Autodesk launched AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017

Civil 3D AutoCAD is based on AutoCAD and specifically designed for surveyors, designers of the general plan, the designers of linear structures.

This cad program creates intelligent link among the objects as well as dynamically update all linked objects in revising the results of research or design solutions.

AutoCAD Civil 3D comprises of automated calculations and drawing tools which can make the procedures better for developing engineering structures.

Key features :

– Quick set up of the concept and execution of the project;

– Easily understandable design is created on the basis of the interaction of objects which facilitate to maintain the perfectness and rationality of all parts of the project;

– More than 1 user can access the project and its elements;

– Chance for quick development, project assessment and planning for output documents;

– Integration of drawing possibilities AutoCAD and specialized design features;

– A wide array of API functions (Application Programming Interface) which facilitate the users to develop solutions on the basis of a common data model;

– The capability to optimize the functionality;

– Dynamic engineering model comprises the elementary objects of geometry and keeps intelligent relationships amid objects (point, surface, land, roads, and planning);

– Support of drawing standards and styles;

– Create plans automatically;

– Functionality of AutoCAD the Map 3D.

Download Civil 3D 2017 | Free Trial

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017


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