Top Online Free & Paid Revit Courses for Beginners and Experts in 2021

The Revit BIM software product is one of the most popular in the world, so tutorials and online courses are plentiful to help beginners, as well as professionals, become proficient with the software.

Free Courses

Over 60 Revit Tips in 60 Minutes

Introductory courses will focus on modeling and documentation of a project to increase productivity and efficiency when using Revit.

30 Revit Productivity Enhancements you have missed

This class provides a quick introduction to some of the Revit work tools that may have escaped your notice due to the number of updates released each year.

Mass Building using Autodesk Revit

The course provides an introduction to the Revit interface by designing a basic building. It is designed for architects who are new to Revit or are already using it but wish to learn more.

Full Project using Revit Structure

The structure of a building, featuring columns, beams, foundations, floors, and slabs, was the subject of this course. It is aimed at beginners and intermediate users who are looking to become more proficient with Revit.

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