AutoCAD Command Shortcuts Guide

AutoCAD shortcut keys can improve your CAD workflow to a great extent. Explore through more than 150 keyboard shortcuts provided by Autodesk to execute any project quickly and easily. All shortcuts include just one key.

Toggle General Features Manage Screen
Ctrl+dToggle coordinate display Ctrl+0Clean Screen
Ctrl+gToggle Grid Ctrl+1Property Palette
Ctrl+eCycle isometric planes Ctrl+2Design Center Palette
Ctrl+fToggle running object snaps Ctrl+3Tool Palette
Ctrl+hToggle Pick Style Ctrl+4Sheet Set Palette
Ctrl+Shift+hToggle Hide pallets Ctrl+6DBConnect Manager
Ctrl+iToggle Coords Ctrl+7Markup Set Manager Palette
Ctrl+Shift+iToggle Infer Constraints Ctrl+8Quick Calc
 Ctrl+9Command Line

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Here are a Few Tips to Create Beautiful Revit 3D views

If you were to update our pitch documents and brochures that you wanted to present to potential customers, you might. Instead of simply showing drawings or photos, you wanted to include some cool 3D images from our Revit models that showed flashy buildings, shadows, realistic materials, and a sky in the background. You created these presentation images.

After a while, it must have become apparent to you that it wasn’t as easy as you had thought. However, you got a few decent shots after a while. Here you can see how you can make your Revit models stand out with stunning 3D presentation views.

Anti Aliasing

An alignment that looks pixelated is called aliasing. Select Smooth Lines with Anti-Aliasing from the Graphic Display Options view to enable anti-aliasing. If your graphics settings in Revit don’t have the Anti-Aliasing option, enable it from the Graphics menu.


The graphic display options can be found in the settings of View. Choose a line that has a sufficient thickness in the silhouettes menu. Several detailed areas are inserted into the 3D view, giving it a sense of depth.

Ambient Shadow

Besides Shadows, Ambient Shadows are also available in Revit. In a cloudy atmosphere and when reflections are present, they reproduce natural lighting.

Go to View Settings > Graphic Display Options.

Make sure that Ambient Shadows are checked in the shadows option.

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What is OPEN BIM; Why OPEN BIM is the Future of Construction?

OPEN BIM- Introduction?

The construction agencies and firms are going through massive changes ever, their whole processing techniques and workflows are shifting from traditional and outdated methods to more relevant and digital methods.

Being Building Information Modeling (BIM) as one of the principal factors for this massive change, important challenges remain unchanged. Problems like better involvement in the project of different Stakeholders is still a major issue and another issue is how to enable flawless cooperation without affecting the longevity of the data created and distributed throughout the whole world.

Well, the solutions to these problems are OPEN BIM, a global perspective that permits all the Stakeholders to have a chance to actively take part in the project using their own team setup and technologies.

Compared to traditional workflow procedures, OPEN BIM offers a more flexible and convenient way to make their contribution to the project using their own setup. This also helps in a healthy environment throughout the project.

Another advantage of this approach is that individual stakeholders can involve in a project using their preferred software, already optimized for the job. This will increase the output level in both terms of quality and quantity, and also help in equalizing the market.

This ‘’Open BIM” perspective for designers, engineers, architects throughout the world proved to be a significant cost reduction method for owners and also increase profit margins. This helps in reducing the possibilities of any kind of errors and rework later.

The above-mentioned benefits that can be achieved by “Open BIM” depend on coordination planning and cooperation between all the project employees and stakeholders. The ‘’Open” term not only reflects the technical parameters but also reflects direct, open communication discussing the solution to the problem.

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Why Architects are choose BIM for career options?

Now a day, it is really astonishing how BIM or Building Information Modeling has boosted our economic development, it is universally acknowledged how these BIM’s are growing. It is expected that within 2026, these BIM’s will be valued average of 10.7 billion USD. It will be of no surprise if the young architectural firms around the globe depend on BIM industries for financial and profitable career options.

What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an industry that manages building information around the globe, provides 3D structure to the architectural firms which emphasizes the work balance. BIM performs a methodology that brings all the information about the structure, its 3D model view, and other details which are required by the architectural firm to proceed with their planning.

