nanoCAD 5.0 – The newest powerful CAD software

Nanosoft launched nanoCAD 5.0. It is a free, fully operative CAD software. After making registration and activating the software, the users can obtain a one-year renewable license and utilize the software for any purpose.

Once the software is installed, the users will be able to import drawing (DWG) files or develop new projects as well as export and share with others, devoid of any watermarks.

Top Three New Features of nanoCAD 5.0

nanoCAD provides support for DirectX graphics and it is now the standard for graphics performance for Microsoft Windows. DirectX is mostly recognized for gaming, but its graphics performance functions efficiently with computers and lower-end graphics cards. In nanoCAD 5.0, you can select which graphic library, OpenGL or DirectX, is considered as the perfect option for your video card. It can be accessed by opening the Options dialog box and selecting Graphic settings. (Image courtesy of Nanosoft.)

It is compatible with AutoCAD 2013/2014 version DWG files. nanoCAD can now read and write AutoCAD-supported DWG files which are well-suited with DWG files compatible with AutoCAD 2013.

Better object selection – The Quick Selection (QS) command is upgraded significantly and extended with a few vital capabilities. Now the users will be able to produce selection conditions for graphic primitives like arcs, polylines, splines and lines. The QS command in nanoCAD 5.0 also facilitates the users to produce selection conditions for complicated objects like tables, notes, dimensions and blocks.

The users can now add a block with .dxf file extension for greater adaptability.

nanoCAD products comprise of nanoCAD Plus, nanoCAD Pro, nanoCAD Mechanica, nanoCAD Construction, nanoCAD Construction Site.

To download nanoCAD 5.0, go through the following link

nanoCAD 5.0 – The newest powerful CAD software

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A position is vacant for Architectural BIM Manager / Revit

A leading award winning architecture practice having offices all through Australia and New Zealand, is inviting applications for the position of a knowledgeable CAD Manager to be appointed at the Melbourne office.

The prospective candidate should take the liability to control the Revit activities inside the practice on a daily basis.

To be qualified for this position, the candidate should have sound knowledge of applying Revit, controlling CAD systems inside an Architectural firm and having outstanding communication skills as well as capability to communicate with Directors, Associates and all the team members on a daily basis.

Applications from candidates who are in abroad without any local experience, are not taken into consideration or acknowledged.

If you have the necessary qualifications, please contact Taytum on +61 29376 8200 or click apply. It should be noted that only short listed candidates will be informed and all the application will be considered as strictly confidential.

To apply for the post online, go through the following link

A position is vacant for Architectural BIM Manager / Revit

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An exclusive online course to learn 3DS Max and Vray

This is an online exclusive course for V-ray and 3DS Max users to learn how to generate 3ds max models and render them with v-ray to produce pragmatic images.

The course will focus on the following topics :- Create superior 3DS max models. Produce superior quality animations. Gather knowledge on how to create lighting and cameras. How to make realistic renders with v-ray

3ds max 2015 or higher is required
V-ray 3 should be installed in your computer

Course Details: It is an unending course, new lectures and sections are included each 2 weeks.

• In this course step by step training will be provided from scratch to guide you learning 3ds max and vray with the development of some really great models
• You will be familiar with the tools by practicing and after completing the course you will be able to create good library of great models individually.
• All the required project files as well as Textures and Materials are provided with the course.

This course will continue for a year and you can improved your knowledge with the very basics to the advanced stuff.

This course is specifically designed for the following professionals :-

• Game makers having the desire to create game objects
• Graphic designers who want to transform their knowledge to the next level
• Animators and film makers
• Architectures and people who deal with interior and exterior scenes

To register your seat at discounted charges, please go through the following link

An exclusive online course to learn 3DS Max and Vray

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IMSI Design launched New DesignCAD 3D MAX 2018

IMSI®/Design, just launched DesignCAD 3D MAX 2018. This newest version provides crucial design improvements in 3D modeling, 2D drafting, rendering and visualization, and entire usability.

