EcoSys Updated project controls software – Will coming shortly…

As a frontrunner in enterprise project controls software system, EcoSys is devoted to staying at the forefront of technology that supports smarter business conclusion and higher project performance through visibility, easy use, method automation and integration.

EcoSys declared in their 5th Annual User Conference that they are working hard for introducing an exciting new EcoSys EPC solution to BIM professional. This Enterprise Planning and Controls (EPC) solution includes a new mobile apps framework, improved business intelligence analytics and 5D Building Information Modeling (BIM) integration capabilities.

This declaration comes shortly after Hexagon subsidiary, Intergraph process, Power and Marine’s agreement to acquire EcoSys. Intergraph’s world leading enterprise engineering package combined with EcoSys’s best-in-class enterprise project controls package can supply current and future users even larger productivity and advance the companies’ giving to the AEC (Architectural, Engineering and Construction) and BIM markets to enhance project execution.

As the projects still growing in size and complexity, capital projects need rather more powerful data automation and analysis tools for success. This unveils new options for EcoSys EPC platform which can modify shoppers to extend visibility and productivity through new mobile apps and enlarged business intelligence capabilities.

New features, EcoSys EPC platform include, are below:

Mobile Apps – EcoSys are going to be release a set of latest, easy mobile apps that enable users to work seamlessly on-line and off-line. The apps tailor to support business processes that are perfect for the mobile platform. Consumers will simply submit text and photos to report an issue they’ll spot on a job-site, record updates, manage alternate approvals, capture field progress or review up-to-date project dashboards and reports. The apps can make project data available and editable offline once web connections are not accessible and keep data in synchronize once the mobile device reconnects to the internet later.

The easy and real time access to correct data on-the-go can improve collaboration across a corporation, increase productivity and implement better, more conversant conclusion making.

Improved Analytics and Business Intelligence – As the central enterprise project controls hub, EcoSys EPC is categorically positioned to support bigger portfolio and project intelligence through its strong information integration capabilities and real-time analytics which offer dynamic in-memory summarizations and interactive drilldowns. Nowadays EcoSys indicated its updated charting resolution that provides improved visuals through interactive charts with configurable axes and versatile click-through ability to watch connected project information. Over the course of the approaching year, further business intelligence and analytics feature are introduced.

Integration of 5D BIM – EcoSys declared plans to develop integrations with Intergraph 3D modelling solutions to power 5D BIM. EcoSys EPC could be a natural resolution to allow 5D BIM, because it adds project organizing integration (4D) and sturdy cost management capabilities (5D) with Intergraph PP&M’s 3D layout and construction solutions.

EcoSys EPC(Enterprise designing and Controls) is quick turning into the world package customary for the project controls business. A web-based platform, EPC provides the deepest capabilities to support the entire spectrum of solutions within the Project Controls discipline – from project portfolio management and capital program management, through budgeting, statement and performance broadcasting. EcoSys EPC bridges the gap that has historically existed between designing and managing project execution.

Some Benefits are mentioned below:

  • Enhanced Visibility
  • Increased Efficiency and Accuracy
  • Standardized Processes
  • Improved Financial Performance

EcoSys is a leader in project management best practices and is setting the global standard for project controls software. The name EcoSys refers to Enterprise Controls Systems and also refers to successfully navigating the EcoSystem of people, processes and technology that impact an organization. With a target on delivering best-in-class planning and controls solutions, EcoSys has settled a culture of responsiveness where close customer collaboration drives innovation.

EcoSys Updated project controls software – Will coming shortly...
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BSD LinkMan-E : Cloud Version of BIM Linking Product – Introduced by Building Systems Design, Inc.

BSD (Building System Design, Inc.) declared the release of the most recent version of BSD LinkMan-E, a BIM linking product that has currently been configured to allow cloud access. BSD LinkMan-E or LME could be a software tool that connects any architectural layout developed in Autodesk’s Revit to specifications for an equivalent project in BSD SpecLink-E. LME could be a coordination tool with dashboards that allows a project manager to check and compare the design information in Revit to the specifications data in SpecLink. Conflicting data is highlighted, permitting the manager to form necessary corrections within the model or the specifications. It’s also possible to take the Revit information and automatically generate matching specifications in SpecLink by applying a synchronizing function in BSD LinkMan-E.

This new release of the LME software performs much quicker than previous versions, greatly developing the speed of information transfer between applications. The cloud version of the software needs a subscription to the cloud version of BSD SpecLink-E that was released beginning of this year. Within the cloud configuration, the Revit software is installed on the user’s server and a tiny software client and Revit plug-in are installed on the user’s local machine. All alternative software is installed remotely, on servers maintained by BSD. Cloud users will access their project data from any location by utilising any device with net access, together with iPads and iPhones.

