The Top 15 Sites Offering Free Revit Families

Revit is probably no stranger to those new to drafting and design by now, or you’ve at least heard of it. Since its introduction in the 1980s, AutoCAD has become an integral part of the design process in most offices and firms.

Initially, Revit adoption in the construction and design industries was slow, but over time, more and more professionals adopted it or implemented it in their work processes. Architectural design can be accelerated through BIM, resulting in time and cost savings. Building life cycles have been positively influenced from conception to demolition by its approach since its inception. The following list contains 15 sites for BIM designers that may be useful.

BIM-smith Market

AEC professionals are finding BIM-smith one of the best BIM platforms in the world. It is modeled by the architects of the BIM-smith Architect team and has been available for free on the BIM-smith Market since January 2009. Using BIM-smith Forge, multiple layers of Revit assemblies such as walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs can be built in the cloud.

Download BIM-smith Market


Revit-City offers more than just access to free Revit families. You can also get your questions answered, share your ideas or creations, and find answers to all your questions with ease.

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