DesignCAD 3D MAX 2018 includes the following exclusive features :-

• 3D Printing Improvements – Three new commands are included to examine for water resistant 3D models. These new commands (which can also be operated from BasicCAD) facilitate the users to check whether a 3D solid model is water resistant or not; verity if a Boolean operation will lead to a water resistant model; and appraise a Solid Surface for leaks and for the existence of additional facets which may prevent water tightness of the 3D model. A water resistant model plays an important role while making 3D printing of your designs.

• New Icon Scaling – With this option, the users will be able to scale your program icons from any place among 16 to 64 pixels.

• Rendering Enhancements – A host of rendering enhancements are provided to 3D Max 2018 for getting a dynamic and realistic viewing of 3D models.

These improvements comprise of Mixed Mode Rendering, that facilitates a combination display of shaded solid and visible wireframe; Normals Render, an OpenGL render mode that demonstrates facets, planes and grids in diverse colors depending on whether they belong to inward or outward facing, selected or unselected; and superior rendering of Mirrored solids. Besides, DesignCAD’s Solid 3D primitives are revamped in order that they are always produed with outward-facing Normals.

• New Dynamic Scaling of Text – This new Text option transforms the drawing of 2D and 3D text more reliable with one another. Now both types of text are drawn at a preset size, or drawn in order that they scale proportionally among the first and second points set.

• AutoCAD 2018 Import/Export Support – With DesignCAD 2018, it is possible to import DWG and DXF files in AutoCAD 2018 format, as well as Export DWG and DXF files to AutoCAD 2018 format.

• New AutoHatch Feature – DesignCAD 2018 allows the users to automatically generate a hatch fill pattern in 2D shapes devoid of running the Hatch, Hatch Line, or Hatch Fill individually. The present AutoHatch pattern can be set from the AutoHatch Settings in the Options menu; the pattern for an obtainable object is modified from the AutoHatch Settings in the Info Box’s toolbar.

• Improved NURB Curve Control – To deal with 2D and 3D curves, this new command sets a cage of control points around the curve to keep superior control over the curve’s geometry. It supports both quadratic and cubic rules.

• Greater UI and Usability – Improvements contain menu and dialog boxes now scale to the Windows text scaling setting; a better Purged Unused Blocks command; a better Save As command as well as Info Box.

Availability and Pricing: One can download DesignCAD 3D MAX 2018 form IMSI/Design company websites – and

IMSI Design launched New DesignCAD 3D MAX 2018

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Revit Architecture 2018 for Designers – An exclusive e-book for architects and interior designers

Douglas R. Seidler, an Assistant Professor of Interior Design at Marymount University, USA, has written an exclusive e-book for Revit professionals. The book is available in paperback version. The book contains 312 pages.

Revit® Architecture is the widely accepted software package in the BIM marketplace. Revit® Architecture 2018 for Designers is intended for architects and interior designers to simplify the transition process from CAD to BIM.

The book starts with the building blocks of BIM modeling (walls, windows, and doors), then the text advances through dynamically produced 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional views to superior features like photorealistic rendering, custom title blocks, and exporting drawings to AutoCAD® and SketchUp.

This new edition also focuses on the recent modifications in Revit® Architecture 2018. Instructions are briefly demonstrated with the purpose of making an easy transition to the BIM environment for all designers. Clear, brief, and above all visual, this is the perfect Revit® guide that is written distinctively for interior designers and architects.

The book includes the following features :-

1 Introducing Revit Architecture

PRESENTATION DRAWINGS: 2 Floor Plan Basics, 3 Advanced Floor Plans, 4 Reflected Ceiling Plans, 5 Perspective and Isometric Drawings, 6 Elevations and Sections, 7 Roofs and Site Plans

CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS: 9 Schedules and Lists, 10 Enlarged Plans and Details

ADVANCED MODELING AND RENDERING: 11 Advanced Modeling, 12 Photorealistic Rendering

To purchase the book online, click on the following link

Revit Architecture 2018 for Designers – An exclusive e-book for architects and interior designers

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How to perform MEP modeling in a jobsite with Revit

In this Revit video tutorial, you will learn how to use Revit for creating MEP modeling of a site office, canteen, outdoor switch room with distribution boards, transformers, diesel generator and fuel tank.