There is not any known firewall problem with the new LME Cloud release. An annual subscription to LME Cloud includes the amount of all server and software support and updating, unlimited telephone support and unlimited information storage. Additionally to the LME software package, BSD provides a library of over 1700 building materials that permit Revit users to quickly link to SpecLink any objects they need already created. There’s additionally a catalogue of over 600 BSD “intelligent” objects, like walls, windows, doors and plumbing fixtures that have already been connected to SpecLink and need no any operations to achieve interoperability. Any of those objects utilized in a Revit project are mechanically connected to the suitable specifications in SpecLink through the BSD LinkMan-E connection.

BSD’s products are configured to benefit design professionals who have accepted the BIM technology and BSD’s future product development can move ever more firmly into that brave new world.

Click here to download a brochure about SpecLink-E – Cloud

BSD (Building System Design, Inc.) declared the release of the most recent version of BSD LinkMan-E, a BIM linking product that has currently been configured to allow cloud access.
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Infra Works 360 Adds Traffic Simulation – Autodesk’s Updated Roadway Design Software

In order to make effective Roadway design, some vital factors should be taken into consideration. These factros range from geographic and economic restraints, compliance with geometric guidelines, safety and vehicle capability. Autodesk’s InfraWorks 360 deals with all these factors into a single 3D model.

The latest version of InfraWorks 360 contains various new features concerning road, rail and bridge design. There also exist additional features like improved sharing & collaboration which help designer better control over the design.

Simulation can be applied to both transportation planning and to transportation design and operations. The new update, traffic simulation completely changed the way of design. With the traffic simulation feature in Autodesk InfraWorks 360, the designers can get a superior ideas concerning the pros and cons of their design prior to deliver their design to the traffic engineer for final acceptance.

The InfraWorks 360 traffic simulator can help the designer to ascertain traffic makeup, flow and time of day (applicable for busy hour) as well as arrange turn lanes and intersections. It combines left- and right-handed roundabouts, staggered intersections and evident pavement turn signs. Visual indicators quickly demonstrate the over loaded roads which help the designer to make proper modifications instantly.

With superior model adaptability, the same model is submitted to various parties for acceptance. With improved rail design system, the users will be able to easily determine troughs at tunnel entrances, circular tunnels and viaducts, between other things. Numerous tracks are grouped and managed as a single unit, transforming the model more natural.

Autodesk's Updated Roadway Design Software Adds Traffic Simulation

InfraWorks 360 is preliminary design software which helps to improve the project outcomes. It helps to combine and connect data to create, view, analyze, share and manage information to make better decisions in the circumstances. The software quickly generates and evaluates multiple design alternatives using data-rich models that more accurately present your design within the as-built environment. InfraWorks 360 application helps the professionals to access advanced design, simulation and analysis potential for roadway, bridge, and drainage projects. It helps both designer and traffic engineer to approve the project with minimal changes on the design and handed it back.

Autodesk's Updated Roadway Design Software Adds Traffic Simulation

This release has other new features and improvements for design world.

Road Design: InfraWorks 360 helps highway engineering professionals create data-rich models and engineer roadways in context. Streamline roadway geometry layout, including intersection design, with powerful, rules-based toolsets and analysis capabilities to help uncover potential impacts in the preliminary design phase.

Autodesk's Updated Roadway Design Software Adds Traffic Simulation

Bridge Design: Explore preliminary design options more effectively by creating data-rich models and visualizing realistic civil structures in the context of the surrounding proposed site. Bridge Design for InfraWorks 360 software helps simplify, accelerate, and focus the layout of girder bridge design concepts, and maintain consistent data and context.

Drainage Design: Drainage Design for InfraWorks 360 software helps civil engineers to accelerate roadway drainage design and analysis. Take advantage of the robust, data-rich model created in InfraWorks 360 software, built-in design standards, and cloud computing to automate processes, improve design accuracy, and better understand drainage impacts of road design in less time.

Autodesk's Updated Roadway Design Software Adds Traffic Simulation

Rail Design: Architect can now create their detailed rail design allowing greater flexibility in defining the various structures along a rail track. This is especially useful for troughs at tunnel entrances, circular tunnels, etc. Rail features can also now be grouped together in InfraWorks 360.

Autodesk's Updated Roadway Design Software Adds Traffic Simulation

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ModelStream, an Enterprise Asset Management Solution Connecting IBM Maximo and BIM Data for Facilities Management – Introduced by Microdesk

To overcoming the challenges of implementing and utilizing design, construction and geospatial technology Microdesk launched Revit Asset Management Solution alias ModelStream for AECO (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owner or Operators) and GIS firms. This new enterprise asset management solution will interrelate Autodesk Revit with IBM Maximo to facilitate facility management, operations and maintenance teams to directly obtain BIM data (originated from design and construction phase).

