Create 3D Renderings with Lumion for Revit

It’s a great way to obtain good quality views on your projects promptly by using Lumion software. You can enhance your Revit skills with this. This BIM system offers 3D drawing capabilities that are intelligent. Architectural, engineering, and construction firms use Autodesk Revit as the main design tool.

For architects who want to convey their vision using a Revit model, Lumion rendering software is the ideal solution. Lumion creates a live connection to your Revit project even if you have no experience with 3D rendering.

It is possible to capture your project in a compelling, immersive way in less than an hour, whether it is a real-life context or a conceptual one.

It allows you to quickly create images, videos, and 360-degree panoramas that are suitable for VR, and Lumion shows your design in a thick forest next to the ocean.

Real time rendering with Lumion Live-Sync for Revit

Lumion Live-Sync is a free plug-in that allows you to link your Revit modeling project with your Lumion rendering project in real time. Download the Live-Sync plug-in from the Lumion website and install it in Revit to quickly connect the two programs so you can make changes to the model in Revit and Lumion will reflect them in real time.

You can always see how your BIM choices affect the photorealistic or conceptual representation of your project when you’re in the early stages of design, for example. You can alter how the light flows in the living room by changing its dimensions.

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