Top Systems introduced T-FLEX CAD system version 15 for superior 3d modeling & 2d drafting

Top Systems, the leading developer of cutting-edge parametric design software, has recently launched T-FLEX CAD system version 15.

This newest cad version offers some exclusive features like new user interface, improved window management, superior overall system performance, noteworthy enhancements in both 3D modeling and 2D drafting, superior sheet metal functionality, innovative photorealistic rendering, improved parametric tools, better productivity of complicated and big assembly models.

Other significant features include new tools for design, simulation, well-organized team collaboration and knowledge sharing.~

This latest version of T-FLEX CAD offers the complete and strong parametric solution for 2D and 3D design. T-FLEX CAD contains open architecture and specialized toolset for creating add-on applications which not only provide robust functionality for general-purpose design, but also full-featured solutions for amalgamation with diversified specialized systems and targeted applications in different arenas.

T-FLEX CAD 15 is compatible with the newest version of the Parasolid kernel and applies the new high-performance algorithms for managing big assemblies, 3D models and 2D views attaining considerable acceleration acquired at different time and resource consuming operations. Multi-display support, 4K monitor operations and stereo output are also optimized significantly.

T-FLEX CAD 15 offers a extremely collaborating atmosphere for previewing designs and generating real-time renderings useful for demonstrating designs. Both GPU and CPU supported simplified & advanced rendering tools facilitate to render a scene in real-time whereas give ability to carry on working on the similar model.

Latest object-based system of structural elements facilitates third-party developers to produce their individual niche applications as well as providing their clients superior quality solutions and modern user interface.

Some exciting features like T-FLEX Analysis, T-FLEX Dynamics and T-FLEX CAM – fully incorporated with T-FLEX CAD applications are included in this version which allow parametric functionally for finite-element analysis, motion simulation and CNC machining. T-FLEX CAD 15 also provides considerably improved consolidation with T-FLEX DOCs, professional PLM system, to make the data and team management process easy.

To get the complete list of new features of T-FLEX CAD 15, go through the following link

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