Revit 2017 – Elevation and Section Depth Cueing

With the introduction of Revit 2017, it is now possible to arrange a distance fade. It will reproduce the effect of things in the distance looking fainter in the distance than elements in the front that leads to the effect of a simulated mist, haze or fog to give a real look to section or elevation views in Revit.

Section, showing Cueing Effect: While writing Distance Cueing, it may not be accessible for Camera views and the help menus appear to authorize this by only mentioning Section and Elevation types of views.

Typical Pre Revit 2017 Section View: While arranging the Distance Cueing Views, take the View Discipline into consideration. While going to write this fading of elements in view settings, it is only presented for Architectural and Coordination disciplines.

To arrange distance cueing for a view, make sure that clipping is allowed with or without a line as well as the discipline is Architectural or Coordination. Establish the clipping line to the extreme points of viewed objects.

Then enable the section/elevation view. Select the Visual Styles Icon located at the end of the screen and activate the Depth Cue settings. (if they are greyed out, it indicates an improper discipline view or a camera).

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Revit 2017 - Elevation and Section Depth Cueing

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