Some useful software to reduce the time for cad conversion

Exporting and converting CAD data is complicated, time consuming and costly method. But there are some useful software which can be used to streamline the process, save huge time and cost.

PROSTEP software:

It facilitates the users to switch CAD data from any authoring system (NX, AutoCAD, Creo, CATIA, Solidworks and the like) into a lightweight, shareable 3D PDF file to be availed easily by anyone with the standard Adobe Reader.

PROSTEP provides Tetra4D Converter as its client-based solution. It transfers your CAD data into a 3D PDF file and also performs as one of the most inexpensive single-user solutions available.

A 3D PDF file:

It is a communications tool that facilitates the users to view, receive, send and edit complete data packages inside a single PDF file. With 3D PDF, the original engineering data will not be segment of the shared file, therefore, a 3D CAD model can be transferred devoid of hampering the intellectual property.

The 3D PDF file has also the ability for translating 3D models into interactive documents which allow visibility and operation of BOMs (bills of materials), metadata and animations. These attributes result in enhancing the communication downstream.

3D PDF files can be read with the free Adobe Reader that is pre-installed on almost all electronic gadgets.

Since Adobe Reader can be accessed instantly, the person or company with whom a file is shared does not have to install any new software or learn any new programs. The shared 3D PDF file will be instantly accessible for a recipient to view.

PDF Generator 3D:

It facilitates the entire enterprise to avail the conversion software and switch CAD data into easily readable 3D PDF files. It can be easily customized and offers numerous configurations to satisfy your requirements.

It can utilize PLM integration and automatically generate 3D PDFs from within your PLM. It can also be integrated with PROSTEP’s OpenDXM GlobalX for safe data exchange. PDF Generator 3D is specifically designed for being utilized during your organization and facilitates all employees to utilize the software, which eliminates the need to purchase a separate license for each user.

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