Top 40 Revit Tips to Live On

Autodesk Revit is arguably the best BIM (Building Information Modeling) tool around the world. This champion software has it all for designing construction engineering models and preparing constructible documents. But to utilize Revit fully, you need to know all the nooks and crannies in the software. And to help with that, here are the top 40 revit tips to live on!

1. This may sound cheesy, but? don’t go back to AutoCAD! Ever.
2. Periodically set the walls transparent to see what’s behind them.
3. Best if you don’t make a large group at one. Try building a small group and add elements to it.

4. Don’t import stuff until you really need them, because they burden a model.
5. Don’t annotate 3D elements as 2D – keep it proper, especially in case of openings.
6. Smart family, smart choice!
7. Link your schedules to excel files, so you can make changes easily across the board.
8. When you’re working with a pretty heavy model, try not to use the filter option for viewing selective stuff – it’s messy. Rather use the Visibility > Graphics > select necessary ones.
9. Get a good mouse. For your computer, not for your cat. This is your real tool you will be physically handling all day, so be serious about it. It’s a great idea to get one with very high DPI settings and multiple programmable buttons, so you can assign shortcuts to those buttons.
10. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The online community is full of froods happy to help out a fellow frood.
11. Revit allows few mistakes that you can just undo and forget. This isn’t AutoCAD. Draw responsibly.

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Arka Roy

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