BIM in India during the Crisis of Covid-19

In a speech last year, India’s Prime Minister said that construction and technology would be hot topics in 2020. Among the world’s fastest-growing construction industries, the Indian construction industry will expect to reach 1 trillion dollars by 2025.

Architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) is an integral part of national and international economic development. The importance of that can’t overstate. A lack of labor, suspension of work, and health precautions hampered the project’s completion.

Indian infrastructure development has fuel by the growing demands of a population seeking better living conditions. A number of developed countries are adopting Building Information Modeling (BIM) to improve efficiency and speed up the project execution process.

Construction of India pre Covid-19

The construction industry of India has faced several challenges, but it continues to grow very fast. However, technology use does not seem to have taken off quite as much as it could. There are often disorganization issues in the Indian construction sector, and it is primarily a labor-intensive industry.

There is still a tendency for developers to use traditional methodologies and practices. In India, the construction industry is averse to adopting technology due to the availability of cheap manual labor and the need to keep construction costs low.

There has been a steady increase in demand for residential properties. In addition to several other factors, property prices continue to rise, which puts pressure on building costs below.

Commercial practices are another factor, as are land costs. RERA and GST are examples of how the government is actively introducing global best practices, ensuring consumers of definite project timelines, and regulating the construction industry in general.

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