Here are a Few Tips to Create Beautiful Revit 3D views

If you were to update our pitch documents and brochures that you wanted to present to potential customers, you might. Instead of simply showing drawings or photos, you wanted to include some cool 3D images from our Revit models that showed flashy buildings, shadows, realistic materials, and a sky in the background. You created these presentation images.

After a while, it must have become apparent to you that it wasn’t as easy as you had thought. However, you got a few decent shots after a while. Here you can see how you can make your Revit models stand out with stunning 3D presentation views.

Anti Aliasing

An alignment that looks pixelated is called aliasing. Select Smooth Lines with Anti-Aliasing from the Graphic Display Options view to enable anti-aliasing. If your graphics settings in Revit don’t have the Anti-Aliasing option, enable it from the Graphics menu.


The graphic display options can be found in the settings of View. Choose a line that has a sufficient thickness in the silhouettes menu. Several detailed areas are inserted into the 3D view, giving it a sense of depth.

Ambient Shadow

Besides Shadows, Ambient Shadows are also available in Revit. In a cloudy atmosphere and when reflections are present, they reproduce natural lighting.

Go to View Settings > Graphic Display Options.

Make sure that Ambient Shadows are checked in the shadows option.

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