This Company comprises a professional team that gathers all the information about the structure gets every minute detail, even provides the 3D developed structure to clients all over the globe. This function performs this activity using various graphics designing software like, Revit, Naviswork, ArchiCAD, etc. Traditionally this kind of software is limited to 2 dimensional and 3-dimensional drawing. BIM goes much higher steps further to get a positive review from the client.

Why BIM?

1. This pandemic world marked a steady reduction in employment rates. This BIM sector adopted end-to-end complete digitalization, so this BIM individual remains unaffected and stable to this pandemic. Online meetings grow stronger than ever expected.

2. Now a day, BIM Professionals started to see growth in their individual salaries based on their experience and fluency in the work fields. On average, BIM professionals earn 40% higher salaries than average companies.

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The best 8 BIM Companies around India

BIM OR Building Information Modeling is a method of performing and managing building information. Now days, there are top BIM companies available around the world. This information is of great service like it improves productivity, cost-efficient, enhanced co-operations, and many more other facilities. There are various types of BIM services, for example, structural BIM service, mechanical BIM service, 3D modeling service, and others.

As we all are quite aware of the aversive populations of India, according to some sources the population of India is going to surpass China by 2025. The productiveness of this technique will help in more accurate and proper planning especially in such critical projects. Organizations in India have more or less started to adopt this technique in order to provide the best design and fast service to the customer, and also ensure to achieve their individual business goal.

1. Pinnacle Infotech

Pinnacle Infotech is a BIM-related service-providing company established in 1992. The company offers services to various Architecture, Engineers, and construction firms globally. Pinnacle provides Building Information Modeling services for construction activities, which altogether increase productivity, Coordination, risk reduction, and also cost optimization.

The key factor which made this company at the number 1 position in this list is, the accuracy while making the model, 3D MEP facilities, Document optimization, specialized 3D engineering, etc.

2. TreisTek

TreisTek is a Geospatial and engineering company Founded in 2015, based out of Bangalore. This company provides many services like Photogrammetric services, 3D city structure, architectural ideas and design, 3D rendering, 4D simulations, and many more.

With the help of digital imagery and other data, the company prepares exact 3D city models that are used for developing any kind of planning like property management, transport facilities, water facilities, etc.

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Chaos Releases Second Update for V-Ray 5 for Revit

Generally in the field of Architecture visualization capacity is very much needed so keeping in mind Chaos launched their new product “V-Ray 5 for Revit, 2nd update”.

Bringing the problem of lack of visualization comes to an end, this software basically can be a life changing innovations for Architectures and designers who want to rather need to see the results of his or her designs before finalizing his or her ideas. The user can create high definition and complex design or models. It also comes along with asset editors for any kind of immediate editing according to the demand.

New features added

1. Now, Revit user has the facility to render and replace objects from any kind of linked Pdf or documents. Intentionally Chaos has created a setting option in the linked files so without any kind of hindrances we can edit our file according to your need.

2. A new scattering tool is also being newly put into use after the new update it is basically perfect tool for building terrains or small trees. At short, small realistic details can be added or is possible with very slight effort with the help of this tool.

3. Blur effect become more versatile by the help of V-Ray Frame Buffer compositor.

Cosmos updates

1. Chaos (a leading brand in the world of graphic designers) added a new and very innovative category : Materials, which gives more than 200 new materials with covering minute details, including terrains.

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Differentiating Revit from ArchiCAD

The industry dominates by ArchiCAD and Revit. Their respective software packages are both highly regarded and highly sophisticated. Modeling a building or facility with software and then linking that model to actual information about that building is an example of BIM, which stands for Building Information Modeling.

BIM programs can use by architects to design buildings. Then the BIM program can analyze the structural integrity of the design. As well as determining the material requirements, the program can determine how much is needed.


User Interface

There is no reason to compare Revit and ArchiCAD UIs. In terms of customization and modeling, Revit remains the heaviest hitter.

If you are new to BIMs, on the other hand, and do not require the most complex and spectacular features, ArchiCAD may win since it is more straightforward to use.

