AutoCAD Layer Tips and Tricks

The user of AutoCAD may have bunch of questions and quarries to be solved. The video tips from Cadalyst and Lynn Allen provide immense help from the practiceners point of view.

The questions here are frequently asked:-

  • Do you recognize the greatest way to generate new layers?
  • Can you use a crossing window in the Layer dialog box?
  • What if you don’t want “U” to undo everything you did when you were in the Layer dialog box?

The answer is ready here, learn and make it use.


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BCFier 1.0 for Revit

It is formerly known as Free BCF Plugin for Revit. BCFier 1.0 supports Autodesk Revit 2014 and 2015 as well as windows platform (ability to open file devoid of Revit).

BCFier 1.0 contains the following exclusive features :-

  • Open, save, generate/edit BCF files (.bcfzip)
  • Add or delete issues
  • Add or delete comments
  • Combine BCF files and feature updates
  • Open several BCF files
  • Observe 3D viewpoints as native Revit views
  • Support for 2D views (only among BCFier installations)
  • Switch element visibility in view
  • Insert custom images as snapshot (snap pictures through a tablet camera on jobsite)
  • Annotate snapshots

For more information, visit the BCF Plugin group on LinkedIn or send mail at:

BCFier 1.0 for Revit
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Make your facility management process better through 3D facility & equipment modeling

3D facility and equipment modeling play a crucial role in making superior design visualization and plant maintenance and development activities.

Given below a wide array of software & 3d modeling programs which can make a sea change in facility management system.

Incorporated 3D scanners and software make 3d modeling system better. Faro Technologies launched Focus3D X 330 laser scanners which represent point cloud data of assets and facilities and simplify design, build, maintenance, retrofit, and expansion methods.

The building owners can use scene and webShare software to process, circulate, and combine the 3D dataset information online, in actual time.

By preserving 3d data of facilities, it is possible to reduce downtime and repair time. If there is a break down, one can know the exact position, type and length and get it prefabricated off-site to fit it in exact position.

CAD Schroer developed MPDS4 Plant Design and Factory Layout Software. If any modification is made to factory layouts, piping, process designs, or materials handling systems, the software can assess the change in both 2D & 3D formats. This feature facilitates the owners & operators to conceptualize, envisage, and gauge the impact of new machinery and technology prior to set up them.;

MPDS4 can easily deal with several data formats as well as large design through an advanced customization tool.

Smart 3D is developed by Intergraph and it facilitates engineers hail from various localities and disciplines to cooperate with each other in near-real time. Numerous 3D formats are supported in a individual hybrid model, and the rules engine implements reliability, gurantees conformity to design standards as well as makes the recurring tasks automatic. Model Data Reuse facilitates objects to be copied and at the same time restoring relationships and the original design intent.

With Smart 3D, the designs can be optimized designs by improving quality, interoperability, productivity, as well as making the project schedules reduced.

With Bentley’s Integrated Plant Lifecycle (IPL) solution, the information can be distributed through various disciplines across all stages of the asset lifecycle. The set of design, analysis, simulation, and information management software provide huge benefits to the process plant engineering professionals and asset owners.

The software supports the ISO 15926 open industry standard and at the same time provides top-notch change management functionality.

The 3D infrastructure and structural data collection and models can be obtained through the 3D scanning and modeling of simple assets which can create a single environment for facilities management and reduce a major amount of inaccuracies as well as enhance safety, and saving time and money.


Make your facility management process better through 3D facility & equipment modeling


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An exclusive cad tutorial video on Autocad limits

Mohammed Sabeer, the well experienced trainer & consultant in Cad, has created the following useful cad tutorial through which he briefly explains with some easy steps the concept of LIMITS in Autocad. One can also gather knowledge on various drawing commands like LINE , CIRCLE , ARC , RECTANGLE etc as well as a wide array of editing commands like ERASE , TRIM , FILLET , MIRROR.

The DRAWING LIMITS command is applied to arrange the size of the drawing space in AutoCAD while beginning a new drawing. It denotes the size of your area. It also helps you to identify drawing limits properly.

To use the drawing limits command, just type limits in command section or one can choose drawing limits in the format menu.


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European BIM Summit 2015

Association of Quantity Surveyors, Technical Architects and Building Engineers of Barcelona-CAATEEB), together with the BIM Academy, is organizing a exclusive seminar on Building Information Modeling in Barcelona, Spain commencing from February 2015 on 12th and 13th.

The BIM conference will comprise of complete sessions of talks, practicums, visits, new services and new companies all featured on BIM, as well as 3 top-level speakers each session, standard case studies and workshops about applications (contractors, software…).The presentations are available in English and Spanish with instantaneous translation facility.

The motto of this seminar is to organize attendees from each European country in all the sectors associated with the building life cycle which range from BIM software and product industry, manufacturers and producers as well as associations, managers, consultants, professionals.

Schedules of the seminar:- Day 1 – February 12, 2015

Day 2 – February 13, 2015