Briev overview of Undet Plugin for Revit

Undet, a Terra Modus-owned brand, has launched a plugin for Autodesk Revit that can accelerate the modeling step for the users.

The Undet plugin for Autodesk Revit applied the Undet project file to produce raster image views out of point clouds directly in Revit that can’t be performed earlier. These minor file sizes are lighter as compared to the point cloud, which should prepare the ground for easier workflows.

With Undet, the users get the ability to perform more rapidly and with less lag while loading the bigger RCP files. It is most effective during panning and zooming, which can stutter or lag while the files start to become considerably large.

The plugin also takes the point cloud into account to be observed outside of the Revit view range so that the users can keep more control on it.

The raster images which are produced can be arranged with various resolutions which will supply various amounts of detail. As for instance, a lower-resolution ‘preview’ or a very detailed view.

Besides, the coloring mode is chosen by source, intensity or coloring by plane. These different settings are modified to point out only the areas of interest, which can provide most pertinent visualizing information to a project conveniently.

The software is accessible on Undet’s website ( along with the Undet Browser, a standalone software with the Undet solutions, together with Undet for Revit, Undet for AutoCAD and Undet with Ares Commander.

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Briev overview of Undet Plugin for Revit

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Job for a graphic designer in Johannesburg, Fourways

A position is vacant for graphic designer in Johannesburg, Fourways.

Duties and responsibilities:

• Developing mockups and presenting to clients prior to choose a final design/concept.
• Editing proofs as per client’s specifications and acquiring signoff/approval prior to finalization of artwork.
• Functioning and coordinating with art directors, copywriters, photographers other designers.
• Customizing and rolling out certified concepts to different media, above and below the line.

• Abided by a client’s brand identity and guidelines.
• Keep in touch with internal and external stakeholders concerning advancement of projects and any issues that may happen.
• Working with external departments to expand concept and visuals to other internal and external marketing-related material.
• Ensure artwork is perfect and delivered in the proper format/sizes/colour codes prior to submit to press and production facilities.
• Function on several briefs simultaneously.

Capabilities :

• Conceptualise ideas and finish work under budget and on deadline.
• Attain or surpass respective objectives depending on briefs and input from clients.
• Efficiently control the complete process from brief to final artwork.
• Develop trust with colleagues, clients and production companies like printers.


• A National Diploma/Degree in graghic art/design or any associated creative field.
• Formal training/certification in the application of Adobe’s Creative Suite of programs or similar.
• Other software tools like Dreamweaver, HTML, CorelDraw or AutoCAD.

Interested candidates can send their resumes to or call 0742438829

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Job for a graphic designer in Johannesburg, Fourways

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A position is vacant for Revit BIM manager

100 Architect is searching for a BIM Manager to render leadership and support for the firm’s extensive range of projects. The prospective candidate should posses good experience working with Revit and outstanding knowledge in Revit.

The candidate has to perform inside an extremely collaborative environment to promote and progress the level of BIM education engagement, improvement, and innovation. Besides, the candidate has to sustain and advance the existing BIM processes, content and standards supporting our daily practice, and make sure the teams are fulfilling these requirements over the lifecycle of the project.

Skills and ability:

Duties and liabilities:

• Control the entire BIM workflows over all internal and external relationships;
• Aid in formulating methods for superior BIM quality management;
• Help in simplifying the transfer of design intent to documentation for construction and facility management;
• Design and deliver educational curriculum extending from basic to advanced use of Revit;
• Provide leadership and guidance on different Revit-based projects as follow:
a. Project model setup and coordination with project stakeholders;
b. Coordination of BIM standards and best practices;
c. Custom Revit templates, libraries, families, etc.
d. Archive of project files at completion;

• Develop software deployment packages and handle software licensing and cloud collaboration platforms;
• Execute regular model audits;
• Give regular guidance to project teams as associated with BIM production;
• Coordinating interface with design consultants;
• Active participation in studio tech committee;
• Update the studio leadership about new technologies and advise on integration.

Job requirements:

Qualified candidates should posses a Bachelors degree in Architecture or Engineering. Minimum of 8 years experience with a working knowledge of all phases of professional services ranging from planning and schematic design through project close-out, including design and technical expertise preferred. Strong written and oral communication skills, sound organizational skills, training design and delivery experience. Outstanding technical knowledge of Revit, AutoCAD, Rhino, Navisworks and other Design Applications.

