Details of Autodesk Revit 2020.1 Update

Autodesk recently introduced the Revit 2020.1 Update that can be accessed via the Autodesk Desktop App or via download from the Autodesk subscription site.

Revit Updates can’t be uninstalled to get back to Autodesk Revit 2020 to its pre-update state. If it is required to eliminate the update, uninstall Autodesk Revit 2020 and then reinstall it.

Given below, some exclusive features of Revit 2020.1 Update.

MEP Systems Analysis: The most exciting features is the inclusion of totally new MEP systems analysis functionality combining with OpenStudio to facilitate custom workflows. The customization varies from local code compliance to integrating certain manufacturer equipment, incorporating analytical to physical modeling together.

At a high level, within Revit, this new feature is suitable for establishing an entire system devoid of modeling any MEP elements.

Banding in Schedules: In schedule views, click on the new Stripe Rows toggle on the Ribbon to illustrate shading in every other row. It does not become visible to show up on sheets or print.

Attach Walls Dialog: The “attach walls” dialog is rectified to make the current selection as the default. To modify, or nullify this, it is required to edit the Revit.ini file.

Path of Travel Tool Updates: The new-to-Revit-2020 Path of Travel tool is totally upgraded. The start and end points are dragged, resulting to an automatic update. The To Room and From Room parameters are shown in schedules and tags. Finally, now there will be a Reveal Obstacles toggle on the Analyze tab.

Site Points observable in Links: The Project Base Point and/or Survey Point from the linked models are now visible inside the host. When the point is shown, and the link is chosen, the point “lights up” and also lists are location data!

Download Autodesk Revit 2020.1

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Details of Autodesk Revit 2020.1 Update

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Prota Structure 2019 for designing 15 Storied Building

In this video tutorial, you will get step-by-step guidelines for designing a 15-storied building with the use of Pro Structure 2019 software. You will gather knowledge on replicate/generate story, cantilever slab with loading, story with wall load editing etc.

The software is very useful for multi-component modeling and provides complete support for handling steel and concrete structures along with the support for finite element analysis.

The application offers proper solution for handling the construction structures and composite sections together with detailing features and a lot more. The application offers non-linear element transitions and seismic assessment and retrofitting features. Besides, it is very effective for producing the structural designs, customizations and component design management for the design professionals and the engineers.

By utilizing its rapid modeling capabilities, the users will be able to save a significant time and provides support for analytical methods or FE for grouping. This powerful application offers a complete solution toward component design management for the engineers. It can deal with the steel, concrete and composite sections designing with 3D finite element analysis features.

The software offers the following exclusive features :-

• Robust application for multi-component modeling
• Compatible with concrete and steel structures
• Manage composite sections and supports finite element analysis
• An advanced set of tools for scene construction and non-linear analysis
• Seismic review and retrofitting features
• Manage the insulation and dedicated system for structural design
• Customize the designs as per requirements
• Consistent solution for Engineers and design professional

• Design management features and various non-linear element analysis
• Create structural designs and customize the designs accordingly
• Frame structure systems and handle floors and system bases
• Apply analytical methods for FE grouping
• 3D finite element analysis with visual results and precision
• A cost-effective solution with different customizations
• Various other powerful options and features

For online demonstration, go through the following video tutorial.

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Prota Structure 2019 for designing 15 Storied Building

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A position is vacant for experienced Project Architect in NYC

WXY, an award-winning multi-disciplinary practice having expertize in the realization of urban design, planning and architectural solutions in challenging contexts, is inviting applications for the post of experienced Project Architect with excellent design skills and 4 +years professional post graduate experience presently residing in NYC.

The prospective candidate should have sound working knowledge of Revit and documented minimum one project with Revit.

The position should have the capability to handle a project independently and equalize production tasks with coordination responsibilities. This position is an inherent part of the WXY’s design process and needs close collaboration with the whole design team, office principals, consultants and clients.

Duties & liabilities:

• To enhance design with superior quality graphic communication, drawings and 3D visualization
• To give well support for schematic design, design development, construction drawings and construction administration.
• To keep up an organized content workflow during the production compatible with office procedures and standards
• To report directly to project managers and office principals

Necessary Skills:

• 4+ years of post graduate experience
• Superior design and representational skills
• Proper knowledge with building systems and NYC/ NY building code
• Knowledge of design and documentation for ADA
• Sound understanding of contemporary design culture and technological innovations
• Well versed with leading software like Revit, Adobe Creative Suite, Office suite

• Software awareness requirements include: Rhino, Maxwell, Dynamo, Autocad
• A flexible and open attitude towards new ways of working and a commitment to design excellence
• Web-design and web-content management skills will be an added advantage.

