Revit 2017 is launched with some improved features

Autodesk just released the most updated version of its prime software Revit i.e. Revit 2017 with some new and advanced features. The newest version of Revit will help in generating model as well as transmitting design intent in a better way.

Revit 2017 will provide comprehensive solutions for architectural, MEP and structural engineering, and construction professionals.

With advanced features in Revit 2017, the progression inside an extensive multi-discipline Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflow will become more efficient.

Revit 2017 will perform rapidly (4.5 times faster than earlier) by demonstrating only the viewable elements of a view and not drawing elements which are unseen.

In Revit 2017, there are some useful toolset for the users to generate models which can perfectly and completely illustrate what will be finally produced, combining design and fabrication workflows. The Global Parameters feature facilitates to encrypt and obtain design objective inside a model by allowing the users to specify relationships amid building elements and apply parameters to assing dimensions and values across a project.

Revit 2017 empowers the designers to comprise the superior level of detail essential for downstream fabrication and building, modeling projects of any size and perplexity. Mechanical detailers can automatically fabricate the layout of model and transform design level of detail model elements to fabrication level of detail elements

With this feature, the contractors get the ability to generate a model instantly for detailed coordination fabrication and set up. Structural engineers can optimize the design intent, or the level of detail for reinforcement modeling and documentation for attaching steel design to detailing workflows.

To get more updated features, go through the following link

Revit 2017 is launched with some improved features


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