How to convert any drawing to various image formats

This is an exclusive CAD video tutorial where you will learn how to transform your drawing into different types of image formats.

To accomplish this, you have to apply the following three commands :-

Display Image

Image files are affixed to AutoCAD drawings. Alternatively stated, images do not turn out to be an essential part of a drawing. AutoCAD scarcely looks for images which are attached and loaded as necessary.

Display Image – At first go to tools menu and from dropdown lists, click on display image and then click on save. Now save it to desktop or any drive. After saving it, there will be an option like JPEG image options where you will find quality and file size. Here put both of them to highest level and click ok. Now you will find the drawing has been converted to image.

JPGOUT – In command line type JPGOUT, now choose the folder or drive where the image will be saved and save it.

PLOT – This command is used to plot a drawing to plotter, printer or file. To apply the command, go to command line and write PLOT and press enter.

Watch the video to obtain more detailed information.

How to convert any drawing to various image formats

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