How to create a rendered 2D floor plan in Revit

In this revit tutorial, you will learn how to produce a rendered 2D floor plan in Revit.

Generally, a regular floor plan is taken from AutoCAD and imported in photoshop. In photoshop, the surfaces are chosen and transformed to some material textures to provide the appearance of a rendering.

In revit this process can be done more efficiently.

The following revit shortcuts are used to complete the tutorial.

GR – Grid
RE – Scale
EL – Elevation
VR – View Range
CL – Structural Column
MM – Mirror (pick axis)
– Mirror (draw axis)
UN – Project Units
WA – Wall
CS – Create Similar
RP – Reference Plane
– Align
SL – Split Element
OF – Offset
TR – Trim/Extend

AR – Array
CO – Copy
TX – Text
LI – Model Lines
DL – Detail LInes
RR – Render
RY – Ray Trace
GD – Graphic Display Options
TL – Thin Lines
GP – Group
LG – Project form Group

To learn the detail process in the tutorial, go through the following video.

How to create a rendered 2D floor plan in Revit

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