Top 10 Best BIM Projects in the World

BIM is a process that use to streamline the construction project activities with a single system from the design stage to facility stages.

There are different software that works with BIM projects, includes the popular ones like Revit, ArchiCAD, Allplan, Aecosim, Navisworks, and a lot more of the less popular ones.

1. Statoil Regional and International Offices

A key design challenge was to balance size and architectural expression with its surroundings at the same time while introducing new impulses that enliven the park and commercial area.

The complex structure design inclusive as a BIM project with the help of seamless dialogue between different phases of the project, and different people across teams (client, contractor, architects, and other working personnel), the construction happens with time delays.

2. Durleigh Water Treatment Works

Durleigh Water Treatment Centre situates approximately 2km west of Bridgewater, Somerset. This site design treats up to 28.5 Ml/d, with water drawn down from the 959,000m3 Durleigh Impounding Reservoir. Raw water quality has been fading in recent years. The condition and design of the existing plant mean the works fail to produce compliant, treated water at its design capacity.

The water treatment structure in Somerset can be easily upgraded with BIM at its base. A significant structure part tears down and reconstruct from scratch in the form of a comprehensive 3D model.BIM is calculating both the possibilities of a clash between various details and the entire structural operability. Engineering opportunities were conceptual to the overall quality of the 3D model, including the wastewater area rationalization.

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