Microdesk’s AEC and Facility Management professionals have developed ModelStream to coordinate and support that changes the BIM world. The tool directly relates asset management system through BIM models and allows owners to avail all crucial information concerning building coherently once the project is completed.

By integrating BIM models with Maximo, ModelStream empowers the facilities and operations teams to effortlessly envisage probable issues, locate equipment, distinguish assets, and obtain vital data which can be used for effective building management during its lifecycle.By integrating BIM models with Maximo, ModelStream empowers the facilities and operations teams to effortlessly envisage probable issues, locate equipment, distinguish assets, and obtain vital data which can be used for effective building management during its lifecycle.

Some Functional Details: Some features of this tool have are below

  • Graphical data mapping
  • 3D BIM viewer in Maximo
  • Real-time synchronization
  • Bi-directional synchronization
  • Maximo Asset creation
  • Maximo Asset updates
  • Maximo Location creation
  • Maximo Location updates
  • Maximo Location hierarchy creation
  • Maximo Classification creation
  • Maximo Attribute creation
  • Revit parameter update
  • Revit parameter creation

Software Requiements: This tool supports Autodesk Revit 2014 or later version and Maximo 7.5.x or later version.

ModelStream, an Enterprise Asset Management Solution Connecting IBM Maximo and BIM Data for Facilities Management – Introduced by Microdesk.

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The architects, engineers and builders can use Bondor’s BIM product library package to make conceptual design more powerful

Bondor, Australia’s leading provider in complete thermal building solutions and lightweight architectural panels, just introduced their BIM (Building Information Modelling) product library package which can help the architects, engineers and builders to have superior design conceptualization through some insulated panel systems. More than that Bondor has unrivalled experience in design assistance and construction.

With the advent of BIM concent, the processes for specifying as well as modeling projects become simplified. In this regard Bondor’s BIM product library package will be very useful for specifiers to integrate these inventive panelling systems into their projects easily.

The builders can experience huge savings in terms of cost, ime and efficiency over their construction through these insulated panels. As for example, a single layer of insulated panel will substitute frames, support, extra linings and numerous layers of bulk insulation in several incidents.

The professional can avail Bondor’s product library through BIM to effortlessly incorporate a wide array of wall and roof panel systems into their design from the initial phase or replace Bondor materials into prevailing design. All the drawings & objects can be pulled out from Bondor’s comprehensive library and at the same time panel orientation, colour and profile can be adjusted to make each concept realistic as well as ensure the applicability of the each product to the project.

Bondor has tied up with some renowned 3d software development companies to develop this BIM product library. Bondor’s product range is compatible with bothArchiCAD and Autodesk Revit programs.

The users can access a brief tutorial on the program as well as both ArchiCAD and Autodesk Revit library files from Bondor’s website(

Bondor introduces BIM product library package
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Trimble (TRMB) and Nucor (NUE) Renew Their AEC Markets Collaboration Agreement Again

Trimble and Nucor Corporation again (3rd time) signing a multi-year agreement for extending their collaboration in AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) markets that started back in 2009.

Nucor can continue reaping the advantages of its investment in Trimble’s Tekla Structures Building Information Modeling (BIM) software package. This can be incorporated at the core of many business divisions, together with Nucor Buildings Group, Harris Rebar and Nucor Grating and leveraged as Nucor’s BIM resolution to deliver projects that’s unit values are economical, correct and constructible.

Both the businesses organization can work along to teach AEC stakeholders on effective workflows from model design through fabrication and construction, likewise as prepare students with the requisite skills to contribute to additionally ever BIM-centric industry. These organizations will conduct joint coaching for the business associated students with an aim to support appropriate curricula at academic and training institutions located close to Nucor’s multiple fabrication facilities.

Nucor is witnessing strength across edge markets like automotive, energy and general producing as demand across these end markets stay healthy. The acquisition of Gallatin Steel Company has more fortified Nucor’s foothold within the key Midwest market, the largest flat-rolled absorbing region within the U.S.

Both companies think that this collaboration will extend their competitive advantage through higher quality and increased project efficiency in construction field. Trimble and Nucor share a standard vision for trade workflows and that they foresee to operating along with new initiatives to bring chance and education to Atomic Energy Commission practitioners and students across the country.

However, the steel industry continues to be looking a tough phase and market fundamentals still be challenging within the U.S. Nucor, like different steel manufacturers, remains plagued by surging domestic steel imports.