Given below, some useful features of Revit for MEP modeling :-

• Mechanical Systems: Create the design of various types of mechanical systems like duct system to fulfill the heating and cooling requirements of the building. With the use of various tools, form duct systems to arrange air terminals and mechanical equipment in a project. By applying automatic system creation tools, generate duct routing layouts to unite the supply and return system components.

• Electrical Systems: Develop electrical systems (circuits) to arrange devices, lighting fixtures, and electrical equipment in a project.

• Piping Systems: Develop piping systems with the arrangement of mechanical components in a model and attribute them to a supply or return system. Then, with the use of various layout tools, define the most recommended routing for the piping that relates the system components.

• MEP Fabrication Detailing: Arrange LOD 400 content from the Autodesk Fabrication products (CADmep, ESTmep, and CAMduct) inside Revit MEP to generate a more coordinated model. Produce a perfect model for detailers within construction firms that reflects the intended installation.

• Spaces: Arrange spaces in all the sections of the building model to preserve values applied for accomplishing heating and cooling load analysis on the building model.

• Zones: With the use of the zone tool, it is possible to identify spaces to be managed with environmental control systems like heating, cooling, and humidity control systems. It facilitates you to execute load balancing and analysis procedures on a building model.

• Use the System Inspector: System Inspector is applied to observe the properties for a selected duct or pipe system.

To learn the process for MEP modeling, watch the following video tutorial.

How to perform MEP modeling in a jobsite with Revit

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Up and Running with AutoCAD 2018: 2D Drafting and Design – An exclusive e-book

Elliot Gindis, the renowned cad professional and instructor has written an exclusive e-book called Up and Running with AutoCAD 2018: 2D Drafting and Design. The book is available in paperback version.

The book is enriched with stepwise instruction, illustrations and perceptive clarifications on the topic. The book focuses on the elementary concepts and practical use of AutoCAD in engineering, architecture and design.

The book is ideal for instructor-led classroom training, self-study, or as a professional reference. The book is specifically written to analyze 2D drafting and design in simple way and make it perfect for a one-semester course.

The book provides the following exclusive features :-

• Remove complications and diminishes AutoCAD to basic, easy to follow concepts
• Provides the guidance necessary for operating AutoCAD initially
• Documents all elementary commands, empowering the student what they should type in and how AutoCAD performs
• Comprises of new exercises and projects for the AutoCAD 2018 version
• Provides online bonus content on AutoCAD 3D fundamentals

The book contains 582 pages and written in English language.

To purchase the book online, go through the following link

Up and Running with AutoCAD 2018: 2D Drafting and Design – An exclusive e-book

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IMAGINiT Clarity 2018.1 is just launched for BIM professionals

The leading software developer IMAGINiT Technologies launched IMAGINiT Clarity 2018.1. Clarity facilitates the building project teams to employ Autodesk Revit software model data in new and intelligent ways so that building information modeling (BIM) teams can achieve superior control on the models and save huge time and effort.

With superior access to important metrics facilitates our customers to recognize issues related to any of their models across all active projects. This, together with clarity’s current and new task automation features, empowers BIM teams to get the complete view of their model health for more consistent results.

Key New Features

With IMAGINiT Clarity, the teams get the ability to take superior decisions with deeper understandings of the projects containing superior analytics, multiple model views and graphical dashboards. Given below, some exclusive features of the software :-

• Extended BIM Analytics and a new graphical dashboard facilitates BIM coordinators to look at prime metrics over projects and arrange company-wide standards for a sound understanding of model data. These analytics also facilitate BIM teams to control modeling issues in a superior manner which range the number of Revit Warnings, file size, and 50 other metrics to determine model health over time.

