BRE is going to launch revolutionary BIM DataBook for global BIM professionals

BRE has introduced a new BIM data product library set to provide a solution to the communication issues which arise while interchanging BIM models.

The new Templater tool will eliminate the mess as well as scarcity of interoperability that may arise while distributing standardised product information from BIM and related technologies. BRE Templater (with code by activeplan) will offer core building element definitions (like doors, windows, plasterboard, roof tiles etc.) and is based on international standards like IFC. DataBook is still in beta testing phase and expected to be launched in early 2018.

DataBook Product Library is totally free to use that facilitates the registered users to connect their BIM objects and relate data to a fixed manufacturers’ data source. DataBook offers plug-in functions for authoring tools with options to connect as well as include data on the basis of project phase and exact project roles. It will eliminate the accountability and risk for designers and constructors from employing editable BIM Library objects and at the same time offering them with the perfect manufacturer data required for giving response to the project requirements throughout the project lifecycle.

DataBook can easily control the information flow throughout the design and build process, devoid of the existing complicated geometry.

It will allow BIM to function for everyone, because presently lots of objects are modified manually when projects are transmitted among manufacturers, architects and contractors. It will save huge time and money.

DataBook records BIM Product Library that will function as an unchanging, state-of-the-art and universal data store for all BIM data.

DataBook is expected to be launched in early 2018.

BRE is going to launch revolutionary BIM DataBook for global BIM professionals

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Arka Roy


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