How to control the object snap behavior associated with hatch patterns and extension lines in AutoCAD

Lynn Allen, presents this exclusive cad video that demonstrates how to control the object snap behavior when it connects to hatch patterns and extension lines in AutoCAD.

Have you ever tried to grab the endpoint of an extension line instead of the anticipated object, or grab the seperate objects in a crosshatch pattern, then this AutoCAD video tutorial is ideal for you.

To install custom hatch patterns into AutoCAD, follow the steps, given below.

Copy your hatch pattern PAT file(s) into the default Support folder that AutoCAD employs to locate hatch patterns. The default path is mentioned in the Support File Search Path list under the Files tab in Options. It is normally the first one displayed. It is the one that goes to your user folder.

Watch the following youtube video for getting more information.

How to control the object snap behavior associated with hatch patterns and extension lines in AutoCAD

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Spring 2017 Updates For IdeateApps For Revit Users

Ideate Software just declared its spring 2017 updates for IdeateApps. This new update comprises of the new 2018 version of four new tools and the four current tools. Besides, there will be improved features of the 2017 and 2016 versions. These solutions are compatible with Autodesk Revit 2016, 2017, and 2018.

IdeateApps belongs to a series of tools which streamline the day-to-day activities of Revit users.

Given below, some exclusive features of the new tools. You can get an online demonstration of these tools by clicking on this link. ( 

  • Ideate SpellCheck enhances the quality control processes by examining the spelling of Text and Schedule elements inside a Revit project file. (2017 and 2018 only)
    • Three new sheet management tools simplify workflows to save time and enhance the perfectness of the model.
    • Ideate SheetManager is a robust new Revit project browser that has the ability to manage various challenges. It contains a robust search engine for filtering the Sheet and View lists and supports arranging or repositioning Views onto Sheets.
  • Ideate Align makes sure that a View on one Sheet is organized with a View on another or several other Sheets.
    • Ideate Clone facilitates the users to copy a Sheet along with its properties and arrange unplaced Views onto new Sheets that adjust with the previous Views.

Given below, some substantial improvements to Ideate Software’s currents tools:

  • Ideate ReNumber, which streamlines the method of renumbering elements, now comprises of exceptional support for Grids and Viewports.
    • Ideate XRay, that detects the reasons an element isn’t shown in a specific view, now comprises Advanced Selection Help to simplify the process to choose a hidden view.

The collection of IdeateApps tools can be accessed with a non-commercial free trial. Click to download the trial today. For more information on IdeateApps for Revit 2018, call 888.662.7238 or contact For support, contact

Spring 2017 updates for IdeateApps for Revit users

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