Residential Design Using AutoCAD 2015

Residential style victimization AutoCAD 2015 is Associate in Nursing introductory level tutorial that uses residential style exercises because the means that to show you AutoCAD 2015. Every book comes with a disc containing varied video displays within which the author shows and explains the various tools and techniques employed in AutoCAD 2015.

When finishing this book you’ll have comprehensive information of pc motor-assisted drafting which will be employed in the business and also the satisfaction of getting completed a collection of residential drawings.

This textbook starts with a basic introduction to AutoCAD 2015. The primary 3 chapters square measure meant to urge you acquainted with the interface and also the most typical menus and tools. Throughout the remainder of the book you’ll style a residence through to its completion.

Using bit-by-bit tutorial lessons, the residential project is followed through to form elevations, sections, details, etc. Throughout the project, new AutoCAD commands square measure coated at the acceptable time. Focus is placed on the foremost essential components of a command instead of Associate in nursing thoroughgoing review of each sub-feature of a specific command. The Appendix contains a bonus section covering the elemental principles of engineering graphics that relate to design.

The disc that comes with this book contains in depth video instruction in addition as bonus chapters that cowl should recognize commands, sketching exercises, a roof study book and far additional.

The videos contained on the enclosed disc create it straightforward to examine the menu choices and can create learning AutoCAD simple and easy. At the beginning of every chapter you’re prompted to look at a video that previews the topics that may be lined within the continuing chapter. this permits you to become accustomed to the menu choices and techniques before you start the tutorial. By observation these videos you’ll be additional assured in what you’re doing and have a much better understanding of the specified outcome of every lesson.

Table of Contents:

  • Getting started with AutoCAD 2015.
  • Crash Course Introduction (The Basics).
  • Drawing Architectural Objects (Draw & Modify).
  • Floor Plans.
  • Exterior Elevations,
  • Sections.
  • Plan Layout & Interior Elevations.
  • Site Plan.
  • Schedules & Set Up Sheet.
  • Line weights & Plotting.

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Residential Design Using AutoCAD 2015

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