In order to send application, please submit the followings:

• A cover letter with related experience and skills;
• A resume or CV that clearly documents the required qualifications;
• Portfolio in PDF format.

Please reference “BIM19” in the email subject line and send your submission to

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A position is vacant for Revit BIM manager

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Some leading software to convert AutoCAD files to PDF formats

In this exclusive CAD article, you will come to some best software in the market which can be used to convert any AutoCAD file to PDF format easily and instantly.

AnyDWG to PDF converter: AnyDWG facilitates the users to simply transform DWG, DXF, and DWF file formats to PDF.

AnyDWG has the ability to automatically change the size of the page depending on the data preserved in your file as well as retrieve your drawing in case it gets damaged.

Besides, it can also arrange your output files to generate only one PDF for each layout, one PDF for each of the drawings, or to transfer every bit of information into one single PDF file.

Here are some of the best features found in AnyDWG:

• It can personalize the output – size, quality, output color, etc.
• It does not require AutoCAD to work
• It transforms all SHX, TTF fonts, any implanted raster images, or excel tables
• It turns on layout settings
• It can generate bookmarks within your PDF facilitating you to simply navigate the PDF file

Click on the following link to download the software

AutoDWG: AutoDWG can convert All AutoCAD files (.DWG, .DWF, .DXF) to PDF file format efficiently.

AutoDWG facilitates the users to select a particular layout or layer for conversion, and the method of converting doesn’t change TTF (True Type Font). It is possible to locate your new PDF file for TTF, devoid of any problem.

It is also possible to set several permissions for various users, and can be utilized for printing, clipboard copying, etc. The line width can be easily personalized along with full support for importing CTB files.

This software employs Smart Object Recognition, and it is possible to set passwords and encrypt the data within your PDF.

Click on the following link to download the software

AConvert: AConvert allows the users to easily and competently convert all AutoCAD files (.DWG, .DWF, .DXF) into a PDF file, retaining the information unchanged.

To use this tool, no third-party software will be required. Just visit the Acoverter website, select the PDF option from the side menu, and upload your file.

Once you select the exact CAD file for conversion, just opt for the output file format, and hit ‘Convert now’.

To download the software, click on the following link

Zamzar: Zamzar is a robust online tool to transform your AutoCAD files to a PDF format quickly.

Zamzar is more useful as compared to other conversion tool as it can convert files on the way. Zamzar has restricted features while setting up the way your output file will be like.

To apply Zamzar, just visit their webpage, upload the DWG file to be converted, choose the output format as PDF, and then click on ‘Convert’. The time taken for conversion is less than a minute.

Click on the following link to download the software

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Some leading software to convert AutoCAD files to PDF formats

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A position is vacant for BIM Studio Manager in San Diego, Phoenix or Culver City offices

Cuningham Group, a leading architecture firm with 8 offices around the world, is inviting applications for the position of a BIM Studio Manager in San Diego, Phoenix or Culver City offices. This position can be filled in any of the three locations and all openings are posted separately on our website. The prospective candidates should posses two years of experience with a special emphasis on the projects for healthcare facilities along with acute care and outpatient services.

Skills and ability:

1. Set up BIM 360 project sites.
2. Guide project teams as it pertains to BIM production as a priority function.
3. Train and implement BIM best practices and firm wide standards.
4. Ensure compliance and delivery of services indicated in the project BIM Execution Plan.
5. Organizes archiving project files at project milestones and close-out.
6. Organizes and provides training on advanced functions like clash detection, visualization, reality capture, etc.

Professional Experiences:

1. Associates Degree or higher with a specialization in BIM, Architecture, or Construction.
2. Outstanding knowledge with Revit.
3. Insight into Autodesk BIM 360 preferred platform.
4. Understanding of dealing with large multiple model Revit projects.
5. Sound problem solving/analysis, and technical strength to research and employ building codes.
6. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
7. Sound task-oriented time management.
8. Hold proven teamwork abilities and perform efficiently in an open office environment.

9. Capability to travel periodically.

The interested candidates can submit a resume, portfolio and cover letter specifying their experience to

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A position is vacant for BIM Studio Manager in San Diego, Phoenix or Culver City offices

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New features and installation process of ProtaStructure 2019

ProtaStructure provides as an inventive structural BIM solution for structural engineers to model, analyze and design buildings perfectly and rapidly.

The software allows you to simply compare various schemes and automate your steel and concrete design from one central model, decreasing design time and raising the profitability of the project.

