When it comes to Airport Design and Construction, how does BIM help?

A constantly evolving airport design to meet traveler expectations, along with its sheer size and complexity pose multiple construction challenges. Coordinating on an interdisciplinary basis, budgeting, ensuring onsite safety, and avoiding design and constructability errors are all important.

Building information modeling enables stakeholders in the pre-construction phase to visualize the building. Using AR or VR technology, the 3D model can be walked through in full detail in order to give a realistic impression of the entire airport project before construction starts.

Coordinated Service Drawing Production

Engineers use BIM for the construction of complex buildings such as Utility Plants, Radioactive Goods Storage, Cargo Complexes, Pump Houses, and Guard Houses.

Additionally, BIM allows you to coordinate drawings for all trades. The engineers can create all types of shop drawings, such as ductwork, drainage, and water supply, as well as drawings for Light, Fire Protection, and Power.

3D model Creation & Coordination

Architects, structural engineers, concrete contractors, mechanics, electrical, plumbers, and fire protection engineers create 3D models of the airport using BIM.

Using Revit software for creating 3D models, and Navisworks application for coordinating the model, they coordinate the Model for Clash Detection, Mitigation, and Visualization. Model updates always provide you with the opportunity to review the constructability of the project, reflecting changes from Design Modifications.

Complex Project Challenges Solution

Inconsistency Design Documents Sorting Out

Engineers must meet aggressive project deadlines but also deal with several inconsistencies in the documentation provided by clients. By validating BIM designs, such as load calculations, electrical diagrams, and pump head calculations, they can avoid discrepancies before model creation. A Request for Information is raised by the engineers with the client, and a constructability audit is conducted in order to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Project Deadline

It is imperative that the engineers complete the work within a short timeframe. With BIM, the client’s casting program can be kept up to date. Revit, AutoCAD, and Navisworks are some of the software applications they can use to create shop drawings and coordinate 3D models.

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