moving objects, to set angles for easier location.

Shape can be used to quickly produce walls and other standard shapes of architectural conceptual design. There is no need for file conversion to employ Shape models in BricsCAD, AutoCAD or any other software that imports .dwg files.

The structural elements are intelligent, similar to other existing BIM editors. Walls, doors, windows and other structural elements transmit metadata of their definition, materials, etc. If the shape of an object is modified, the metadata and any related constraints are updated.

To gather more information, go through the following link

Shape – A new sketchUp-like .dwg-based conceptual modeling software will be launched soon

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ARES Kudo – The newest cloud based cad application

Graebert GmbH, the leading developer of high-performance CAD software across desktop, mobile and cloud, launched ARES Kudo, a completely brower-based DWG editor.

The users can avail all the features ranging from dynamic blocks to associative dimensioning, printing, xrefs and line commands in their browser.

ARES Kudo performs as the “hub” for all DWG drawings. Users will be able to relate their current cloud-storages (which comprise the most recognized solutions like Box, Dropbox or Google Drive). The software provides vertical, industry-specific solutions. The users can avail drawings which are preserved on the servers of Onshape.

ARES Kudo facilitates the users to connect with various types of cloud storages and locate DWG files in all of them at the same time, prior to opening file with intention of viewing and editing.

ARES Kudo empowers the owner of the DWG file to get a constant perception concerning who has given access to any particular file. With ARES Kudo, it is possible to allocate drawings with co-workers and ensure everybody is dealing with the latest version as well as allotting view-only rights to choosing partners or customers.

Given below, some exclusive features of the software :-

a. View, annotate and edit on numerous devices with desktop, web or mobile apps irrespective of whether you’re connected or not.
b. One platform for drawing, annotating, viewing, and sharing

c. No check-in / check-out. Everyone with privileges will be able to edit all together.
d. Implant various design options inside a single drawing for instant feedback.
e. Connect annotations, discussion threads and task lists to locations in your drawing.

To download a trial version, click on the following link

ARES Kudo – The newest cloud based cad application

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AECOsim Building Designer CONNECT Edition is the best BIM Modeling Software on the market

Bentley Systems, Incorporated, just released AECOsim Building Designer CONNECT Edition. It is the Bentley’s building information modeling (BIM) application that is specifically developed for creating projects of significant size and/or engineering complexity. These are normally defined by the challenges of integrating vertical construction and horizontal infrastructure (like roads, railways, utilities, etc.).

There is a useful feature called GenerativeComponents inside AECOsim Building Designer that offers computational design abilities to delve into iterative design ideas and embed design intent with design constraints and relationships for making design quality and performance superior.

The new AECOsim Building Designer CONNECT Edition allocates a wide-ranging modeling environment with all of Bentley’s CONNECT Edition applications so that the process becomes simple for the engineers and architects to exchange complicated data that leads to loss of information and frequent translations, or even recourse to force-fitting a BIM application apart its premeditated use to model geometry, which is not possible with BIM intelligence.

AECOsim Building Designer CONNECT Edition combines the work of architects, structural engineers, and MEP engineers in a single application, and now expands its scalability with the help of CONNECT Edition’s wide-ranging modeling environment. This latest release offers consistent, translation-free, intra-operability with Bentley’s full multi-discipline portfolio of design, analytical, and construction modeling applications.

All CONNECT Edition applications, along with MicroStation CONNECT Edition, take advantage of the deliverables production automation native in the CONNECT Edition’s documentation center. The documentation center significantly enhances the reliability, quality, and effectiveness of drawing set organization. AECOsim Building Designer can also allow for reality modeling, through which present conditions are procured with photos and/or scans and transformed into engineering-ready reality meshes with Bentley’s ContextCapture, delivering the actual geo-coordinated context directly into the AECOsim design environment.

AECOsim Building Designer CONNECT Edition facilitates the users to enhance their productivity and to collaborate over multiple disciplines by distributing content and data in a constant workflow via a widespread modeling atmosphere. With this latest version of AECOsim Building Designer, it becomes possible to collaborate on projects of any scale or multidisciplinary complexity, and automate the formation of deliverables for all stakeholders.

To gather more information about AECOsim Building Designer CONNECT Edition, please visit

AECOsim Building Designer CONNECT Edition is the best BIM Modeling Software on the market

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