Some contemporary cad based software to streamline the product & machine design

Go though the extensive lists of best product & machine design software which are useful for drafting, design and product manufacture. These softwares will provide great benefits to the designers and engineers over various disciplines ranging from manufacturing, product design, automotive, and aerospace. By applying them, the users can produce accurate 3D models of parts, components, and assemblies to streamline engineering, manufacturing, and design progressions.

The users can easily design, reproduce, envisage, and manage all the products digitally.

CATIA – One of the best cad packages for cad & product design. It offers generative shape design, assembly design & part design.

Rhinoceros – Rhino can be applied to generate schematic design – level concept models and families for import into Revit.

Inventor – Inventor® 3D CAD software consists of simplified toolset for 3D mechanical design, documentation, and product simulation.

AutoCAD Mechanical – This AutoCAD based software is designed for manufacturing. It provides great solution for the Digital Prototyping as it contains all the key features of AutoCAD. Besides, it also contains extensive libraries of standards-based parts and tools to make common mechanical CAD tasks automatic as well as speeds up the mechanical design process.

Solid Edge – It comes up with entire hybrid 2D/3D CAD system that applies contemporary technology for speeding up the design process, quick modification, and superior imported reprocess.

PTC Creo Parametric – PTC Creo Parametric contains a wide range of strapping yet manageable 3D CAD adeptness to expedite the operation of product evolution.

Siemens PLM NX for Design – NX for Design offers complete product design solution that simplifies and speed ups the product development proceedings for engineers who desire to produce ingenious products in a accommodative environment.

IronCAD – IronCAD is mostly useful for providing stunning 3D Design Collaboration Solutions that guide the industry in their accessibility and design productivity.

Inventor LT – It is a handy 3D modeling software that can import any autocad preliminary drawing for transforming it to a 3d model. The software is useful to simplify the detailing process.

Ansys – It offers comprehensive model Simulation through stress analysis and heat transfer. Once the analysis is accomplished, the visualizations can be effortlessly interpreted.

PTC Creo Elements/Direct Drafting – PTC Creo Elements/Direct Drafting also known as CoCreate Drafting, is a thorough 2D CAD system that contains strong assembly management and 2D parametric attributes to facilitate the users conforming accessible drawings as well as generate families of parts or drawings smoothly.

Go though the extensive lists of best product & machine design software which are useful for drafting
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ACAD Pte Ltd unveils the newest version of its 2D & 3D CAD software alias GstarCAD 2015

ACAD Pte Ltd introduces GstarCAD 2015. Based on the unique CAD platform, this newest version is upgraded from GstarCAD 8.

GstarCAD 2015 contains some crucial drafting solutions merged with a collaborative facility and ground-breaking features.

With GstarCAD 2015, the CAD users can experience an improved workflow for generating documentation, detailing as well as distributing drawing data to create design.

GstarCAD is the world’s most recognized 2D/3D CAD software (Computer aided design) platform based on speedier kernel..

Watch the following exclusive video presentation that highlights the various features GstarCAD 2015.

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ACAD Pte Ltd unveils the newest version of its 2D & 3D CAD software alias GstarCAD 2015

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BCFier 1.0 for Revit

It is formerly known as Free BCF Plugin for Revit. BCFier 1.0 supports Autodesk Revit 2014 and 2015 as well as windows platform (ability to open file devoid of Revit).

BCFier 1.0 contains the following exclusive features :-

  • Open, save, generate/edit BCF files (.bcfzip)
  • Add or delete issues
  • Add or delete comments
  • Combine BCF files and feature updates
  • Open several BCF files
  • Observe 3D viewpoints as native Revit views
  • Support for 2D views (only among BCFier installations)
  • Switch element visibility in view
  • Insert custom images as snapshot (snap pictures through a tablet camera on jobsite)
  • Annotate snapshots

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BCFier 1.0 for Revit
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Ideate, Inc. introduced Ideate Explorer for Revit 2015.1

Ideate, Inc., the most recognized authorized Developer of Autodesk as well as Autodesk Gold Value Added Reseller, just launched Ideate Explorer for Revit 2015.1.

This Ideate Software solution comes with some advanced features & superior functionalities. The users can now enjoy a modeless interface. The users can now perform simultaneously in the Autodesk Revit and the Ideate Explorer for Revit surroundings.

This latest Ideate Explorer for Revit will provide a wide array of benefits to the BIM and virtual design and construction (VDC) managers, project leaders, facility managers, architects, engineers, and other users in support of model auditing, power selection and model maintenance. This newest 3d modeling application will facilitate the users to obtain the global view of model contents and trace, segregate, revise and/or efficiently delete unnecessary components from the Revit model.