• Superior Collaboration for Revit Integration provides the capacity to computerize the tasks like importing updated models from project partners. The process can also be automated to back-up data from the Cloud to A360 and drive it to other software programs like ProjectWise.

• Additional Task Management Features makes it possible to export data to Microsoft Excel, and filter tasks through server so that BIM coordinators can handle the workload on their hardware whereas processing numerous jobs.

To get more updates on IMAGINiT’s Clarity software, visit

IMAGINiT Clarity 2018.1 is just launched for BIM professionals

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Online certified training course on Revit by Autodesk

Autodesk is conducting online certified training course on Revit with 24 x 7 hours support.

This online Revit course will help various architectural, engineering and MEP companies to develop a strong base in their businesses with Revit software. The professional Revit training team of Autodesk will guide you to boost your knowledge with this robust 3D modeling software. You will also get an opportunity to give advise on any ongoing Revit training requirements to evaluate your skills.

Autodesk organizes an extensive Revit training portfolio and tutorials for all experience levels as well as newbie users who just need Revit essentials or Revit LT training. Autodesk also provides custom and bespoke Revit training for seasoned 3D CAD software users.

Given below, the details of revit training schedules :-

Revit Architecture Training

Revit Architecture Essentials – It is specifically designed for new users who want to be familiar with the primary productivity features of Revit Architecture. Revit Architecture Essentials course agenda.

Revit Architecture Advanced – It is intended for current users who want to learn the advance features of the software.

Revit Architecture Update training – It is created for current Revit users who wants to sharpen their knowledge and learn the application of the software’s latest and greatest tools.

Revit Bespoke Training – This custom training is useful for the current users or new users who only want to be familiar with definite functionality of the software. The course is custom-made so you can select from the parts necessary for you.

Revit to 3DS Max training – The course will shed light on the rendering methods in 3DS Max, whereas maintaining the structure of the Revit model.

Revit Architecture Mass Modelling – This course focuses on the advanced topics in Revit Architecture, continuing to develop on the concepts provided in the Essentials course. Students will come to know how to generate mass elements, spacing planning & area analysis, visualisation and rendering.

Revit Structures Training: Revit Structure Essentials Training – For Structural engineers and users who want to get to grips with the primary features of Autodeesk Revit Structure software. Revit Structure Essentials training agenda.

Revit Structure Advanced Training – For existing Revit structure users looking to expand their knowledge base on the advanced features of Revit Structure.

Revit MEP Training

Revit MEP Essentials Training – This course is developed for mechanical engineers, plumbing and HVAC professional to learn the fundamental features of Revit MEP.

Revit MEP Advanced Training Course – This course is intended for current users who want to be familiar with the advance and more productive advanced tools in the software.

Revit MEP Update Training – This course is designed for current mechanical engineers, plumbing and HVAC professional users who want to apply the latest features.

Revit Families Creation Training

Revit Families Creation Training – Ability to generate Revit families is an important part of Building Information Modelling that facilitates the users and companies to achieve wide-ranging productivity enhancements with intelligent parametric content directly within Revit software. By undergoing this course, the users will be able to create their own Revit families.

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Online certified training course on Revit by Autodesk

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How to convert any drawing to various image formats

This is an exclusive CAD video tutorial where you will learn how to transform your drawing into different types of image formats.

To accomplish this, you have to apply the following three commands :-

Display Image

Image files are affixed to AutoCAD drawings. Alternatively stated, images do not turn out to be an essential part of a drawing. AutoCAD scarcely looks for images which are attached and loaded as necessary.

Display Image – At first go to tools menu and from dropdown lists, click on display image and then click on save. Now save it to desktop or any drive. After saving it, there will be an option like JPEG image options where you will find quality and file size. Here put both of them to highest level and click ok. Now you will find the drawing has been converted to image.

JPGOUT – In command line type JPGOUT, now choose the folder or drive where the image will be saved and save it.

PLOT – This command is used to plot a drawing to plotter, printer or file. To apply the command, go to command line and write PLOT and press enter.

Watch the video to obtain more detailed information.

How to convert any drawing to various image formats

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