How To Utilize Search Bar In Revit And AutoCAD

This video tutorial will briefly explain how the users can apply the in-built content search bar in Revit and AutoCAD for making general or specific searches instantly.

Inclusion of search bar in Revit 2016 – R2 is the one of the most vital features. The search bar is situated just under the “Types”. This feature will get rid of the issue for scrolling ceaselessly via each parameter to locate the required one. While typing each character, all the parameters are filtered to display only those which comprise of those characters, not only in the Parameter name, but also in the values and formulas. This could also be applied to focus on a specific group of parameters for editing.

Search bar in AutoCAD is used to search for various contents like drawings, hatch patterns, blocks etc.

How to utilize search bar in Revit and AutoCAD

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Rajib Dey


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