BIM’s Value in the Construction Market in 2021

Building Information Modeling is a collaborative and intelligent method for the planning, design, and construction of buildings and other structures using 3D models. In addition to conceiving the building, this tool can design it in detail and document it.

Construction information can manage throughout the life cycle of a project using BIM. Several experts believe that BIM is a major step towards the digital revolution, nationally and at work.

Global BIM coverage in 2021

It’s exciting to see how different countries have implemented building information modeling. There are several dimensions of BIM, and the levels of sophistication and development vary widely across countries and industries. An individual dimension shows a particular level of maturity based on predefined criteria.

The Building information modeling methodology has positive effects for economies that are early adopters despite the different standards of BIM across countries. As the pandemic progresses, implementing BIM becomes even more important.

Digital, remote collaboration isn’t just a great way to work. Additionally, it could be used to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Education infrastructure using BIM, for example, can be easily monitored and controlled during educational activities.

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BIM's Value in the Construction Market in 2021
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Arka Roy

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