The Difference Between Revit And AutoCAD

Revit is a management tool about building information. AutoCAD is 2D based program. Revit and AutoCAD are software aimed programs from Autodesk. AutoCAD can make 2D geometries with the capability of 3D modelling. Revit is 3D based parametric modeling. Revit is also used as business information modelling tool. The abbreviation of business information modeling is BIM. Revit and AutoCAD are used for architectural and civil engineering projects.

Cost and License

In this article we mentioned before that both Revit and AutoCAD are the software from Autodesk. Though Autodesk has a policy of free software for students, teachers and educational institutions.


Monthly subscription of Revit is $305. Annual subscription of Revit is $2,425. Three-year subscription rate of Revit is $6,550. Autodesk offers standalone user license. In this standalone license only one user can access this. They also provide network license. It allows different users to access it. But Autodesk stopped to give new licenses anymore from 2020 august. They also closed all existing network licenses subscriptions. this type of license is only useful when users would cross the deadline very soon.


Monthly subscription of AutoCAD is $210. Annual subscription of AutoCAD is $1,690.

Three-year subscription rate of AutoCAD is $4,565. LIKE Revit, AutoCAD has also two types of subscription mode. One is standalone subscription mode. Another one is network license. Though AutoCAD also stopped all the existing network license.

Requirements of systems in Revit

1. Revit run on windows operating systems.
2. It runs almost error free.
3. For running Revit on MAC Autodesk support a parallel desktop setup. It accesses the windows.

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