Usage Of BIM To Promote And Facilitate Prefabrication

Definition: The term ‘prefabrication’ describes assemblies that are manufactured under factory conditions and then transported to construction sites for incorporation into building or civil engineering works.

Offsite construction is closely related, but a little different. The term involves the broader aspect of planning and manufacturing buildings in another place.

Offsite construction is agnostic as to how the components produced there eventually come together. They may be modular or manufactured. For instance, manufactured housing refers to homes built elsewhere and delivered to a site.

Modular housing refers to pieces of buildings manufactured offsite, then delivered for final installation and connection. Prefabrication can refer to both of these, as well as the manufacture of repeatable components (steel and timber frames or glass panels, for instance).

Benefits of Prefabrication

Prefabricated construction is becoming more common, improving in quality and has become available in a variety of budgets. Despite the perception of prefabrication, there are numerous benefits to this type of construction. Some of them are specified below:

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