If you don’t want to learn Revit, ArchiCAD’s simplicity is the best option. Yet, advanced users of Revit will always be able to create more innovative models than those with ArchiCAD.


Architects must visualize their design for a client to demonstrate their ability as designers. Visualization, which is at the cutting-edge of design, is what will make you stand out. Users chose Revit for this category because it gives them more options to tweak and fine-tune renderings.

The winner in your eyes may be ArchiCAD if you desire simpler software with a fewer learning curve. Despite ArchiCAD’s higher photorealistic rendering abilities, it’s not quite as precise as Revit.

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BIM in India during the Crisis of Covid-19

In a speech last year, India’s Prime Minister said that construction and technology would be hot topics in 2020. Among the world’s fastest-growing construction industries, the Indian construction industry will expect to reach 1 trillion dollars by 2025.

Architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) is an integral part of national and international economic development. The importance of that can’t overstate. A lack of labor, suspension of work, and health precautions hampered the project’s completion.

Indian infrastructure development has fuel by the growing demands of a population seeking better living conditions. A number of developed countries are adopting Building Information Modeling (BIM) to improve efficiency and speed up the project execution process.

Construction of India pre Covid-19

The construction industry of India has faced several challenges, but it continues to grow very fast. However, technology use does not seem to have taken off quite as much as it could. There are often disorganization issues in the Indian construction sector, and it is primarily a labor-intensive industry.

There is still a tendency for developers to use traditional methodologies and practices. In India, the construction industry is averse to adopting technology due to the availability of cheap manual labor and the need to keep construction costs low.

There has been a steady increase in demand for residential properties. In addition to several other factors, property prices continue to rise, which puts pressure on building costs below.

Commercial practices are another factor, as are land costs. RERA and GST are examples of how the government is actively introducing global best practices, ensuring consumers of definite project timelines, and regulating the construction industry in general.

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The Importance of Understanding how Students learn for School Architects

The moment a child learns to ride a bike is one of the most important in a child’s life. Once learned, it’s a skill you’ll never lose. Technique, balance, and physics do not need to discuss in a classroom.

Practicing is the best way, as they say. That would be perfect in the classroom. Students would learn more effectively if they engaged in more activities, group talks, and discussions rather than passively listening to lectures. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics students do perform better in active learning.

What School Architects should learn?

1. Teachers are open to switching from neat rows of desks to flexible furniture that can provide active learning opportunities.

2. Indoor and outdoor spaces can easily integrate to enhance learning environments while also expanding outreach. Infectious learning can see in watching others.

3. The use of sophisticated tools and equipment, such as smart boards, computers, and wall writing surfaces, can help create a functional and engaging learning environment.

4. A growing number of instructors are taking advantage of opportunities to become more effective teachers. Student engagement is their goal.

5. In the classroom today, we can benefit from methods such as “divide and conquer” and “affinity grouping.”

6. Batteries must charge, and all equipment must be in working order when using high-tech equipment. Having technical problems causes instruction time to be lost first-hand.

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An Overview of BIM’s Future Scope and its Advantages & Disadvantages

BIM-related services are thus equally vast and exciting, and by extension, equally extensive by extension. Every building will have a digital version of itself in our digital future as more and more people realize the importance of Building Information Models.

However, it is now widely acknowledged that information about buildings is inadequate, outdated, inaccurate, often buried in static documents, and in some cases, completely absent.

The fact that carrying out operational and maintenance tasks, emergency response, and building transactions require a search for information or the survey and creation of information usually result in a time-consuming, expensive, and time-consuming process.

Concept of BIM in Future

It would be amazing if you had a digital copy of what you would see in real life. It is a virtual building. A digital, searchable, accessible, accurate database that would contain all the relevant information you need to operate, maintain, and transact. This environment provides a greater chance of maintaining the building’s information than dealing with thousands of separate drawings, documents, and schedules.

Moreover, in this digital environment, information is more easily searched and used for a variety of purposes. So the information has far more value than thousands of separate paper-based documents, drawings, or schedules. Building transactions and operations are likely to be faster and cheaper with quality information.

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