Vectorworks, Inc. And SCIA, Inc Along With The MRMCA, VRMCA And ACI’s Maryland Chapter, Is Conducting An Inaugural Concrete Buildings With BIM Workshop

Global design software developers Vectorworks, Inc. and SCIA, Inc., in combination with the Maryland and Virginia chapters of the Ready Mix Concrete Association (MRMCA, VRMCA) and the Maryland chapter of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) are organizing a workshop alias ‘the inaugural Concrete Buildings with Building Information Modeling (BIM)’.This workshop is specially designed for building contractors, developers, architects, engineers, owners and educators. The workshop will be held on September 20, 2016 from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m at Vectorworks’ headquarters at 7150 Riverwood Drive in Columbia, MD. The objective of this workshop is to evaluate the advantages of BIM toward the concrete design industry, delivery and the construction process.

The workshop is divided into the following sessions:

Driving BIM in Concrete

Christopher Brown, structural engineering manager at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM) and chair, ACI committee 131 on BIM of Concrete Structures

Concrete BIM Workflow Demonstration

Dan Monaghan, managing director at SCIA, Inc. and Robert Anderson, vice president of integrated practice at Vectorworks, Inc.

The Legal Side of BIM

Michael Bomba, Esq., director and lawyer at American Institute of Architects (AIA)

BIM and Energy Analysis

François Lévy, AIA, architect, author and principal of Lévy Kolhaas Architecture

Expressive Design in Concrete

Steve Alden, AIA, architect and thought leadership director at Vectorworks, Inc.

Lunch will be provided for each session. The sessions will be finished at 3:30 p.m. with an optional happy hour continued from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The cost of the ticket is $25 for the workshop and is limited to a first come, first served basis. In order to buy a ticket online, go through the following link purchased online (

Concrete Buildings with BIM Workshop

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Basic Differences Between AutoCAD And Revit

Autodesk AutoCAD and Autodesk Revit are widely used in the architectural field all through the globe. AutoCAD is a globally recognized tool for drafting of internal and external areas of buildings whereas Revit offers great solution for generating perfect plans for building information modeling (BIM) for bigger projects.

Given below some points which highlight the basic differences of these two major applications:-

1) AutoCAD is mostly utilized commercial software for 2D and 3D Computer Aided Designs (CAD) and drafting.

Revit is based on BIM platform and facilitates the users to design a building, structure and its element in 3D. Revit is also used to annotate the model with 2D drafting elements and avail building information out of the building models information.

2) The use of AutoCAD is found among wide industrial areas by architects, project managers, engineers, designers, and different professionals.

Revit software is primarily intended for, structural engineers, architects, designers, MEP engineers, and contractors.

3) AutoCAD is more compliant as compared to Revit as it contains all the surface, mesh and solid commands.

Revit is quite complicated as you have to carry out things properly for construction because you are not just developing a 3D model but also a model that allows you to perform coordination of the job and a lot more.

4) AutoCAD allows you to perform with lines to produce basic geometry to demonstrate realistic objects.

Revit works with geometry that contains real life information. Besides, Revit can be used to function in one view like a floor plan, alternative views are produced automatically.

5) AutoCAD is mostly suitable for 2D drawing where only accurate line work is required, like an elevation detail drawings.

Revit is specifically designed for modeling, making cost schedules, collaboration and change management.

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Top Six Vital Features Of AutoCAD 2017

Jaiprakash Pandey, the renowned CAD Corporate Trainer, has provided some crucial information on the new & advance features of AutoCAD 2017.

Given below, six vital features of AutoCAD 2017 :-
Autodesk Desktop app: The new Autodesk desktop app is included in the newest version of AutoCAD to easily manage software updates, watch most updated videos as well as articles for improving software skills, get into forums and Autodesk knowledge network. Besides, Autodesk desktop app can be used for providing feedback to Autodesk and accessing online AutoCAD help.
PDF to DWG: In AutoCAD 2017, the users will be able to import drawings from PDF format to AutoCAD as geometry and text objects.
In order to apply this feature, just type PDFIMPORT in command section and press enter, then choose file from command section and search PDF file from your computer and click on open. Now an Import PDF window will be visible, choose all necessary options from this window and click OK. AutoCAD drawing is imported as text and geometry and these objects can be modified without any difficulty.
Sharing drawings – design views in autocad 2017: The files can be distributed with users through A360 cloud account. The users should require a web browser for obtaining shared drawing.
In order to distribute a drawing, ensure to log in your Autodesk 360 cloud account and your drawing will be saved.
Click on application button located at top left of AutoCAD window and choose publish then design views from options. Opt for one of the two options from subsequent notification window and let the drawing to be uploaded and processed for viewing.
As soon as the drawing is visible, there will be a bubble notification in your AutoCAD window, click on it to open the drawing in web browser. Click on get link icon located at top right corner of A360 viewer and copy the link. This link can now be distributed with users and end user who don’t need any AutoCAD software or A360 account to view this drawing.
Making centreline and centre marks seamlessly: The users will be able to easily include centre lines and centre marks to the geometry. Just type the command CENTREMARK and click on circular object to generate the centre mark, this command is useful to generate a centre mark on circle, arc and fillet.
To generate a centre line among objects like two parallel or intersecting lines, type command CENTRELINE and press enter and choose both parallel or intersecting lines. A centre line is generated amid both the lines.
These centre lines and centre mark will be connected with the objects relating to which they are formed and when the position of those original objects has been modified then these centre line and centre mark will modify itself to keep new updated position.
Making 3D printable file: There is a new option called Autodesk print studio to create a 3D printable file that can be directly printed in almost all types of 3D printers. This 3D printing tool is compatible with 64 bit machines only.
To use this tool, visit AutoCAD 3D modeling workspace and choose print studio tool out of 3D print panel of output tab. The first time users will get a notification to download this tool.
As soon as downloaded and installation is completed, click on print studio tool over again and click on watertight or closed mesh object from your drawing that you perfer to use for 3D printing.
This model opens in new Print studio window where this model can be arranged for 3D printing. If you do not prefer to print this drawing then it can be exported as STL file to be utilized later on.
Other important features are migrate custom setting and improved 3d graphics.
Top six vital features of AutoCAD 2017
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Chalkline Introduces VisiRevit 2017 With Support To Revit 2017

