The 5 Most Important Tips for BIM Beginners in Modeling Industry

Architecture and construction have embraced the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process in recent years. Architecture and engineering are increasingly incorporating BIM into their practices, and project managers have a hard time managing the BIM team.

Many of them are unfamiliar with this relatively new workflow and tools, so they are unable to lead or utilize resources effectively. Individuals and companies should pay attention to the three aspects of BIM: technology, process, and team members.

1. Proper Understanding of BIM

BIM is not a tool. It is a methodology. An alternative to 2D drawings is to use 3D models to create coordinated and internally consistent information about a building. An integrated approach streamlines workflow with this new way of working.

2. Choosing the Right Modeling Tool

Implementing BIM requires you to consider the hardware and software requirements as you move from CAD to BIM. The growing use of BIM expands our capability as architects to provide a wider range of services.

Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD and Autodesk Revit are the two most popular and widely used modeling tools in the market today. Despite their differences, both can handle whatever task you decide to tackle in general.

When selecting which tools to use, it’s important to consider the other participants and elements of the project; verify what other tools will use during the design process, and check the calculations and specialties of the project.

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Arka Roy

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