The interested candidates can send email with cover letter, CV and portfolio in PDF format to with the position title in the subject line.

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A position is vacant for experienced Project Architect in NYC

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Newest Trezi 1.8, a VR product compatible with Revit & Sketchup

Trezi 1.8 is the newest version of Virtual Reality (VR) product for the building industry. It offers an improved virtual collaboration system that is well suited with leading architecture design software like Sketchup, Rhino, and Autodesk’s Revit.

Trezi significantly changes design communication, and collaboration in the building industry by facilitating the stakeholders to meet the project’s design at full-scale.

Architects and interior designers employ Trezi to convert their current 3D design models into a completely immersive VR environment. It has minimized errors and omissions and nominal material wastage in prototyping and on-site experimentation reduces the requirement for laborious personal meetings and site visits, Trezi puts a new dimension to the understanding, communication and translation of design in the industry.

Trezi 1.8 keeps the fully immersive virtual experience a few steps higher with its new collaboration feature that facilitates the architects/designers to fulfill and involve colleagues and collaborators in the virtual world.

Regardless of their geographical location, architects and interior designers can walk around a true-to-scale rendition of their building or interior design and create edits in real-time, if necessary.

Trezi 1.8 also offers an exterior rendering mode that considerably enhances the rendering quality of exterior scenes as well as photo-realistic shadows, multi-source illumination, and minimal culling of objects from the scene.

With greater support for remote collaboration and audio add-ons in the pipeline, Trezi 1.8 sets out to radically enhance and raise the bar for design-based collaboration in the industry.

To get more details, go through

Newest Trezi 1.8, a VR product compatible with Revit & Sketchup

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Positions are vacant for experienced CAD Drafters

Positions are vacant for experienced drafters on full-time basis in Bainbridge Island. The prospective candidates should have several years experience with latest AutoCAD versions and an alacrity to learn in a fast growing team environment.

• Ascertain the requirements of the customers through correspondence, sketches, photos, and cost estimate.
• Create drawings to acquire and validate dimensions for customer’s specific circumstances with adherence to company standards.
• Design railing systems by applying AutoCAD.
• Generate detailed fabrication drawings.
• Interact with customers through email & phone regularly during the design process.
• Good knowledge with applicable sections of building codes.


• AutoCAD skill.
• Capability to work co-actively in a team environment.
• Capability to manage numerous projects in an organized manner.
• Capability to work in a fast-growing environment whereas retaining a high standards or work.
• Outstanding written and verbal communication skills required.

To learn how to provide non-realistic rendering effect in Revit, go through the following video tutorial.

Click on the following link to apply for job

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Positions are vacant for experienced CAD Drafters

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Demonstration of non-realistic rendering in Revit

In this exclusive Revit video tutorial, detail information is provided on non-realistic rendering effect in Revit.

Before starting rendering, the following points should be taken into consideration :-

Set rendering in proper manner.

Set up all the materials in the models for proper appearance.

Non-realistic rendering is extensively used where a photo can’t be created physically. Polygon limits and textures are illustrated in a better way with renderings of the actual models and it is another form of NPR.

To obtain the project files, click on the following link

To learn how to provide non-realistic rendering effect in Revit, go through the following video tutorial.

Demonstration of non-realistic rendering in Revit

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How to analyze a G+2 storied building with StaddPro V8i

In this exclusive video tutorial, you will learn how to analyze a G+2 storied building by determining the shear force and bending moment in StaddPro.

The design of any building is created in following two ways :-

Transfer the plan that is created in AutoCAD to StaddPro.

Create a separate model in StaddPro.

In this video you will learn how to create a model based on the existing structure in StaddPro. To do this, go to geometry tab and click on run structure from drop down menu. Here you will find different types of prototype models and you have to use them.

STAAD.Pro V8i offers the following exclusive features :-

  1. Updated RAM Connection Module
  2. Improved ISM interoperability
  3. Inclusion of ‘Add Member’ templates
  4. Improved Connection Tag capabilities
  5. Inclusion of accidental torsion for the Canadian response spectrum definitions.
  6. Vital amendment of the Russian steel design codes
  7. General updates and corrections as stated in the Revision History documentation.

To learn the details process for making analysis of G+2 story building with StaddPro, go through the following exclusive video tutorial.

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How to analyze a G+2 storied building with StaddPro V8i

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