C3D Viewer 2019 is the updated version for viewing 3D CAD models

C3D Labs, the leading developer of powerful 3D software development toolkits, has just launched C3D Viewer 2019 — an upgradation to its free application for observing 3D CAD models.


PROSTEP software:

The newest CAD file viewer deals with several standard CAD (computer-aided design) formats which range from JT, STEP, X_T and X_B, SAT, IGES, STL, and VRML, and its own C3D file format.

The C3D Viewer 2019 edition integrates some of the geometry modeling, data conversion, and model visualization functionality available in its collateral products, the C3D Modeler, C3D Converter, and C3D Vision—all components of its C3D Toolkit.


Some exciting features in the 2019 version include:

• New Dynamic Section Tool — The new feature allows the users to view and examine internal segments of 3D models through sections created by one or more planes. With the help of OpenGL, 3D Viewer produces results rapidly as compared to other CAD systems, which normally make sections by changing the topology of solids.

• New Measurement and Calculation Tools — This newest feature facilitates the users to calculate the characteristics of geometric models: angles, distances among objects, edge lengths, surface areas, and so on.


The derived linear, diametrical, and angular dimensions are demonstrated clearly in the model window. The viewer also works out the masses, volumes, surface areas, centers of mass, and moments of inertia.

C3D Viewer 2019 is free and compatible with Window 7 through 10.


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Some useful software to reduce the time for cad conversion

Exporting and converting CAD data is complicated, time consuming and costly method. But there are some useful software which can be used to streamline the process, save huge time and cost.

PROSTEP software:

It facilitates the users to switch CAD data from any authoring system (NX, AutoCAD, Creo, CATIA, Solidworks and the like) into a lightweight, shareable 3D PDF file to be availed easily by anyone with the standard Adobe Reader.

PROSTEP provides Tetra4D Converter as its client-based solution. It transfers your CAD data into a 3D PDF file and also performs as one of the most inexpensive single-user solutions available.

A 3D PDF file:

It is a communications tool that facilitates the users to view, receive, send and edit complete data packages inside a single PDF file. With 3D PDF, the original engineering data will not be segment of the shared file, therefore, a 3D CAD model can be transferred devoid of hampering the intellectual property.

The 3D PDF file has also the ability for translating 3D models into interactive documents which allow visibility and operation of BOMs (bills of materials), metadata and animations. These attributes result in enhancing the communication downstream.

3D PDF files can be read with the free Adobe Reader that is pre-installed on almost all electronic gadgets.

Since Adobe Reader can be accessed instantly, the person or company with whom a file is shared does not have to install any new software or learn any new programs. The shared 3D PDF file will be instantly accessible for a recipient to view.

PDF Generator 3D:

It facilitates the entire enterprise to avail the conversion software and switch CAD data into easily readable 3D PDF files. It can be easily customized and offers numerous configurations to satisfy your requirements.

It can utilize PLM integration and automatically generate 3D PDFs from within your PLM. It can also be integrated with PROSTEP’s OpenDXM GlobalX for safe data exchange. PDF Generator 3D is specifically designed for being utilized during your organization and facilitates all employees to utilize the software, which eliminates the need to purchase a separate license for each user.

To get more details, visit prostep.us


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Introduction of Tekla BIMsight

Tekla BIMsight is a Windows-based construction collaboration tool especially built for construction industry but also useful for the students, teachers and many designers.

Tekla BIMsight is an enterprise-class, Window-based construction collaboration tool which is mainly built for professionals in the construction industry. It is a free professional tool providing a comfortable Building Information Modeling environment where construction professional can merge their 3D models, share information with others and check for conflicts. The platform also allows project participants to identify and cure problems in the design level before construction.

This software simplifies the total construction procedure by allowing project managers to settle conflicts using the automated clash detection tool. It also provides whole construction industry a less-cost solution for the modern, model-depended coordination. The software has two versions: 1) a full version which is designed to work smoothly on both Windows 7 and 8 versions; 2) a Tekla BIMsight Note app designed for Android or IOS devices.

