ArchiCAD 25’s various Features and Benefits in 2021

The latest versions of three of Graphisoft’s main products were recently released: its flagship BIM package, ArchiCAD, BIM-cloud, its cloud collaborative software, and BIM-x. It is a mobile and web tool for viewing and collaborating models.

The launch of this year’s edition of ArchiCAD marks Graphisoft’s 25th anniversary. It included 3D capabilities as well as traditional 2D CAD from version 1.0 of ArchiCAD, and it continued to become increasingly object-oriented with subsequent releases.

Designing of ArchiCAD 25

Architects do design, so that’s been the focus of ArchiCAD since its inception. In order to accomplish this, engineer every tool and enhancement offer to provide the best design workflow without affecting creativity.

A key enhancement in ArchiCAD 25 is improving navigation between 2D and 3D as much as 3D. You can select an element in a 3D view and open the corresponding 2D view while still selecting the element. To be able to view the element in the 2D view, the view will automatically zoom in. The selection of the element in 2D follows by the opening of the corresponding 3D view.

As a result, architects can work both in 2D and 3D with the same element, switching between them as needed. You can also select the element in a 2D view and view its corresponding plan view.

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