Chalkline, an Autodesk approved Architectural Engineering and Construction Industry Partner, just launched VisiSpecs, VisiSpecs offers a suite of applications to record, organize, and validate the BIM models and project specifications visually. This visual specification system supports the newest Autodesk Revit 2017 software suite of applications.

VisiSpecs refers to a composite cloud solution for desktop and mobile applications to preserve and access the model and specification data through cloud servers and distribute among team members.

With VisiSpecs, the users will be able to smoothly incorporate their own masters and project documents with the project models to perform perfect BIM integration.

The Revit users can use VisiRevit 2017 integrating and coordinating their construction documents and BIM models with the clients. The cutting-edge integration linking, direct availability to specifications and other documents directly in an Autodesk Revit model, and team collaboration facilitate time and cost savings while improving delivered product quality.

VisiRevit 2017 combines with the VisiRevit 2015, VisiRevit 2016, VisiView, and VisiWord suite of applications. To get more updates, send email to

Chalkline introduces VisiRevit 2017 with support to Revit 2017
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BIM Igloo – The Newest 360 Degree Visualization Platform For Construction Professionals

Now-a-days, a new technology has emerged out in the market that will be very useful for construction professionals. It is known as ‘BIM Igloo’. BIM Igloo is a completely immersive 360 degree visualization platform.

UK based Welsh Water company first applied this technology in their project to curtail design work throughout the construction as well as handover phase. Besides, the technology facilitates the design team to involve with supply chain previously.

The design team is also able to convey these designs into reality and the operation team gets the ability to view the design, walk around it virtually, and provide input into the design for its continuing operation.

Igloo also helps in cutting down the travel considerably, inspecting sites through visualizations, creating designs thoroughly, minimizing the requirements for visiting site repeatedly.

To obtain more information on Igloo, go through the following link

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GRAPHISOFT Has Introduced New Updates To BIMx Free And BIMx Pro Version

GRAPHISOFT, the leading developer of BIM based architectural software, has made some crucial updates to its multi award-winning BIM presentation and communication app, BIMx by adding new features to both BIMx (free) and BIMx PRO.

With BIMx (free), the users can get free access to the complete set of project information together with 2D documents, 3D models and any non-geometric data integrated with BIM. In order to obtain the full contents of the Hyper-model, a PRO license is not essential, thus free mobile PDF viewers are completely restricted for accessing ARCHICAD project documentation on construction sites.

BIMx PRO (paid) now offers an on-demand measurement feature on iOS for both 2D documentation layouts and for 3D Hyper-models. Consequently, BIMx users can obtain measurements (length, area, angles) on Hyper-models though mobile devices. Besides, the real-time magnifier tool on layouts and the smart point/edge snapping functions and guidelines in 3D offer great solution.

Besides, there are wide arrays of functions for Android users which range from On-site photo attachment in a BIMcloud Teamwork message, Google Cloud Print support, Hyper-link recognition on schedules and direct access to any cloud storage. The users can access BIMx in the App Store and on Google Play.

To get more updates, visit the BIMx product site (

In this regard, a live webinar will be conducted on Tuesday, September 20 focusing on the new features available in the BIMx update. Click here to register ( for the free event.

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IMSI/Design Launched DesignCAD 3D MAX 2016 With New Sketchup Important Option

IMSI/Design, the leading developer of TurboCAD, just declared the availability of DesignCAD 3D MAX 2016. This newest version offers superior performance to manage blocks, images, and symbols efficiently. The two most crucial features are SketchUp file import and updated AutoCAD file filters more which will make DesignCAD as a outstanding companion design product.

DesignCAD 3D MAX 2016 offers the following functionalities:

• New SketchUp Import – The sketchup users will be able to import and export drawings to/from the .SKP format which support SketchUp version 3.0 to 2015.

• New Insert Manager – Instantly examine and control all blocks, symbols, and image files referenced or implanted in a drawing. Obtain a visual list of all blocks existent in a drawing and simply get and edit block information more rapidly and efficiently. Same will be applied to images and symbols.

• New Custom Properties – Include custom properties to drawings as well as drawing entities. Use a Custom Properties dialog to view and edit physically or processed by code through BasicCAD macros or OLE Automation programs.

• New Flicker-Free GDI Draw – This option accelerates the process for drawing wide lines in GDI wireframe views.

• Superior AutoCAD DWG/DXF File Interoperability and more – Constant enhancements and bug fixes are included and/or rectified for distributing file smoothly with .DWG and .DXF file formats.

• Superior Programmability – BasicCAD inclusion for Custom Properties, together with ADDPROPERTY, GETPROPERTY, SETPROPERTY, GETPROPERTYINDEX, DELETEPROPERTY, Sys () Functions, and OLE Automation Classes, Methods, and Properties. This version also contains BasicCAD additions for importing and exporting SketchUP, STL, and OBJ files.

The users can access DesignCAD 3D MAX 2016 at SRP of $99.99 and download it from the IMSI/Design company website – Upgrades are available to owners of version 18 to 25 for $49.99.

To get further information, please visit or call 1.800.833.8082 (+1.415.483.8000).

DesignCAD 3D MAX 2016
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