Top 10 New Features Of Revit 2020 That You Must Know

Revit has brought out the new Revit 2021, but if you are running on Revit 2020 yet, you should know its salient features. Today we will talk about the best 10 new features of Revit 2020 that you must know. These features were developed in response to increasing demands of users, as well as from insights of the developer team.

Path of Travel

If you are into coding, you surely know how difficult it is to code for a path of travel. Granted, Autodesk has already implemented it in AutoCAD, but Ravit has now jumped onto that bandwagon as well.

The new Path of Travel feature allows you to select a “start point” and an “end point”. Revit will then automatically calculate the shortest path between the two points. That means it will avoid walls and try to find doors.

PDF Import

Yes, you read that right. You can now import PDF files into Revit 2020, wow! The PDF will be imported as a 2D object in the current view only. You have to specify which page you want to import each time you select a PDF file. You can also specify a DPI import value.

You can find the Import PDF tool under the Insert tab in the ribbon. Once the snaps are activated, you can use the “pick walls” tool to use the PDF as a reference to create new walls and other model elements. The PDFs can be managed from the Manage Images menu, too.

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