The software provides some advanced integrated features like grouped member design, 3D FE Analysis, staged construction and seismic design, foundations and punching shear checks to instantly create results.

The software manages the changes easily and continuously coordinates the projects with architects, owners and other stakeholders with intelligent BIM integration.

The software offers the following exclusive features :-

ProtaStructure is based on one model. It allows you to model simple or complex concrete and steel buildings with greater speed and simplicity.

The software continuously communicate and modify models with other recognized BIM systems like Autodesk Revit, Tekla Structures, ArchiCAD and latest data formats along with IFC’s.

Save significant time by coordinating projects beforehand with other project stakeholders together with architects and owners. Synchronize models with other important BIM platforms like Revit and ArchiCAD.

Employ various interactive features like auto grouping, iterative transformed section design, and merged core walls to make the best use of building design. Swiftly evaluates a wide array of design alternatives to set up the most cost-effective solution for your clients.

Apply physical objects together with trusses, beams and slabs to produce and visualize models rapidly and effectively.

Go through the following video tutorial to learn how to set up PROTA STRUCTURE 2019 easily.

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New features and installation process of ProtaStructure 2019

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Download 14 BIM ‘View Templates’ for Expressive Floor Plans

BIM based 3D information technology is also being applied to the work of floor-planning. Severa; 3D models rendered on conventional floor-plan platforms don’t demonstrate equivalent level of detail and complexity as ones that integrates BIM technology. For this reason, it becomes essential to develop configurations that take into account the formation of an expressive and detailed floor plan that provides the best potential view of a project.

In this article, one can get an architectural file from Revit that highlights a series of configured View Templates specifically designed for architects who are beginners to Revit and BIM practices, this file will facilitate to integrate View Templates into your Revit projects, allowing you to present the ideas and concepts behind your designs in a better way.

To export the View Templates from the project file to yours, initially, it is required to open both files open in Revit. After that, in your project file, select the Manage tab and then to Settings and click on Transfer Project Standards. A pop up window will be visible to demonstrate all of the configurations which can be delivered to your project. Click on Check None and then on the box that indicates View Template so that the View Templates can be transferred and become usable.

As soon as your own View Templates are created or if you are applying the ones transmitted from our file, you get the ability to use them by selecting Identity Data under the Properties function. As soon as several View Templates are formed, you can proceed configuring them with the View tab, under the Graphics sub-tab, by clicking View Templates.

With Revit, you can get numerous options at the time of configuring various displays. Here, Object Styles, Visibility Graphics, and View Templates are available to provide you superior conception regarding how to generate interesting floor plans and also how to reprocess these configurations for other displays and projects.

It meets the global configurations for showcasing 3d models, 2d elements, and annotating. They play an important role in projects and they are arranged in accordance with their elements. You can obtain this function in the Manage tab under the Settings sub-tab.

In the Object Styles window, various elements exist which can be configured, like widening lines and modifying their color or pattern.

By configuring various element parameters in Object Styles, all the objects can be personalize in the display.

However, each display contains personalized configurations different from the general configurations in Object Styles.

Each display contains its own graphic configurations known as Visibility Graphics. In whichever display–floor plan, cut, elevation, or 3D– under the View tab and then under the Graphics sub-tab, you will get the Visibility/Graphics function, that can configure viewing options to be applied with that particular display.

With the general configurations in Object Styles and specific ones for the displays in Visibility Graphics, the configurations can be saved that you have made as View Templates. These are utilized with different displays provided that they match with the type of display (floor plan, cut/elevation, 3D view). You can develop these by right-clicking on the configured display in the Project Browser and then clicking on the Create View Template from View option.

Download ‘View Templates V2017’ by clicking on the following link

Download 14 BIM ‘View Templates’ for Expressive Floor Plans

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A position is vacant for Job Captain/Designer in Log Angeles, US

General Description: Studios Architecture is globally recognized for unique and creative design; for master planning, architecture and interior design projects. The firm is inviting application for the position of job captain/designer having 3 to 7 years of working experiences.

Skills :-

1. Complicated, large-scale projects
2. Technology and sustainability integrated design

3. The power of design and the social role of architecture over an extensive range of project types along with commercial office, mixed-use, academic and civic institutions.
4. The designers should have the ability to provide support at different project scales and phases of project development.

