ETAP 18.1.1 delivers innovative solutions for modeling, analysis, and operation

ETAP® released the most updated version of the ETAP 18 series i.e. ETAP 18.1.1. This newest version extends the innovative solutions prepared for modeling, analysis, and operation.

ETAP – Revit Data Exchange module facilitates the electrical designers and engineers to easily connect with Autodesk as well as transmits electrical data from Revit directly into ETAP software.

Building Information Model (BIM) described in Revit is exported to ETAP to produce an intelligent one-line diagram, along with unrestricted sub-systems and settle element properties. The model provides supports for full (initial) data import and incremental updates.

ETAP 18.1.1 contains the following exclusive features :-

a. Improved performance
b. Rapid run-time speed
c. Incremental model import from Revit® BIM
d. Detailed conversion from SKM PowerTools®
e. Extended eTrax™ Rail Traction System feature
f. Improved Plot Manager acquiring study files over a local network
g. Improved one-line diagram PDF output
h. Superior compatibility with Microsoft PDF printer
i. Supports greater DPI font scaling up to 200%

To download a trial version, click on the following link

ETAP 18.1.1 delivers innovative solutions for modeling, analysis, and operation

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Arka Roy


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