Vectorworks 2019 launched for BIM

Global design and BIM software solutions provider Vectorworks, Inc. launched the 2019 release of Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Fundamentals and Designer, as well as Braceworks and Vision.

The purpose of this new release is to enhance the design efficiency through overall performance and quality. This new release provides innovations and enhancements to considerably enhance the 3D and BIM modeling, 2D documentation and presentation workflows for designers in the architecture, landscape, entertainment and interior design industries.

In Vectorworks 2019, focus is given on the most common workflows and usage patterns of the customers to make their overall productivity better with Vectorworks products across the board.

The users of all Vectorworks products can now experience faster workflows and superior software performance with multiple core support in the Vectorworks Graphics Module, new layer and class search and filter options, and image effects.

Vectorworks Architect and Landmark customers can enjoy superior BIM capabilities along with 3D site model sculpting; the capacity to get BIM objects displayed with varying levels of detail in plan, elevation and section drawings; greater openBIM interoperability; and a new partnership integration with AutoTurn online for assaying vehicle swept paths. Vectorworks Spotlight can take the support of the new My Virtual Rig (MVR) import and export file format, as well as improvements to 3D modeling with Spotlight tools and commands. New bridle analysis features will be useful for Braceworks users. The users of Vision will experience a greater user interface and up to 7x faster performance of the previz application.

Vectorworks 2019 provide significant effect on productivity, facilitating the designers to make their daily design work quicker and simpler. With the Vectorworks Graphics Module, it is now possible to access all existing user hardware, and governing the power of all existing CPU cores with increased usage of GPU on sheet layers accelerate all the workflows. The users can now filter renderings and images devoid of exporting to Photoshop. Besides, it is also possible to insert, display and modity the level of detail that hybrid objects demonstrate in a drawing.

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Vectorworks 2019 launched for BIM

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