The newest version V-ray 3.5 for Revit is released by Chaos Group

Chaos Group has just launched v-ray 3.5 for Revit. The speed of work has been significantly improved with the inclusion of the new Adaptive Lights algorithm. The newest version includes enhanced swarm as well as support for Revit 2018.

This newest version is specifically designed for the architects to produce great design renders quickly.

Given below some exciting features of the latest version :-

With render presets feature, it is possible to instantly balance quality and speed. Function in draft mode for reiterations ahead of time and interchange to superior quality for presentations.

At the time of creating design, start interactive rendering. Adjust lights and materials and obtain the outcomes instantly.

Get some precise options for IES and HDR image-based lighting. Besides, there is support for Revit Sun and Sky.

From inherent camera views in Revit, simulate photographic cameras.

Automatically transform Revit materials to V-Ray’s physically-correct format. V-Ray Material Editor is used to rectify the material properties.

Simply produce scenes appearing diagrammatic or as a scale models containing material presets like basswood and foam core.

Latest web-based distributed rendering to accelerate rendering speed with the use of the power of all accessible desktops and render nodes.

To be familiar with more features, click on the following link

Watch the following video tutorial for online demonstration.

The newest version V-ray 3.5 for Revit is released by Chaos Group

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