Autodesk Revit 2018 Architecture Fundamentals – Imperial (1st Edition) – An exclusive reference book for Revit users

The Autodesk Revit software is a powerful Building Information Modeling (BIM) program that works the way architects think. The program streamlines the design process through the use of a central 3D model, where changes made in one view update across all views and on the printable sheets.

Autodesk Revit 2018 Architecture Fundamentals – Imperial (1st Edition) is an exclusive reference book for Revit professionals that briefly focuses on the Autodesk Revit functionality to be applied efficiently during the design process.

Initially, the book explains the user interface and basic drawing, editing, and viewing tools. Then you will be familiar with design development tools together with how to model walls, doors, windows, floors, ceilings, stairs and more. At last, you will be introduced with the processes to transform the model to the construction documentation phase.

The book will facilitate the students to generate complete 3D architectural project models and arrange them in working drawings.

The book includes the following topics :-

  • Perception of the objective of Building Information Management (BIM) and how it is used with the Autodesk Revit software.
    • Administering the Autodesk Revit workspace and interface.
    • Dealing with the fundamental drawing and editing tools.
    • Generating Levels and Grids as datum components for the model.
  • Making a 3D building model involving walls, curtain walls, windows, and doors.
    • Inclusion of floors, ceilings, and roofs to the building model.
    • Generating component-based and custom stairs.
    • Inclusion of component features like furniture and equipment.
    • Arrangement of sheets for plotting with text, dimensions, details, tags, and schedules.
    • Production of details.

Click on the following link to download the book

Autodesk Revit 2018 Architecture Fundamentals - Imperial (1st Edition) – An exclusive reference book for Revit users

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ACAD Pte Ltd unveils the newest version of its 2D & 3D CAD software alias GstarCAD 2015

ACAD Pte Ltd introduces GstarCAD 2015. Based on the unique CAD platform, this newest version is upgraded from GstarCAD 8.

GstarCAD 2015 contains some crucial drafting solutions merged with a collaborative facility and ground-breaking features.

With GstarCAD 2015, the CAD users can experience an improved workflow for generating documentation, detailing as well as distributing drawing data to create design.

GstarCAD is the world’s most recognized 2D/3D CAD software (Computer aided design) platform based on speedier kernel..

Watch the following exclusive video presentation that highlights the various features GstarCAD 2015.

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ACAD Pte Ltd unveils the newest version of its 2D & 3D CAD software alias GstarCAD 2015

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How to find out the required time while completing a drawing in Autocad

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to know the time for completing a drawing in autocad (required by client for billing purpose) or evaluate your skill for completing the drawing with autocad in quickest possible time. All these are possible, if you use the ‘TIME’ command in autocad to find out the required time automatically while working on a drawing.

In order to apply the time command, provide time on the command section, the following records will be visible:-

  • Current time: It will display the present time along with the date
  • Created: The date and time for the creation of the drawing
  • Last updated: The time once the drawing was last saved
  • Total editing time: The accrued time incurred in drawing creation from session to session. AutoCAD does not take in plotting time or working time but quit devoid of saving your alterations
  • Elapsed timer: Also preserve time used in the drawing, but this can be activated or deactivated as well reorganized.
  • Next automatic save in: Notify you when your drawing will be saved automatically. You can set how frequently you save your drawing automatically. Just apply the OPTIONS command and display the Open and Save tab.
  • Next is the Enter option [Display/ON/OFF/Reset]: prompt. Following are the functionalities of these options:

ON and OFF: Turns the elapsed time on and off

Reset: Resets the elapsed time to zero

Display: Updates the listing by present times

So these options are useful to help you in finding out the required time for completing a drawing.

Other option: The Express Tools EDITTIME command (type it on the command line) detects active editing time. It will function in a better way as compared to time command to represent your actual work perfectly. For start tracking, it should be activated. You can reset the time and apply the timeout option to postpone counting after a specific time of inactivity.

How to find out the required time while completing a drawing in Autocad

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Some easy to follow steps for creating flat roof with Autocad

AutoCAD contains diversified roof commands which are used to generate various types of simple or complicated as well as flat to sloped roofs. After generating the roofs, one can revise them by altering their heights and slopes and inserting dormer windows. Any object can also be transformed into roofand the roof can also be modified.

In order to create a flat roof, the rise for the flat roof is assigned to a very low number and the overhang is assigned to 0″.

Mohammed Sabir, a renowned trainer and consultant in Computer Aided Drafting & Design (CADD), has presented an exclusive video that focuses on how to produce a flat roof quickly and easily through autocad involving all essential elements like Roof slab , Parapet , Beading etc.


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An exclusive CAD design contest to get prizes worth $12,000 organized by ZW3D

ZW3D, the leading developer of high-tech CAD/CAM products for the manufacturing industry, will organize 3D CAD design contest in collaboration with KeyShot.

This CAD design competition will start from October 15th and will continue till November 30th. This competition will provide a great platform for CAD professionals to showcase their design skill by creating the design of household products like chairs, fans, bathroom accessories, kitchen appliances and many more through ZW3D CAD/CAM.

Each contestant can avail a free 45-day trial of ZW3D CAD/CAM. The imported files can only be applied as a design reference. The permission will not be given to any contestant for directly importing and presenting a 3D model generated with another software.

Entries of the challenge will be cautiously judged based on their involvedness, creativeness & realism and rendering skills. ZW3D is offering total cash prizes worth $12,000.

The most exciting and imaginative designers will be rewarded with cash prizes as well as cash rewards, as well as ZW3D Premium one-year licenses. The contestant who ranks first will get the incentives of $1,000 along with a ZW3D license.

Prizes Details:-

  • 1st– 1000 USD + ZW3D Premium License (One Year).
  • 2nd– 500 USD + ZW3D Premium License (One Year).
  • 3rd– 100 USD + ZW3D Premium License (One Year).

Besides, there are 3 second place prizes available and 5 third place prizes. Cash prizes will be reimbursed through Amazon or Paypal.

The challenge is open to all. In order to participate, visit ZW3D page.

An exclusive CAD design contest to get prizes worth $12,000


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Designing a House in Revit Architecture

Designing a House in Revit Architecture examines the construction modeling and design documentation process from start to finish in Autodesk Revit Architecture. CAD support specialist Brian Myers shows how to build plans for an American-style bungalow from scratch using the tools in Revit. By the end of the course, designers will have built a model of a multi-level residence and created multiple sheets in the design documentation set, as well as sections, details, and schedules.

Designing a House in Revit Architecture

 The Video Link is


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