Trimble and Nucor Extend Multi-Year Collaboration in AEC MarketTrimble and Nucor Extend Multi-Year Collaboration in AEC Market

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Autocad Architecture 2015, step by step tutorial, my first project – an exclusive e-book for Autocad users

Start reading AutoCAD Architecture 2015 My First Project (Metric Version) is an exclusive e-book available in Kindle edition. This autocad book is written by Attila G. Horvath, a well known Architect, Interior Design and Computer Engineer.

This book is a must for Autocad Professionals for learning the basics of as well as various glossaries AutoCAD Architecture 2015 through step-by-step guidelines.

The book contains 879 pages and available in English language.

This autocad book is specially designed for providing an in-depth presentation of various practices, philosophy and functionalities of Autocad Architecture 2015.

The book focuses on various tools to streamline your autocad learning processes. In learn page there are three columns – What’s New, Getting Started Videos, Tips & Tricks. These useful resources will be useful to make you up-to-date with Autocad Architecture 2015 either you are a new user or an advanced user.

Preview the book online

Autocad Architecture 2015


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Sneak peak of AutoCAD 2016 – How it can improve your drawing

Go through the following useful videos presented by Autodesk which focus on AutoCad 2016.

The first video highlights the major improvements in AutoCAD 2016 for revision clouds, dimensions, PDF output, and lots other.

The second video reveals the improved features of AutoCAD 2016 concerning attaching coordination models, dealing with point clouds, and rendering.

AutoCAD 2016 comes with some exciting design settings and smarter toolset like Smart Dimensioning, Co-ordination Model and improved PDFs.

With Smart Dimensioning feature, the users can automate the process for making accurate measurements on the basis of drawing context. Position the cursor across the selected objects to view the dimension prior to produce it.

The users can experience spectacular visualization to view the details in the designs precisely with Line Fading feature. Readability becomes superior with perfect curves devoid of line segments. The users can get rid of undoing an operation through command preview that allows the user to get the results concerning a command prior to assign it.

The users will be able to add and view Navisworks (US site) and BIM 360 Glue (US site) models directly within AutoCAD software. Reference the Navisworks model while making design to evade possible clashes. The users can use Navisworks’ vast file format support to transfer models into AutoCAD from other applications.

Download a trial version

Sneak peak of AutoCAD 2016


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Mastering Autodesk Revit MEP 2015

This is a truly great book. The acclaimed author’s team has worked with the Autodesk Official Press book. They have engaged themselves their valuable years to knowledge and develop the thorough tutorial reference. All the areas have been covered here with detail concepts.

Autodesk Official Press by Don Bokmiller, Simon Whitbread, Daniel Morrison [PDF/EPUB].

It includes:-

  • Navigating the interface
  • Project setup and templates
  • Work-sharing
  • Mechanical concerns such as building loads and ductwork
  • Electrical concerns such as lighting and communications outlets
  • Plumbing concerns such as fixtures and water systems

This review covers all of Revit MEP’s new features and includes more advanced electrical and plumbing information. In addition, real-world sidebars and hands-on tutorials and detailed discussions, Downloadable before-and-after tutorial files are available. This Autodesk Official Press book is the ideal reserve for becoming a Revit MEP expert.


Paperback: 792 pages
Publisher: Sybex; 1 edition (June 23, 2014)
Language: English
Buy Now

Mastering Autodesk Revit MEP 2015
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Upgraded Allplan (2016) software for Business Information Modeling (BIM)

One of the world’s leading software developing and provider companies for AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) is Nemetschek. They provided lots of useful software like Vectorworks, Graphisoft, Bluebeam etc. Their main product Allplan launched in 1984 and it is a CAD system for architects and engineers. Recently they launched Allplan 2016 which increases elasticity in 3D modelling and give user freedom and accuracy in creating volume and surface models.  The newest version guaranteed for trouble –free working experience.

The demo version of Software Allplan 2016 is available for 30 days trial period. You can download the software from the following link:

Some of the features in this version are below:

  • By the use of new 3D kernel planning, quality gets improved.
  • Complete and clear display of all components of a virtual model with user friendly options. (The picture taken from Allplan’s website)
  • By the ambient occlusion and white model feature user can deactivate all materials and textures with one click, which create a white architecture model.
  • The new version support multi display option, which helps user to arrange design on more than one screens. (The given picture taken from Allplan’s website)
  • Allplan 2016 gives user a library that contains many useful objects such as trees, hedges and gates etc. Here user can select multiple object filtering and make working more flexible.
  • The measurement unit feet and inches have been added in the software.

In the field of architecture and construction BIM has taken a valuable part. In order to improve the BIM process, the new functionality should be integrated with the related software with more flexibility and user friendly interface or option for operating them. Allplan software professionals always try to update the software to keep it in a front row in the field of BIM.

Allplan 2016 is an exclusive BIM software
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