Top 10 Revit Apps And Add-Ins

Revit add-ins help the users to manage the work sets in Revit. Users can use the add-ins for 3D based modeling software with MagiCAD databases. Revit add-ins also export BIM models in simple way. By using the add-ins users can import product models into Revit project.

We will discuss about Revit app and add-ins in the article. Top 10 Revit apps and add-ins are mentioned below.

Coins Auto-section Box

According to ArchSmarter readers coins auto-section box is the best recommended application. it is free of cost add-ins. By using this add-in user can work very quickly and can view in 3D while analyzing particular area of model. It also helps users to create temporary and permanent views. It has different features.

1. By using this add in users can work with different elements in linked file.
2. It has option for creating new views.
3. It has group option and by using that users can group the walls, members, and different line-based geometry.


Flux is very helpful add-in in Revit. By using flux users can transform data from one to another app very smoothly. Flux also tracks the location of column from Tekla into Revit.

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