Revit’s Master Phases: 10 Advanced Tips

A number of advanced phasing strategies are shown in this article, including how to leverage the new double pattern feature of Revit 2019 and the new phasing in view filter added in Revit 2022.

1. Strategy of Using Double Pattern with Phases

Revit’s interface has undergone a few changes since then. Phases have drastically changed in Revit 2019’s update. Double patterns are introduced in it. To make an existing brick wall, you can combine the pattern of the phase with the material pattern in the example below. With a phase graphics override, you can easily represent existing elements without losing the pattern of the materials. In previous versions of Revit, this was not possible.

Fill solids with solid fills and lines with foreground patterns. You will lose graphical components if you set the solid fill as the foreground. Then, you can blend the foreground of a material with the background of an override without losing any information.

2. Shading Property in Material Override

In phase material overrides that use shaded or consistent colors, the colors set in the shading will be used. If you select graphics override from the menu, you can select a material override. There are some issues with it, however. An example of this would be if you had a wall with multiple layers of materials, they would all be gotten rid of and replaced by a single layer.

3. Managing Infill Elements

The infill element in Revit automatically fills in the hole left by a demolished door or window. The wall can be patched if you wish. Sometimes, however, you want a new door or window! There is a likelihood that problems will arise at that time. This warning will appear if you attempt to delete the infilling element. You will be able to delete the demolished door if you proceed but you need to be careful.

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