A position is vacant for senior architect in NY, US

New York based DDG is inviting applications for an experienced senior project architect to work in tandem with it’s design team. The prospective candidate should carry on extending DDG’s mission to obtain, design and erect exceptionally crafted buildings which provide a vital contribution to the built environment.


a. Deal with all phases of DDG projects ranging from conception through construction;
b. Work together with a design team that produces presentations, coordinated 3D models and drawing sets from schematic design through construction documents;
c. Manipulate client presentations and consultant communications, project scheduling and milestone delivery, team leadership, office standards, building design, technical detailing, and consultant coordination;
d. Supervise team members efficiently and guide less experienced staff;
e. Coordinate with internal DDG development team to evaluate RFPs, and manage client and consultant relations.
f. Cooperate with construction teams to accomplish construction administration; review submittals and track progress against contract documents.


1. At least 10 years of professional experience having a degree from an certified institution.
2. At least one year of experience with Revit in a professional setting; additional Revit experience will be an added advantage (no application will be granted without Revit experience).
3. Technical know-how in components of materials, products, and detailing.
4. History of outstanding interpersonal, leadership, communication and presentation skills.
5. Working knowledge of high-end multi-family housing and mixed-use project types.
6. Sound knowledge in Revit, Adobe Creative Suite, Rhino and Windows OS.
7. Capable of creating superior quality design compatible with DDG’s mission.
8. Verified knowledge of code regulations governing the industry.
9. Architectural Licensure preferred.
10. Authorization to work in the United States.


• Compensation will be competitive and corresponding to experience
• Full benefits will be provided

The candidates are requested to submit their resumes and portfolio (10mb max) to designcareers@ddgpartners.com, subject line: “Senior Project Architect – Your Name – May 2019.”

A position is vacant for senior architect in NY, US

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How to link up numerous Revit files

In this exclusive Revit video tutorial, you will learn how to link up several project files along with setting up group project file.

While dealing with any type of multi-building project, it is necessary to manage all the details. Each building might be a separate linked file linked file.

In selection process, it become difficult to manage the details based on whether all of the buildings are contained in one set of construction documents or if every building will be a separate set of documents. Depending on the project and two above cited approaches, there are several strategies which can be adopted inside Revit-based software to simplify the construction document process.

Revit facilitates you to accomplish your work in different Revit projects and then link them together for coordination.

In Revit, it is possible to make a separate detail file to link with several files.

Apply for linking details for separate construction documents.

Apply for linking buildings for a single set of construction documents.

To get more clear ideas, go through the following Revit video tutorial.

Video Source: Balkan Architect

How to link up numerous Revit files

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Building Systems Design (BSD) launched SpecLink Cloud for BIM & Revit users

Building Systems Design (BSD), a trusted solution provider for specification content and software toward the architecture, engineering, construction and owner sectors, recently introduced SpecLink Cloud. SpecLink Cloud will facilitate cloud collaboration and BIM integration.

SpecLink Cloud can make a sea change in the design process by coherently connecting Revit models with specifications, and improving collaboration through the cloud.

User-friendly tools in SpecLink Cloud offer the trustworthy specification capabilities apart from data-rich visual models—all based in the cloud to simplify the collaboration process.

Improved Collaboration: SpecLink Cloud will significantly enhance the communication and collaboration during the design and review process. Project teams will be able to easily align their intentions, both inwardly and outwardly, by allocating information from a common data environment. Collaborators can view, distribute and comment on projects from any web-enabled device.

Unprecedented Visibility: Specifications and Revit models are now connected inside SpecLink. It facilitates the design professionals to view and check alterations in the model as the design progresses. Users get the ability to view implanted BIM object data, and isolate individual objects or layers within the model.

Immersive, 3D virtual walkthroughs are viewed from any location devoid of supplimentary Revit licenses required. This improved level of integration will significantly enhance coordination, effectiveness and exactness during each phase of the design process.

With the introduction of SpecLink in the cloud, NMS ( National Master Specifications) data is now completely integrated into SpecLink, transforming it the first database-driven specification-writing platform to provide integrated specification content for both the U.S. and Canada.

To get more information, click on the following link bsdspeclink.com

Building Systems Design (BSD) launched SpecLink Cloud for BIM & Revit users

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Autodesk Pier 9 salutes New Residents in its Residency Program

The Autodesk Pier9 has released a Residency Program in accordance with the Autodesk Team to provide 3d styled residents and designs for the users and the outer ones.

