Remote Collaboration with Trimble Connect

Feeling disorientated away from your standard work schedules? Working remotely (from home or something else) can either be a fantasy materialized, not really perfect, or your standard work mode.

Whatever basin our worldwide SketchUp people group falls into, we have a couple of coordinated efforts to deceive up our product sleeves that will assist you with benefiting as much as possible from remote working.

Trimble Connect is an integral asset inside the SketchUp biological system that permits you to store the entirety of your task documents and data.

How to get to Trimble Connect from SketchUp? On the off chance that you have a functioning SketchUp membership, Trimble Connect is as of now accessible to you. Basically dispatch SketchUp Pro, and snap on File > Trimble Connect to dispatch the cloud tool compartment.

As the world explores the worldwide pandemic, our group has made the item accessible to any individual who needs to attempt it.

Presently how about we jump into 7 hints that will assist you with remaining beneficial and connected to your group while you #OrbitFromHome!

1. Exploit boundless distributed storage: Truly, you read that right. That is boundless distributed storage for any number of documents, of any size. With Trimble Connect you can safely store models, picture libraries, venture references, and work documents in the cloud.

Remote Collaboration with Trimble Connect

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Arka Roy


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