Benefits of Tekla BIMsight: This platform is a trustable construction collaboration tool that is free without sacrificing the main functionality. This powerful solution supports the operations of construction industry professionals to allow them for collaborating well and it also features a well-designed interact that smoothly work on both Windows and mobile device.

The Tekla BIMsight Note is a trustworthy mobile solution allowing project participants to collaborate and share their ideas on Android, iPad and iPhone devices. This tool is built on a purpose to give the instant communication benefits and allows users to receive/reply to all notes made in the Tekla BIMsight full version. This tool makes the communication cycle complete by availing BIM within reach of everyone without any CAD or computing skills. The communication in this tool is as easy as sending emails or chatting through texts which help to maintain the project within the relevant Tekla BIMsight project. It is easier to learn and handy to use which makes it perfect for any newbie, students and educational institutions; also become the easiest way for tutors and academics to teach students with the model-based design coordination.

Above all of this, it is a free tool that remarkably offers an impressive suite of great features and provides a comprehensive, fully functional model review and collaboration solution without any payment.


• It is a clash detection tool
• It has clip planes feature
• Tekla BIMsight note
• Supports for SketchUp also
• Rebar measurements
• Conflict checking
• Supports 3D navigation
• Save model view
• Create and share notes
• BCF support

Tekla BIMsight tool is an effective free Windows-based construction tool which is a useful tool for the construction industry. It is also useful for the new beginners, students and teachers as it is easy to use and handy for everyone.

Source www.reviews.financesonline.com

Introduction of Tekla BIMsight

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Vacancy for Landscape Architect/Designer in New York

Stantec is a New York based Landscape Architecture Studio which is founded in 1954 which provides professional consulting services in many fields like planning, engineering, architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, surveying, environmental sciences, project management and project economics for infrastructure and facilities project. They are continuously trying to balance economic, environmental and social responsibilities; that’s why they become a world-class leader and innovator in the delivery of sustainable solutions.

They are in search of an experienced professional designer who can assist them with park projects in the US and Canada, particularly at the project and early design development stages. The candidate must be a suitable thinker and drawer who are capable to create an analytic framework to study design with less supervision. Besides that, the candidate must be an innovative thinker, broad-minded person and a good capability to handle team and designs.

They have a huge range of projects going on like from waterfronts to resiliency work to urban parks and rooftops; huge responsibilities to tackle for the designer. Their work is largely urban, public and spread in a large-scale.

Required qualifications: Must be qualified with the degree of MLA/BLA. Also be experienced with 5 to 7 years on design focus.

Source www.archinect.com/

Vacancy for Landscape Architect Designer in New York

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Vacancy for Senior Designer in US

asap is mainly a boutique firm based in Los Angeles, also has a satellite office in Buffalo, New York and a significant professional presence in China. More over that, their work ranges across a huge variety of scales and typologies and has acknowledged with many awards and publications all over the world.

asap/ (adam sokol architecture practice) is looking for candidates who can work as a senior designer for their studio in Los Angeles. The candidate who will be selected should have the following qualities:

• An M.Arch. Or similar degree,
• 2-5 years of experience as a Designer and most of all,
• Candidate should be skillful in design, graphics, presentation and communicating with clients.

Besides that, the candidate must have leadership abilities and qualities, a positive and hard-working mindset and restlessly high standards.

Though asap is a small firm, but they are offering in this position significant responsibility with the ability to shape the direction of the design and execution of a vast number of projects of varying scales and typologies. So it will be possible to gain more experience across the breadth of professional practice.

Willing candidates can send their CV at: jobs@asap.pro

To apply online, click on the following link archinect.com

Vacancy for Senior Designer in US

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Some vital tips for beginners users of BIM

If it is required to apply BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology as an independent professional or as a construction firm, three major factors should be taken into consideration which range from the technology, the process, and the people who use it.