Given below, the step-by-step processes :-

At first open the drawing

About Autodesk

Autodesk Inc. is an American multinational software corporation which creates various software for the architectures, engineering, construction, manufacturers, and media and entertainment industries and become a leader in 3D design. After its establishment in the industry, it is developing itself continuously about the widest summary for global markets and there is huge number of customers from the manufacturing, architecture, building, construction, media and entertainment industries that are satisfy with their software using it for designing, visualizing and simulating their ideas before any kind of creation.

Autodesk is very popular and best known for AutoCAD but it also developing big range o software for every creative field as well as a line of software for consumers such as Sketchbook, Homestyler and Pixlr. They are also creating some educational version of its software with no cost for qualified students and staff through Autodesk Education Community. They also have some digital prototyping software such as Autodesk Inventor, Fusion 360 and the Autodesk Product Design Suite which are used in the manufacturing industry for visualizing, simulating and analyzing real-world showing a digital model in the design process. Autodesk apps can be used in the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android and the company continuously more accessible design technology for both professional and new designers, homeowners, students and casual creators whoever wants to make and share their ideas with the outer world.

About Autodesk Pier 9

It is one of Autodesk’s global technology centers where customers and partners meet with each other to move the barriers of design and digital manufacturing to reimaging the method that is used by Autodesk team to make things.

Autodesk has many technology centers around the world and one of them is situated at Pier 9 in San Francisco where they give chances to the Autodesk employees to use the software for designing, making and using different things. The technology centers of Autodesk give the ability to bring in people from the outside who will be able to use Autodesk’s software in newest ways and also represent some cases where the team hasn’t used their skills and those projects can be helpful to improve the software. The technology centers also develop a shared sight for the future with the industries where they provide tools and destinations for the interested customers. And with this following thought the Autodesk Pier 9 team has established the residency programs.

Autodesk Pier 9 Residency Programs

The Pier 9 Residency program provides creative, innovators and manufacturers an opportunity to work with Autodesk in their advanced digital fabrication workshops at Autodesk. Their residents research every step of process to make thing like from digital model to real world physical objects; the team is continuously exploring methods of advance 3D design and fabrication technologies for changing design, engineering and manufacturing to deliver the best products. Pier 9 gives residents with the tools and belongings to broaden ideas to change or may be challenge the way things are made that have effects on the world.

According to the Internal Communications manager Noelle Lewis, Autodesk’s newest corporate residency associate brings Autodesk next with many key customers and partners at Pier 9 which mainly focuses on aerospace, automotive, engineering, robotics, machine learning and manufacturing industries etc. and besides that they looking forward to the research, innovation and thought leadership everyone involved to the table. They are excited to return of the Impact Residency with the Autodesk Foundation and also going to launch a brand new set of academic residents with Autodesk Educational Experience group with a special concentration to bring in diverse candidates in collaboration with the Diversity Team.

Autodesk Pier 9’s Residency Program is one of the methods to explore new ways to improve more in the software providing the best experience to the users and clients.

Follow the link labs.blogs.com

Autodesk Pier 9 salutes New Residents in its Residency Program

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Preparing Views for Competition Boards in Revit

In this set of tutorials we’ll learn the way to create quite some views which will assist you exemplify the intent of your abstract and theoretical styles.

We’ll begin by slivering a model into some perpendicular items so as to interrupt up the model into its main parts. Next we’ll be continuous exploding views and enlarge our building parts each upright and flat ligature them back to their actual position with line ways.

Once we’re comfy with making exploded reads we’ll flip our attention to the positioning and make a view displaying the sun’s path and the way it’ll agree on the direction of our building on the positioning.

Once we’ve set our views we’ll then bring all pictures onto a sheet wherever we will then discover completely different layouts for our conception boards.

With these tools and fast tips you will be ready to prepare pictures which will assist you exemplify your style intent with ease.

For getting more updates, please visit digitaltutors.com

In this set of tutorials we'll learn the way to create quite some views which will assist you exemplify the intent of your abstract and theoretical styles.
Image Courtesy: digitaltutors.com


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Top 1000 Exterior Building Designs Mega Collection

This video shows us best architectural video of building design. The construction in the United States involves many outstanding designers to show their talent and many organisations as well with their expertise and knowledge.

Everything from how to create a brief for a new project, to getting tax breaks for water efficient taps. But much of that knowledge is inaccessible, fragmented and dispersed.

To work together effectively we need to break out of our single-discipline silos, pool our knowledge and share best practice.


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