Briev overview of Undet Plugin for Revit

Undet, a Terra Modus-owned brand, has launched a plugin for Autodesk Revit that can accelerate the modeling step for the users.

The Undet plugin for Autodesk Revit applied the Undet project file to produce raster image views out of point clouds directly in Revit that can’t be performed earlier. These minor file sizes are lighter as compared to the point cloud, which should prepare the ground for easier workflows.

With Undet, the users get the ability to perform more rapidly and with less lag while loading the bigger RCP files. It is most effective during panning and zooming, which can stutter or lag while the files start to become considerably large.

The plugin also takes the point cloud into account to be observed outside of the Revit view range so that the users can keep more control on it.

The raster images which are produced can be arranged with various resolutions which will supply various amounts of detail. As for instance, a lower-resolution ‘preview’ or a very detailed view.

Besides, the coloring mode is chosen by source, intensity or coloring by plane. These different settings are modified to point out only the areas of interest, which can provide most pertinent visualizing information to a project conveniently.

The software is accessible on Undet’s website ( along with the Undet Browser, a standalone software with the Undet solutions, together with Undet for Revit, Undet for AutoCAD and Undet with Ares Commander.

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Briev overview of Undet Plugin for Revit

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