How to Calculate Number of Floor Tiles in Revit

I cannot comprehend the significance of such a tiny change when somebody as well informed and talented as me doesn?t fully comprehend this aspect of the revolutionized computing technology & using it for calculating the number of tile.

After all, I am sure people have always been asking me on Twitter if or when everyone should be using an app called Re-Think-Tile for figuring out their number of tiles. Let alone calculating them. People like me were playing around with ideas such as these concepts are pretty awesome.

Modeling Additional Thin Walls & Floors

Using an inch thickness (12mm) as the wall thickness, create a new wall and floor type. These are known as INT-Finish Floor and INT-Finish Wall. As you already have a standard name, you can adapt it to meet it.

In your modeling, you can use these elements to indicate a specific finish. To arrange a floor element over the main floor element, you must set an offset that is equal to the element thickness. You should also ensure the main model elements don’t include any finish layers.

Finish the wall by joining the main wall

Doors and windows will cover by the additional finish wall by default. Joining both walls together is quite simple using the Join option in the Modify tab. After the wall finishes, the openings will embed automatically.

Hide finishing elements by adding a filter

It is a benefit of this strategy that the floor and walls finish pattern can hide in most views. So, the finishes appear in particular finishes views but remain hidden in other construction documents. By using shortcut VG, access the Visibility and Graphics menus. Choose a filter from the submenu. The new filter will appear once you click it.

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