The best 8 BIM Companies around India

BIM OR Building Information Modeling is a method of performing and managing building information. Now days, there are top BIM companies available around the world. This information is of great service like it improves productivity, cost-efficient, enhanced co-operations, and many more other facilities. There are various types of BIM services, for example, structural BIM service, mechanical BIM service, 3D modeling service, and others.

As we all are quite aware of the aversive populations of India, according to some sources the population of India is going to surpass China by 2025. The productiveness of this technique will help in more accurate and proper planning especially in such critical projects. Organizations in India have more or less started to adopt this technique in order to provide the best design and fast service to the customer, and also ensure to achieve their individual business goal.

1. Pinnacle Infotech

Pinnacle Infotech is a BIM-related service-providing company established in 1992. The company offers services to various Architecture, Engineers, and construction firms globally. Pinnacle provides Building Information Modeling services for construction activities, which altogether increase productivity, Coordination, risk reduction, and also cost optimization.

The key factor which made this company at the number 1 position in this list is, the accuracy while making the model, 3D MEP facilities, Document optimization, specialized 3D engineering, etc.

2. TreisTek

TreisTek is a Geospatial and engineering company Founded in 2015, based out of Bangalore. This company provides many services like Photogrammetric services, 3D city structure, architectural ideas and design, 3D rendering, 4D simulations, and many more.

With the help of digital imagery and other data, the company prepares exact 3D city models that are used for developing any kind of planning like property management, transport facilities, water facilities, etc.

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