Adaptive Components And Usage In Revit

Adaptive components are used for adopting a family to various positions by following the parametric rules. There is a basic difference between the regular components and the adaptive components. In regular components, the geometry of the family is related to one unique insertion point and in adaptive components, the geometry can be related to the various insertion point. Users can create dynamic adaptive components in Revit by using adaptive components.

Creation of Adaptive Components

There are two types of family templates to create the adaptive components.

1. Metric Generic Model Adaptive
2. Metric Generic Model Pattern Based

Usage of Adaptive Components

It can be used in:

1. pattern panel families,
2. adaptive component families,
3. conceptual massing environment and
4. other projects.


1. Users can have many forms of a family without the need for different parameter values.
2. It is very effective on complex curtain walls.
3. It is used in façade panelization.
4. Adaptive Components are used for railings, mechanical and electrical fixtures.

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