The ideate customers can explore their Revit files effortlessly by performing through Revit and Ideate Explorer concurrently.

With the new Ideate Explorer, AEC customers can get superior speed and fluidity in their revit solutions.

Following are some of the crucial features of Ideate Explorer for Revit:-

  • Ability to view elements instantly in the model and recognize mistakes.
  • Explore, filter, compute and opt for more than 10,000,00 elements in a Revit Model.
  • Ability to locate which workset elements are active and it is useful for the QA process.
  • Discover lost and incorrect objects.

The users can access Ideate Explorer for Revit with a non-commercial free trial version from Autodesk Exchange Apps Store.

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Ideate, Inc. introduced Ideate Explorer for Revit 2015.1


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Solidworks 2015 beta, the most updated version of Solidworks

Ideas Design Solutions just introduced beta version of SOLIDWORKS® 2015. This newest version of this cad software contains various advanced features like easy geometry formation, quicker simulation analysis, improved cost analysis, and superior amalgamation with downstream progressions which can enhance your engineering & design output.

SOLIDWORKS® 2015 will mainly highlight the following areas – Streamline Productivity; Make your workflow perfect; reduce production costs and resolve challenges.

  • Boost up day-to-day Productivity: Superior engineering and design performance facilitates to perform work quickly, easily and efficiently.
  • Make superior process: Allocate project information amid the global team through least endeavor.
  • Minimize Operations Costs: Design gets nearer to downstream practices and incorporated with manufacturing in a better way.
  • Work out more design challenges: SOLIDWORKS 2015 brings new technical capabilities that support diversified industries and markets.


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Make real-time design analysis of Mechanical Systems with Sefaira’s latest software

Sefaira, the leading software developer for high-performance building design, will be going to release a new program that provides huge benefits to HVAC design engineers to efficiently work together with architects and HVAC designers from the initial design phase, by amalgamating performance analysis and building information modeling (BIM) workflows and spreading them across several members of the project team.

Sefaira expects to launch this new program before 2015. For getting superior results, Sefaira will apply EnergyPlus engine to provide real-time design analysis of mechanical systems and envelope options as well get desired results in quickest possible time. This newest program can be used to examinearchitectural models. The program will reduce the engineer’s requirements to reconstruct models from the beginning. Thus the engineers will be able to perform proactively with architects to realize the effect of design modifications and crucial parameters associated with mechanical system.

Due to technical hindrances, the communication amid architects & engineers is obstructed. Engineers generally reconstruct an architect’s model from the beginning before they can carry out any analysis and it turns to be lengthy and costly for engineers to get insight. The latest program from Sefaira facilitates the architects and engineers to apply the similar architectural models to achieve perfect and real-time feedback. This will generate more information amid architects and engineers and allow the design team to search for more alternatives in initial design stage.

This newest application from Sefaira will offer superior collaboration as well as a more incorporated design progression for a prolonged period. The design decision will provide the significant effect on the building performance.

Make real-time design analysis of Mechanical Systems with Sefaira’s latest software

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Get localized versions of Vectorworks 2015 in German, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese and Norwegian

Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc., the leading developer of industry related CAD and BIM software, just introduced the localized versions of Vectorworks 2015 in German, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese and Norwegian. The series of Vectorworks 2015 products contain Designer, Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Fundamentals and Renderworks.

The Vectorworks 2015 software comes up with over 100 updates and advanced features covering the segments like architecture, BIM, urban planning and entertainment design. Besides, the Vectorworks 2015 product line is equipped with 64-bit version that facilitates the users to easily manage bigger projects and superior performance and constancy. There will be also a ground-breaking graphical improvement to the Vectorworks Graphics Module (VGM) with enhanced performance, stability, and unmatched graphical control.

The following are some of the significant improvements in the Vectorworks 2015:-

  • Enhancements for wireframe and planar graphics
  • Preference for 3d render mode and projection
  • Enhancement with mesh
  • Superior modeling performance
  • Upgraded visual performance
  • IFC export with cobie-facilities managment
  • DXF/DWG/DWF enhancements
  • Strong incorporation with PDF
  • 3D hatching for hidden line rendering
  • Latest deform tool
  • Support for retina & 4k displays
  • Site modeling and calculation
  • On-screen notification for mistakes in site modeling
  • Slope-aware landscape area measurements
  • Latest spotlight objects
  • Direct editing for lighting position objects
  • Pop-up parameter types for lighting devices

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