Qualifications /Responsibilities:

1. Bachelor’s degree in Architecture or Interior Design required.
2. Sound portfolio is necessary with professional and academic projects indicating intelligent, innovative design conceptualization, professional caliber visualization and presentation graphics, along with experience in construction documentation.

3. Three to Seven years of working experience in an architectural or interior design firm are necessary. Experience in extremely complex project types, large commercial office, mixed-use, civic, academic, and/or cultural projects is preferred.
4. Capability to head smaller projects alone as well as co-operate e on larger-scale projects as part of a team. Ability to work efficiently, equalize demands on numerous projects at different phases of development.
5. Sound communication skills and capability to collaborate internally (with team) and externally (with clients, consultants, contractors, and vendors) is necessary.
6. Knowledge with all stages of Architectural services from Schematic Design through Construction Documentation and Construction Administration is required.

7. “Can Do” attitude with outstanding analytical, problem-solving, and presentational skills is necessary.
8. Design and documentation experience with Revit is solicited. Experience with Revit, Rhino, Autocad, Grasshopper, and Sketch-up are essential.
9. Licensure/LEED Accreditation or pursuit of licensure and LEED accreditation is desired.

Apply online

A position is vacant for Job Captain/Designer in Log Angeles, US

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Test design in real-time with The Wild Revit Add-In

The Wild introduced new Add-In for Autodesk® Revit®. The Wild, an immersive collaboration platform, allows all the project stakeholders to test design simultaneously, in real-time, from any remote location in the globe. This Revit Add-In empowers the architecture, engineering, and BIM teams to transfer their model into The Wild’s VR experience and review it at human-scale.

It is now possible for the teams to move around in their models normally, similar to a walk-through post-construction.

Revit Add-In will simplify the workflow for teams dealing in architecture, engineering, and construction. Architects and designers will be able to coherently test their Revit content with simple click of the mouse.

By applying a single click, this Add-In develops a permanent connection among the Revit project and The Wild, in order that 3D views are smoothly changed to spaces and updated as the project progresses in Revit. Sharing can also be done directly in Revit via the Wild’s new link sharing functionality, simplifying the process to communicate with co-workers and stakeholders in The Wild’s immersive environment.

The Revit Add-In facilitates the users to encounter more efficient communication, more self-reliant decisions, and superior alignment with teammates and clients by testing their work together at human-scale.

With The Wild’s combination of presentation, prototyping, and collaboration one will test something dynamic and presenting together inside the design.

To get more details, visit

Test design in real-time with The Wild Revit Add-In

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Perform Real-Time BIM Collaboration on Any Device with Unity Reflect

Unity Technologies (, world’s leading developer of the real-time 3D development platform, recently launched Unity Reflect. This newest product will facilitate the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) professionals to unlatch the value of BIM data by providing it directly under the possession of any user and on any device to study design options, resolve complicated engineering issues, and speed up construction projects through real-time immersive experiences.

Unity Reflect produces real-time data visualization and data collaboration through a Revit plug-in that exports BIM and CAD data with a simple mouse click. With Unity Reflect, design modifications done in Revit will automatically synchronized across any apparatus in real-time from mobile to desktop to virtual reality (VR) to augmented reality (AR). Unity Reflect empowers the professionals associated with AEC industry to observe everything in context and instantly create modifications, which will enhance collaboration and minimize costly errors.

Unity’s real-time 3D technology offers value at each phase of the design, build and operate lifecycle for buildings and infrastructure.

Generate folded elements of any shape more fast. Avail and transmit fabrication data and properties.

Unity Reflect can generate an interactive 3D experience live-linked to the original design application so that the project stakeholders will get the ability to collaborate perfectly and make design reiterations rapidly.

When modifications are done in Revit, like relocating a door, adding windows or altering materials, it will be automatically demonstrated in Unity Reflect in real-time. Unity Reflect will also allow entry of interactive 3D experiences across 25+ platforms from any remote locations – collaborators should not be in the same room – or on the similar device – to provide real-time modifications.

With this integration with Revit, the dead time is curtailed among revisions and meetings.

The integration of Revit is part of a broader collaboration between Unity and Autodesk to ensure full data interoperability between many Autodesk products and Unity. Through this collaboration, Unity and Autodesk are empowering AEC professionals to spend less time translating data and figuring out how to make tools work together and make smarter design decisions.

To get more details, click on the following link

Perform Real-Time BIM Collaboration on Any Device with Unity Reflect

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