Given below, some vital factors of these three aspects to optimize the use of BIM :-


Types of applicable modelling tools: While put BIM into practice, focus should be given on the hardware and software requirements before shifting from CAD to BIM. With the extensive applications of BIM , the range of services are also increased.

Presently, two of the most recognized and used modeling tools on the market are Autodesk Revit and Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD which can deal with any type of project. While selecting what tools should be applied, it’s important to think about the rest of the project’s participants and elements; validating what other tools should be employed in the design process, in addition to the project’s calculations and specialties.

Revit or ArchiCAD?

Together with the software, it’s vital to take the operating system into account that should be used, because Revit is only compatible with windows operating systems whereas ArchiCAD is compatible both with Windows or MAC. Also, check the version of the software as Revit is not well-suited bidirectionally. It signifies that Revit 2018 is unable to open a Revit 2019 file that can lead to hang-ups in a project if all are applying different versions.

The modeling software uses up a significant portion of RAM memory, so, it is recommended to use more.


Slowly Execute BIM: There exist several levels of implementation and it is a continuous process that should be executed with patience and as much organization as possible, if at all possible with the guidance of a BIM consultant or professional.

Initially, set up the goals of the execution, you will require then to look at its effect on productivity. It normally comprises of the time required for training as well as the learning curves of the software.

Optimizing the ‘Learning Curve’: One of the vital factors to make best use of the learning curve is by embracing or executing it into a ‘beta’ project, that should belong to the profile of a professional or company development project. The purpose is to function as a starting point to produce the content, flow, and locate the program’s weak spots prior to implement the BIM technology to the rest of your projects. This beta project is also a good starting point to generate internal documentation of the requirements and modeling standards which should be settled and maintained by the company.

These factors will accelerate the process of incorporating BIM technology and project development and will also reduces the complications associated with execution.


Types of projects to be designed and developed by whom

It it is required to implement BIM as an architectural or construction firm or as an independent professional, the implementation process commences with understanding what these technologies entail and how they impact, for better or worse, the process of project development.

By keeping this in mind, it’s also a good idea to put the following question: what type of projects will be undertaken ? There are several types of projects which require different tools and BIM technologies.

It’s also essential to choose the profile of the people who will employ the technology.

The learning/training process is very much concerned with the BIM tools/technology that should be applied to develop projects under this technology.

Some vital tips for beginners users of BIM

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BIM coordinator job in New York

A position is vacant for BIM coordinator in New York, USA for full time basis.

The BIM coordinator has to take responsibility for model delivery, reviewing, coordination as well as making sure that the project standard is retained for the company.

Liabilities: Complete knowledge regarding the federated model, amalgamating several disciplines concerned with the construction processes.

1. Verify the models with the objectives and condition.
2. Make sure compliance with BIM execution plan.
3. Make sure compliance national drafting and BIM standard all through the projects.
4. Verify the several aspect models on consistency.
5. Well versed with formation of design developments and construction documents.
6. Produce graphical output for the benefit of production.
7. Manage the BIM process with essential tools.
8. Train the employee with execution & function of BIM.
9. Supervise project teams through the BIM process.
10. Coordinate with project team, clients and consultants to evaluate all project models.
11. Executes best practices.
12. Provides assistance and training to the wider practice.

Job Requirements:

• Bachelor’s degree in regard to Architecture and Engineering preferred.
• At least 4 years (production) experience in design and drafting in Revit desired.
• Good knowledge in developing and coordinating a BIM Protocol and implementation plan for a given project.
• Capacity to give priority to numerous tasks continuously with superb attention to detail.
• Outstanding analytical, organizational and problem-solving skills.
• Sound leadership, communication and relationship management skills.
• Well versed with Revit, Navisworks, Solibri, Dynamo.

To send application online, click on the following link archinect.com

Bespoke Careers is hiring – BIM Coordinator in New York, NY, US https://archinect.com

BIM coordinator job in New York

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